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The Ranks of Pakistan Air Force are primarily based on Royal Air Force rank structure, though ranks for other ranks personnel and insignia differ. Insignia for officer ranks were changed from the British influenced ranks to a Turkish style one on 5 July 2006.[1]

Officer ranks

Officer rank badges are displayed on the shoulders.

PAF Ranks [2] Current insignia Former insignia NATO Equivalent Details
Marshal of the Air Force (5-Star) OF-10 Never awarded
Air Chief Marshal (4-Star) OF-9
Air Marshal (3-Star) OF-8
Air Vice Marshal (2-Star) OF-7
Air Commodore (1-Star) OF-6
Group Captain OF-5
Wing Commander OF-4
Squadron Leader OF-3
Flight Lieutenant OF-2
Flying Officer OF-1
Pilot Officer OF-1

Junior Commissioned Officers

PAF Pakistan Ranks Insignia NATO Equivalent
Chief Warrant Officer
Warrant Officer
Assistant Warrant Officer

Non-Commissioned Officers

The Non-Commissioned Officers rank badges are displayed on arms.

PAF Ranks Insignia NATO Equivalent
Chief Technician OR-9
Senior Technician OR-9
Corporal Technician OR-8
Junior Technician OR-7
Senior Aircraftman OR-5, OR-6
Leading Aircraftman OR-4
Aircraftman OR-3, OR-2

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