Military ranks of Argentina

This article presents the insignia and ranks of the armed forces of Argentina.

Flag-rank officers and commissioned officers

Approximate NATO equivalent * Argentine Navy Argentine Army Argentine Air Force
OF-9AdmiralLieutenant general(Argentine Army)[1]Brigadier general
OF-8Vice-admiralDivisional generalBrigadier major
OF-7Rear admiralBrigade generalBrigadier
OF-5/OF-6 (long service honorary rank)Naval CommodoreSenior colonelCommodore major
OF-5Ship-of-the-line captainColonelCommodore
OF-4Frigate captainLieutenant colonelVice-commodore
OF-3Corvette captainMajorMajor
OF-2Ship-of-the-line lieutenantCaptainCaptain
OF-1Frigate lieutenantFirst lieutenantFirst lieutenant
OF-1Corvette lieutenantLieutenantLieutenant

Non-commissioned officers (sub-officers) and enlisted men

NATO equivalent Argentine Navy Argentine Army Argentine Air Force
Sub-officer majorSub-officer MajorSub-officer major
Principal sub-officerPrincipal sub-officerPrincipal sub-officer
First sub-officerAdjutant sergeantAdjutant sub-officer
Second sub-officerFirst sergeantAuxiliary sub-officer
Principal corporalSergeantPrincipal corporal
First corporalFirst corporalFirst corporal
Second corporalCorporalCorporal
SeamanVolunteer first classVolunteer first class
Seaman recruitVolunteer second classVolunteer second class
Brevet volunteer second class


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