Nicaragua military ranks

The Military of Nicaragua's military ranks are shown here in this article. These were adopted in 2010 replacing the Cuba style ranks and their respective insignia that were used for a long time, and are based on the old ranks of the pre-1979 National Guard while general and flag officer insignia mirror the Sandinista practice post-1979. But for the first time, US style warrant officer rank insignia are now included.

Ranks of the Nicaraguan Army

Officers' ranks

Type of ForceGeneral OfficersOfficers

Ground Forces of the National Army
Rank in SpanishGeneral de EjercitoMayor GeneralGeneral de BrigadaCoronelTeniente CoronelMayorCapitánTeniente PrimeroTeniente
English equivalent General of the Army Major General Brigadier General Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Major Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant

Nicaraguan National Army Air Force
Denominacion de RangoCoronelTeniente CoronelMayorCapitánTeniente PrimeroTeniente
English equivalent Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Major Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant

Naval Forces of the National Army
Denominacion de RangoContralmiranteCapitán de NavioCapitán de FragataCapitán de CorbetaTeniente de NavioTeniente de FragataTeniente de CorbetaAlferez
English equivalent Rear admiral Captain Commander Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Lieutenant Junior Grade Sub-lieutenant Ensign

Ranks of Warrant Officers, NCOs and Enlisted

All-forcesWarrant OfficersEnlisted personnel and NCOs

Denominacion de RangoSuboficial PrimeroSuboficial SegundoSuboficialSargento PrimeroSargento Segundo Sargento TerceroSoldado (Marino) de Primera
Chief Warrant Officer Chief Warrant Officer Warrant Officer Sergeant First Class Staff Sergeant Sergeant Private 1st Class,
Seaman 1st Class,
Airman 1st Class

Privates wear no insignia at all.

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