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The rank insignia for the Iranian Air Force are similar in appearance to the rank insignia for other military force around the world, with bars and chevrons indicating enlisted ranks, and stars and national symbols for officer ranks. The current commander of the Iranian Air Force is Sartip Hassan Shah-Safi.

Officer ranks

Iranian rank ArteshbodSepahbodSarlashkarSartipSartip DovomSarhang
Equivalent US rank GeneralLieutenant GeneralMajor generalBrigadier generalno equivalentColonel
Rank insignia
Iranian rank Sarhang DovomSargordSarvanSotvan YekomSotvan DovomSotvan Sevom
Equivalent US rank Lieutenant colonelMajorCaptain1st lieutenant2nd lieutenant3rd lieutenant
Rank insignia

The Iranian equivalent of the Warrant officer is an Ostavar.

Enlisted Ranks

Iranian rank Ostavar YekomOstavar DovomGoruhban YekomGoruhban DovomGoruhban SevomSarjukheSarbaz YekomSarbaz DovomSarbaz
Equivalent US rank Chief Master SergeantSenior Master SergeantMaster sergeantTechnical sergeantStaff sergeantSenior airmanAirman first classAirmanAirman basic
Rank insignia

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