Kharan Rifles

Kharan Rifles is a federal government paramilitary unit charged with security in the westernmost area of Pakistan. The area forms the junction of Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan, a major transit area for trade and traffic.


Kharan Rifles derives its origins from the Chagai Militia, raised in 1896 to look after the area extending from the tri-border between Iran, Afghanistan, and the then British Indian Empire to the southernmost part of the border with the aforementioned empire, on the Arabian Sea. In 1978, the Baluchistan Constabulary, a Levies unit located at districts Kharan and Khuzdar, was converted to a unit of Frontier Corps (Balochistan) and named the Kharan Rifles. The personnel of the constabulary units were organized as 75 Wing and 76 Wing, while 84 Wing of Chagai Milita was detached from that unit and placed under a command given the name "Kharan Rifles".

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