List of Los Angeles Dodgers owners and executives

Andrew Friedman is the President of Baseball Operations of the Los Angeles Dodgers

This is a list of Los Angeles Dodgers owners and executives.


# Name Seasons NotesRef
1 Byrne, CharlesCharles Byrne and Abell, FerdinandFerdinand Abell 1883-1890[1]
2 Byrne, CharlesCharles Byrne, Abell, FerdinandFerdinand Abell and Chauncey, GeorgeGeorge Chauncey 1891-1897Merger of Brooklyn Bridegrooms and Brooklyn Ward's Wonders[1]
3Ebbets, CharlesCharles Ebbets and Abell, FerdinandFerdinand Abell 1897-1898Byrne dies, his shares & Chauncey's bought by Ebbets & Abell[1]
4Ebbets, CharlesCharles Ebbets, Abell, FerdinandFerdinand Abell, Von der Horst, HarryHarry Von der Horst, Hanlon, NedNed Hanlon1899-1904Merger of Brooklyn Bridegrooms and Baltimore Orioles[1]
5 Ebbets, CharlesCharles Ebbets, Abell, FerdinandFerdinand Abell, Medicus, HenryHenry Medicus, Hanlon, NedNed Hanlon 1905-1906Ebbets & Medicus buy out Von der Horst[1]
6 Ebbets, CharlesCharles Ebbets and Medicus, HenryHenry Medicus 1907-1912Ebbets & Medicus buy out Abell & Hanlon[1]
7Ebbets, CharlesCharles Ebbets, McKeever, EdEd McKeever and McKeever, StephenStephen McKeever 1912-1925Ebbets & The McKeevers buy out Medicus[1]
8McKeever, StephenStephen McKeever, Slade Ebbets, GraceGrace Slade Ebbets, Gilleaudeau, JosephJoseph Gilleaudeau and Brooklyn Trust Company 1925-1938Ebbets & Ed McKeever die[1]
9 Mulvey, JamesJames Mulvey & Mulvey, DearieDearie Mulvey, Slade Ebbets, GraceGrace Slade Ebbets, Gilleaudeau, JosephJoseph Gilleaudeau and Brooklyn Trust Company 1938-1944Stephen McKeever dies, shares inherited by the Mulveys[1]
10 Rickey, BranchBranch Rickey, O'Malley, WalterWalter O'Malley, Lawrence Smith, JamesJames Lawrence Smith, and Mulvey, JamesJames Mulvey & Mulvey, DearieDearie Mulvey 1945-1950Rickey, O'Malley & Smith buy out the Ebbets Estate [1]
11 O'Malley, WalterWalter O'Malley, Mrs. Smith and Mulvey, JamesJames Mulvey & Mulvey, DearieDearie Mulvey 1950-1958James Smith dies, leaving his shares to his wife; O'Malley buys out Rickey[1]
12 O'Malley, WalterWalter O'Malley and Mulvey, JamesJames Mulvey & Mulvey, DearieDearie Mulvey 1958-1975Dodgers move to Los Angeles, Mrs. Smith sells her shares to O'Malley & the Mulveys[1]
13O'Malley, WalterWalter O'Malley1975-1979O'Malley buys out the Mulveys[1]
14 O'Malley, PeterPeter O'Malley and Seidler, TerryTerry Seidler 1979-1997Walter O'Malley dies, shares inherited by Peter O'Malley & Terry Seidler[1]
15Fox Entertainment Group 1998-1999Fox purchases the team[1]
16Fox Entertainment Group and Daly, RobertRobert Daly 1999-2004Daly buys minority share in team [1]
17 McCourt, FrankFrank McCourt 2004-2012McCourt purchases Dodgers from Fox & Daly[1]
18 Guggenheim Baseball Management
(Mark Walter, Magic Johnson, Stan Kasten, Peter Guber, Bobby Patton and Todd Boehly)
2012-presentGuggenheim Group purchases Dodgers after bankruptcy court proceedings[1]


# Name Seasons NotesRef
1O'Malley, WalterWalter O'Malley 1970-1979Walter O'Malley steps down as President and assumes newly created position of Chairman[1]
2O'Malley, PeterPeter O'Malley 1980-1998Walter O'Malley dies, his son Peter succeeds him[1]
3Daly, RobertRobert Daly 1999-2004Minority Owner Robert Daly becomes Chairman[1]
4McCourt, FrankFrank McCourt 2004-2012New Owner Frank McCourt becomes chairman[1]
5Walter, MarkMark Walter 2012-presentControlling Partner of Guggenheim Baseball Management[1]


