Iwaak language

Native to Philippines
Region Luzon
Native speakers
3,300 (2000)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 iwk
Glottolog iwak1237[2]

Area where Iwaak is spoken according to Ethnologue

Iwaak (also spelled I-wak or I'wak) is a South-Central Cordilleran language spoken by almost 3,300 people around the Cordillera Central mountain range of Luzon, Philippines. It is a Pangasinic language which makes it closely related to Pangasinan, one of the regional languages in the country, with around 1.2 million speakers.

According to Ethnologue, in eastern Itogon municipality, Benguet Province, I-wak is spoken in Tojongan, Bakes, Lebeng, Domolpos, Bujasjas, and Kayo-ko villages. It is also spoken in Salaksak village, Kayapa municipality, Nueva Vizcaya Province.


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