Arta language

Native to Philippines
Region northern Luzon
Ethnicity 150 (no date)[1]
Native speakers
11 (2013)[2]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 atz
Glottolog arta1239[3]

Arta is a nearly extinct Negrito language of the northern Philippines. Lawrence Reid's 1990 fieldwork revealed only 12 speakers in Villa Santiago, Aglipay, Quirino Province, and in 1992 it was spoken by only three families. It is not closely related to other languages.

There are still small groups of Arta speakers in Maddela and Nagtipunan towns of Quirino Province (Lobel 2013:88). Arta is currently being documented by Yukinori Kimoto.[4]


The Arta are found in the following places within Nagtipunan Municipality.[4]


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