Newspaper endorsements in the United States presidential election, 2016

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Various notable newspapers made endorsements of candidates in the 2016 United States presidential election, as follows. Tables below indicate which candidate each publication endorsed in the United States presidential election, 2012 (where known) and include only endorsements for the general election. Primary endorsements are separately listed at newspaper endorsements in the United States presidential primaries, 2016.

Media journalist Jim Rutenberg writes that endorsements in the 2016 presidential election are distinguished by "blunt condemnation" of the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and by a "save the Republic" tone.[1] Reasons cited by editorial boards for refusing to endorse Trump included his lack of experience in government at any level, as well as, among other reasons, editors' belief that Trump was profoundly ignorant of most areas of public policy, lacked character traits considered desirable in a US president, and took a cavalier attitude towards civil liberties, including, but not limited to, freedom of speech and of the press.

Trump received endorsements from only 20 daily newspapers and six weekly newspapers nationwide, of which only two, the Las Vegas Review-Journal and the (Jacksonville) Florida Times-Union, had circulations of above 100,000.[2] The small number of endorsements received by Trump was unprecedented in American history for a candidate from a major party.[3][4][5]

Among the United States' 100 largest newspapers by paid circulation, 57 endorsed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton,[6] while only two, the Las Vegas Review-Journal and the Florida Times-Union, endorsed Trump. Four (the Chicago Tribune, the Detroit News, the Richmond Times-Dispatch, and the Charleston (South Carolina) Post and Courier) endorsed Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson,[7] while three other newspapers (USA Today, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, and the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel) specifically discouraged their readers from voting for Trump. Clinton won support from not only traditionally Democratic-leaning newspapers, but also traditionally non-political and conservative newspapers,[1][2] including those which had "either never before supported a Democrat or had not in many decades ... or had never endorsed any presidential candidate, like USA Today."[1] The endorsements by a handful of newspapers of third party candidates, including independent candidate Evan McMullin as well as Johnson, broke from the usual practice of newspaper editorial boards endorsing a candidate from one of the two major parties.[2][8]

