Army ranks and insignia of Myanmar

The following is a list of military appointments and ranks of the Myanmar Army.

Military Appointments

The military appointments of the Myanmar Army, arranged according to seniority, is as follows:

  1. Commander in Chief of Defense Forces
  2. Deputy Commander in Chief of Defense Forces
  3. Commander in Chief (Army)
  4. Adjutant General
  5. Quartermaster General
  6. Chiefs Bureau of Special Operation
  7. Chief of Air Defense Forces
  8. Chief of Defense Industries
  9. Judge Advocate General
  10. Military Appointments General
  11. Chief of Armed Forces Training
  12. Defense Services Inspector General
  13. Defense Services Auditor General
  14. Chief of Military Affairs Security
  15. Chief of Staff (Army)
  16. Director of Defense Services Procurement
  17. Director of Signals
  18. Director of Ordnance
  19. Director of Military Engineering
  20. Director of Artillery and Armour
  21. Director of People Relation and Psychological Welfare
  22. Directorate of Peoples Militia and Frontier Forces
  23. Director of Resettlement
  24. Tatmadaw Provost Marshal
  25. Director of Medical Services
  26. Commander of .....Command
  27. Vice Adjutant General
  28. Vice Quartermaster General
  29. Commander of No. (...) Light Infantry Division
  30. Tactical Operation Command
  31. Chief Commanding Officer of the Universities Training
  32. Commanding Officer
  33. Second in Command (2 I.C)
  34. Intelligence Officer
  35. Adjutant
  36. Quarter Master
  37. Medical Assistance
  38. Unit Account
  39. Head Clerk
  40. Regimental Quarter Master Sergeant
  41. Apprentice
  42. General Staff Officer (G 1)
  43. Adjutant Staff Officer (A 1)
  44. Quartermaster Staff Officer (Q 1)
  45. Assistant Judge Advocate General (Judge 1)


The various rank of the Myanmar Army are listed below in descending order:[1]

Commissioned Officers

The Tatmadaw has two unique general officer ranks: Senior General, held by the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services and Vice Senior General, the second highest, held by the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services and the Commander-in-Chief, Myanmar Army. The latter is the highest rank for all the other service branches.

Myanmar Army

Burmese title ဗိုလ်ချုပ်မှူးကြီး ဒုတိယ ဗိုလ်ချုပ်မှူးကြီး ဗိုလ်ချုပ်ကြီး ဒုတိယ ဗိုလ်ချုပ်ကြီး ဗိုလ်ချုပ် ဗိုလ်မှူးချုပ်
MLC TS Bo Gyoke Hmu Gyi Du Bo Gyoke Hmu Gyi Bo Gyoke Kyee Du Bo Gyoke Kyee Bo Gyoke Bo Hmu Gyoke
Abbreviation ဗခမက ဒုဗခမက ဗခက ဒုဗခက ဗခ ဗမခ
Western Version Senior GeneralVice Senior General General Lieutenant GeneralMajor GeneralBrigadier General
UK equivalent Field Marshal nil General Lieutenant General Major General Brigadier
NATO CodeOF-10OF-9OF-8OF-7OF-6

Myanmar Army

Burmese title ဗိုလ်မှူးကြီး ဒုတိယ ဗိုလ်မှူးကြီး ဗိုလ်မှူး ဗိုလ်ကြီး ဗိုလ် ဒုတိယ ဗိုလ်
MLC TS Bo Hmu Gyi Du Bo Hmu Gyi Bo Hmu Bo Gyi Bo Du Bo
Abbreviation ဗမက ဒုဗမက ဗမ ဗက ဒုဗ
Western Version ColonelLieutenant ColonelMajorCaptainLieutenantSecond Lieutenant
UK equivalent Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Major Captain Lieutenant Second Lieutenant

Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs)

In Myanmar armed forces, Non-Commissioned Officers are refer to as Sayar, meaning Teacher, by both enlisted men and officers. For example, Warrant Officers, Regimental Sergeant Majors and Master Sergeant are refer to as Sayar Gyi, literally meaning "Old Teacher", Sergeant are refer to as Sayar and Corporal/Lance Corporal as Sayar Lay. These unofficial rank are in used throughout the daily life of all branches of Myanmar Armed Forces. Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO) within Myanmar Armed Forces are usually seasoned veteran soldiers with wide ranging experience of the battlefield, thus both Officers and enlisted men refer to them as "teacher" out of respect as well as affection.

Myanmar Army

Burmese title အရာခံဗိုလ် ဒုအရာခံဗိုလ် တပ်ခွဲတပ်ကြပ်ကြီး တပ်ကြပ်ကြီး တပ်ကြပ် ဒုတပ်ကြပ်
MLC TS A Yar Khan Bo Du A Yar Khan Bo Tat Khwè Tat Kyat Kyee Tat Kyat Kyee Tat Kyat Du Tat Kyat
Western Version Master SergeantSergeant First Class Staff Sergeant SergeantCorporalLance Corporal
UK equivalent Warrant Officer Class One Warrant Officer Class Two Staff Sergeant Sergeant Corporal Lance Corporal

Just like in the Commonwealth of Nations, as the Tatmandaw uses the British practice, all Privates do not wear rank insignia at all.


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