Drunken chicken

Drunken chicken

One possible version of Shaoxing drunken chicken
Traditional Chinese 醉雞
Simplified Chinese 醉鸡
Literal meaning drunk chicken

Drunken chicken is the name given to several different ways of preparing chicken using alcoholic beverages.


In Chinese cuisine there are many different ways of cooking drunken chicken.

Latin America

The Argentine, Chilean and Mexican versions of this dish are called pollo borracho, and usually include green and black olives and cinnamon.


Μεθυσμένο κοτόπουλο (methisméno kotópoulo) - Drunken Chicken - is a dish found with many variations in taverna in Greece and Cyprus. Served as a meze or a main course, the basic recipe consists of chicken breasts, marinated in alcohol (usually Ouzo), sautéed, then braised in the marinade.

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