List of Cleveland Indians owners and executives

Owners and executives of the Cleveland Indians baseball team:

General managers

Hank Greenberg, Hall of Famer and 2-time MVP
Name Years
Ernest Barnard 1903–1927
Bob McRoy 1916–1917
Billy Evans 1927–1935
C.C. Slapnicka 1935–1941
Roger Peckinpaugh 1941–1946
Bill Veeck 1946–1949
Hank Greenberg 1950–1957
Frank Lane 1957–1961
Gabe Paul 1961–1973
Phil Seghi 1973–1985
Joe Klein 1985–1987
Hank Peters 1987–1991
John Hart 1991–2001
Mark Shapiro 2001–2010
Chris Antonetti 2010–2015
Mike Chernoff 2015–present


Cleveland Indians owner Jim Dunn
Name Years
Charles W. Somers 1900–1916
Jim Dunn 1916–1922
Estate of Jim Dunn 1922–1927
Alva Bradley 1927–1946
Bill Veeck 1946–1949
Ellis Ryan 1949–1952
Myron H. Wilson 1953–1956
William R. Daley 1956–1962
Gabe Paul 1963–1966
Vernon Stouffer 1967–1972
Nick Mileti 1972–1976
Alva "Ted" Bonda 1977–1978
Francis J. "Steve" O'Neill 1978–1983
Estate of F.J. "Steve" O'Neill 1983–1986
Richard E. Jacobs 1986–2000
Larry Dolan 2000–2016

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