Jubilee chicken

Jubilee chicken can refer to one of several chicken dishes created to celebrate the jubilees of different British monarchs.

The first version of Jubilee chicken was created for the silver jubilee of George V in 1935, and was based on chicken dressed with mayonnaise and curry. This was largely superseded by coronation chicken.

The second version of Jubilee chicken was created for Elizabeth II's Golden Jubilee in 2002. This version was radically different from coronation chicken and was highly publicised at the time as a modern evolution of coronation chicken. Jubilee chicken was distributed in hampers to guests at the concerts for the Golden Jubilee. In spite of both of these, its popularity has remained relatively limited compared to coronation chicken.

For Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee in 2012, guests at the Royal Garden Party were served "Diamond Jubilee Chicken", a variation of coronation chicken created by Heston Blumenthal.[1] This recipe does not appear to have been released to the public.

Dishes named "jubilee chicken" are often sold as ready to eat by supermarkets, or offered as recipes by alternate sources; the common features are pieces of chicken, curry flavouring, and mayonnaise or a similar sauce rather than a specific recipe.

Golden Jubilee Chicken

Golden Jubilee chicken is a cold dish consisting of pieces of chicken in a white-coloured sauce dusted with parsley and lime segments. The sauce is a mixture of crème fraiche and mayonnaise flavoured with lime and ginger; the chicken is also marinated in a combination of lime and ginger before being mixed with the sauce. Jubilee chicken has a distinctive light, fresh taste. It is recommended to be served with pasta salad.[2] Like coronation chicken, Jubilee chicken can be served as a sandwich filling.

In the UK this is the primary function of Coronation and Jubilee Chicken, not as a Pasta Salad even though the recipe cites it.

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