Dodgers president Stan Kasten
# Name Seasons NotesRef
1Byrne, CharlieCharlie Byrne 1890-1897[1]
2Ebbets, CharlesCharles Ebbets 1898-1925elected president upon Byrne's death[1]
3McKeever, EdEd McKeever 1925acting president upon Ebbets death[1]
4Robinson, WilbertWilbert Robinson 1925-1930elected president upon McKeever's death[1]
5 York, FrankFrank York1930-1932[1]
6 McKeever, StephenStephen McKeever1932-1938[1]
7 MacPhail, LarryLarry MacPhail 1938-1942[1]
8Rickey, BranchBranch Rickey 1942-1950succeeds MacPhail, who quit to join the army[1]
9O'Malley, WalterWalter O'Malley 1950-1970[1]
10O'Malley, PeterPeter O'Malley 1970-1997Walter O'Malley steps down to become Chairman, his son Peter succeeds him[1]
11 Graziano, BobBob Graziano 1998-2004appointed President by Fox Entertainment Group[1]
12McCourt, JamieJamie McCourt 2004-2009appointed President by her husband, Frank[1]
13Mannion, DennisDennis Mannion 2009-2010[2]
14Kasten, StanStan Kasten 2012-presentThe team had no official president from 2010-2012[3]

General Managers

The Dodgers did not employ a General Manager until 1950. Before then, the team President had the duties commonly associated with the GM.[4]

Former GM Ned Colletti
# Name Seasons NotesRef
1Rickey, BranchBranch Rickey 1950[5]
2Bavasi, BuzzieBuzzie Bavasi 1951-1968Won 8 NL Pennants & 4 World Series[6]
3Thompson, FrescoFresco Thompson 1968Died shortly after taking job[7]
4Campanis, AlAl Campanis 1968-1987Won 4 NL Pennants & 1 World Series[8]
5Claire, FredFred Claire 1987-1998Won 1 NL Pennant & 1 World Series[9]
6Lasorda, TommyTommy Lasorda 1998Interim[10]
7Malone, KevinKevin Malone 1999-2001[11]
8Wallace, DaveDave Wallace 2001Interim[12]
9Evans, DanDan Evans 2001-2004[13]
10DePodesta, PaulPaul DePodesta 2004-2005[14]
11Colletti, NedNed Colletti 2005-2014[15]
12Zaidi, FarhanFarhan Zaidi 2014-present[16]

Other front office personnel


Name Position Ref
Andrew FriedmanPresident of Baseball Operations[17]
Bob WolfeExecutive Vice-President[17]
Lon RosenExecutive VP & Chief Marketing Officer[17]
Tucker KainCFO & Managing Director of Guggenheim Baseball Mgt[17]
Sandy KoufaxSpecial Advisor to the Chairman[17]
Tommy LasordaSpecial Advisor to the Chairman[17]
Don NewcombeSpecial Advisor to the Chairman[17]
Josh ByrnesSenior Vice President, Baseball Operations[17]
Steve EthierSenior VP, Stadium Operations[17]
Sam FernandezSenior VP & General Counsel[17]
Janet Marie SmithSenior VP, Planning and Development[17]
Michael YoungSenior VP, Corporate Partnerships[17]
Ned CollettiSenior Advisor to the President and CEO[17]
Vance LovelaceSpecial Assistant to the President and CEO[17]
Alex AnthopoulosVice President, Baseball Operations[17]
David FinleyVice President, Amateur and International Scouting[17]
Galen CarrDirector, Player Personnel[17]
Billy GasparinoDirector, Amateur Scouting[17]
Gabe KaplerDirector, Player Development[17]
Alex TaminDirector, Baseball Operations[17]
Gerry HunsickerSpecial Advisor to the GM[17]
Pat CorralesSpecial Assistant to the GM[17]
Greg MadduxSpecial Assistant to the President of Baseball Operations[17]
Raúl IbañezSpecial Assistant to the President of Baseball Operations[17]
Aaron SeleSpecial Assistant, Player Personnel[17]
José VizcaínoSpecial Assistant, Player Personnel[17]
Jeff PicklerSpecial Assistant, Pro Scouting and Player Development[17]
Ralph AvilaSenior Scouting Advisor, Dominican Republic[17]
Ellen HarriganDirector, Baseball Administration[17]


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