Type Juk
Place of origin Korea
Main ingredients Chicken, rice, garlic, green onions
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Hangul 닭죽
Revised Romanization Dakjuk
McCune–Reischauer Talgjuk

Dakjuk (hangul: 닭죽) is a type of Juk (Korean porridge) made with chicken.[1] While Korean food is often spicy, dakjuk is not, so it's easy to digest. Medical patients and children often eat dakjuk in Korea. These days, dakjuk is becoming popular for its high nutritional value so people can try it in many restaurants specializing in juk in Korea. Dakjuk is somewhat different from the chicken soup found in Western countries in recipe, taste and ingredients.

The primary ingredients are rice, chicken, garlic and green onions.


1. Wash up some rice and soak rice in water for 2~3 hours. 2. Clean up a chicken and boil the chicken with onion, green onion. 3. When the chicken is well done, tear it to pieces. 4. Boil rice and chicken pieces for 2~3 minutes. 5. Last, season with some salt to taste.

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