Republic of China Army rank insignia

The rank system of the Republic of China Army (中華民國陸軍 - Zhōnghuá Mínguó Lùjūn[1]) was originally based on that of the Wehrmacht during the era of Sino-German cooperation in the 1930s. Since the 1950s, the rank structure is getting closer to the one used by the United States Army. The Republic of China Army rank of one-star general does not use the French-style title of Brigadier General, but the German-style title of Major General.

Rank Structure

Chinese Pinyin Literal translation English translation Insignia
Generals 特級上將 Tèjíshangjiàng Generalissmo[lower-alpha 1] Generalissimo
一級上將 Yījíshangjiàng Superior General First Class[lower-alpha 2] General of the Army
二級上將 Èrjíshangjiàng Superior General Second Class General
中將 Zhōngjiàng Middle General Lieutenant General
少將 Shàojiàng Junior General Major General
Senior officers 上校 Shàngxiào Superior Field Officer Colonel
中校 Zhōngxiào Middle Field Officer Lieutenant Colonel
少校 Shàoxiào Junior Field Officer Major
Junior officers 上尉 Shàngwèi Superior Subaltern Captain
中尉 Zhōngwèi Middle Subaltern First Lieutenant
少尉 Shàowèi Junior Subaltern Second Lieutenant
Wèi Officer Third Lieutenant
准尉 Zhūn Wèi Demi-Officer Warrant Officer
Sergeant-Majors 一等士官長 Yī děng Shìguān zhǎng Sergeant-Major
First Class
Sergeant Major
二等士官長 Er děng Shìguān zhǎng Sergeant-Major
Second Class
First Sergeant
三等士官長 Sān děng Shìguān zhǎng Sergeant-Major
Third Class
Sergeant First Class
Sergeants 上士 Shàng Shi Superior Sergeant Staff Sergeant
中士 Zhōng Shi Middle Sergeant Sergeant
下士 Xia Shi Inferior Sergeant Corporal
Privates 上等兵 Shàng děng Bīng Private Superior Class Specialist
一等兵 Yī děng Bīng Private First Class Private First Class
二等兵 Er děng Bīng Private Second Class Private E-2


  1. The rank was bestowed only once - upon Chiang Kai-shek and currently is abolished.
  2. Since 2013, the rank shall be granted only in wartime.


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