Endorsements by daily newspapers

Newspaper 2016 endorsement Largest reported
City State 2012 endorsement Notes
New York Daily News[9][10] Hillary Clinton 312,736[11] July 28 New York New York Mitt Romney[12] [lower-alpha 1]
Houston Chronicle[16] Hillary Clinton 925,085[17] July 29 Houston Texas Mitt Romney[18] [lower-alpha 2]
San Francisco Chronicle[20] Hillary Clinton 277,909[21] August 5 San Francisco California Barack Obama[22]
Tulsa World[23] No endorsement 95,063[24] August 8 Tulsa Oklahoma Mitt Romney[25] [lower-alpha 3]
The Caledonian-Record[26] Gary Johnson 10,204[27] August 9 St. Johnsbury Vermont
The Press Democrat[28] Hillary Clinton 50,669[24] August 21 Santa Rosa California No endorsement[29]
Richmond Times-Dispatch[30] Gary Johnson 109,345[31] September 3 Richmond Virginia Mitt Romney[32] [lower-alpha 4]
The Berkshire Eagle[34] Hillary Clinton 32,612[35] September 3 Pittsfield Massachusetts Barack Obama[36]
The Dallas Morning News[37] Hillary Clinton 707,792[17] September 6 Dallas Texas Mitt Romney[38] [lower-alpha 5]
Daily Camera[41] Hillary Clinton 19,459[42] September 10 Boulder Colorado Barack Obama[43]
Winston-Salem Journal[44] Gary Johnson 62,283[45] September 11 Winston-Salem North Carolina Barack Obama[46] [lower-alpha 6]
New Hampshire Union Leader[47][48] Gary Johnson 48,468[24] September 15 Manchester New Hampshire Mitt Romney[49] [lower-alpha 7]
The Repository[50] No endorsement 54,649[24] September 18 Canton Ohio No endorsement[51] [lower-alpha 8]
Los Angeles Times[52] Hillary Clinton 965,598[17] September 23 Los Angeles California Barack Obama[53] [lower-alpha 9]
The Cincinnati Enquirer[54][55] Hillary Clinton 207,968[56] September 23 Cincinnati Ohio Mitt Romney[57] [lower-alpha 10]
Akron Beacon Journal[59] Hillary Clinton 96,516[24] September 24 Akron Ohio Barack Obama[60]
The New York Times[61] Hillary Clinton 1,119,112[62] September 24 New York New York Barack Obama[63] [lower-alpha 11]
Portland Press Herald[65] Hillary Clinton 57,500[66] September 25 Portland Maine [lower-alpha 12]
Kennebec Journal[68] Hillary Clinton 8,696[24] September 25 Augusta Maine [lower-alpha 12]
The Arizona Republic[69] Hillary Clinton 496,390[56] September 27 Phoenix Arizona Mitt Romney[70] [lower-alpha 13]
The Detroit News[71] Gary Johnson 146,962[72] September 29 Detroit Michigan Mitt Romney[73] [lower-alpha 14]
The Baltimore Sun[75] Hillary Clinton 239,354[24] September 29 Baltimore Maryland Barack Obama[76]
USA Today[77] Not Donald Trump 3,866,618[56] September 29 National National No endorsement[78] [lower-alpha 15]
Sun-Sentinel[79] Hillary Clinton 210,856[80] September 30 Fort Lauderdale Florida Mitt Romney[81] [lower-alpha 16]
Chicago Tribune[83] Gary Johnson 769,215[17] September 30 Chicago Illinois Barack Obama[84] [lower-alpha 17]
The San Diego Union-Tribune[86] Hillary Clinton 334,723[17] September 30 San Diego California Mitt Romney[87] [lower-alpha 18]
Chicago Sun-Times[88][89] Hillary Clinton 419,364[90] September 30 Chicago Illinois No endorsement[91] [lower-alpha 19]
El Paso Times[92] Hillary Clinton 42,855[56] September 30 El Paso Texas Barack Obama[93]
Asheville Citizen-Times[94] Hillary Clinton 43,096[56] September 30 Asheville North Carolina Barack Obama[95]
The Desert Sun[96] Hillary Clinton 34,114[56] September 30 Palm Springs California Mitt Romney[97] [lower-alpha 20]
The Sacramento Bee[98] Hillary Clinton 211,941[24] September 30 Sacramento California Barack Obama[99]
The Courier[100] No endorsement 15,997[24] October 1 Findlay Ohio Mitt Romney[78] [lower-alpha 21]
Corpus Christi Caller-Times[101] Hillary Clinton 41,618[24] October 1 Corpus Christi Texas No endorsement[102] [lower-alpha 22]
The Charlotte Observer[103] Hillary Clinton 161,836[24] October 1 Charlotte North Carolina Barack Obama[104]
The Spectrum[105] No endorsement 14,545[56] October 1 St. George Utah [lower-alpha 23]
San Antonio Express News[106] Hillary Clinton 356,401[107] October 2 San Antonio Texas Barack Obama[108]
The News-Gazette[109] No endorsement 39,893[24] October 2 Champaign-Urbana Illinois Mitt Romney[110]
The Spokesman-Review[111] Hillary Clinton 70,476[24] October 2 Spokane Washington Mitt Romney[112]
Waco Tribune-Herald[113] No endorsement 36,065[114] October 2 Waco Texas Mitt Romney[115] [lower-alpha 24]
The Bakersfield Californian[116] No endorsement 38,868[24] October 3 Bakersfield California No endorsement[78]
Florida Today[117] No endorsement 80,656[56] October 3 Melbourne Florida Mitt Romney[78] [lower-alpha 25]
Austin American-Statesman[118] No endorsement 122,361[24] October 4 Austin Texas No endorsement[119] [lower-alpha 26]
Tampa Bay Times[120] Hillary Clinton 475,942[121] October 6 St. Petersburg Florida Barack Obama[122]
Effingham Daily News[123] Hillary Clinton 9,564[24] October 6 Effingham Illinois [lower-alpha 27]
Bangor Daily News[124] Hillary Clinton 52,382[125] October 7 Bangor Maine Barack Obama[126]
Hartford Courant[127] Hillary Clinton 178,515[128] October 7 Hartford Connecticut Barack Obama[129]
The Denver Post[130] Hillary Clinton 573,542[17] October 7 Denver Colorado Barack Obama[131]
The Seattle Times[132] Hillary Clinton 352,131[17] October 7 Seattle Washington Barack Obama[133]
Ventura County Star[134] Hillary Clinton 56,006[24] October 7 Camarillo California Barack Obama[135]
The Cullman Times[136][137] Hillary Clinton 11,425[24] October 7 Cullman Alabama
The Daily Star[138] Hillary Clinton 10,548[24] October 7 Oneonta New York [lower-alpha 28]
The Post-Standard[139] Hillary Clinton 111,664[24] October 7 Syracuse New York No endorsement[140]
Santa Barbara News-Press[141][142] Donald Trump 21,245[24] October 7 Santa Barbara California Mitt Romney[143] [lower-alpha 29]
Bluefield Daily Telegraph[145] Hillary Clinton 13,343[24] October 8 Bluefield West Virginia Mitt Romney[78]
Lockport Union-Sun & Journal[146] Hillary Clinton 5,726[24] October 8 Lockport New York
Pharos-Tribune[147] Hillary Clinton 8,425[24] October 8 Logansport Indiana
St. Louis Post-Dispatch[148] Hillary Clinton 438,058[17] October 8 St. Louis Missouri Barack Obama[149]
New Castle News[150] Hillary Clinton 12,631[24] October 8 New Castle Pennsylvania No endorsement[151]
The Meadville Tribune[152] Hillary Clinton 9,792[24] October 8 Meadville Pennsylvania
Herald-Banner[153] Hillary Clinton 4,880[24] October 8 Greenville Texas [lower-alpha 30]
The Boston Globe[155] Hillary Clinton 377,405[17] October 8 Boston Massachusetts Barack Obama[156]
The Daily Citizen[157] Hillary Clinton 11,000[24] October 8 Dalton Georgia
The Commercial Appeal[158] Hillary Clinton 110,453[24] October 8 Memphis Tennessee No endorsement[78] [lower-alpha 31]
The Daily Independent[160] Hillary Clinton 12,088[24] October 8 Ashland Kentucky [lower-alpha 32]
Clinton Herald[161] Hillary Clinton 7,950[24] October 8 Clinton Iowa
The Fresno Bee[162] Hillary Clinton 108,116[24] October 8 Fresno California Barack Obama[78]
Deseret News[163] Not Donald Trump 102,194[164] October 8 Salt Lake City Utah No endorsement[78] [lower-alpha 33]
Enid News & Eagle[165] Hillary Clinton 11,693[24] October 8 Enid Oklahoma [lower-alpha 34]
The Olympian[166] Hillary Clinton 21,325[24] October 8 Olympia Washington Barack Obama[167]
The News Virginian[168] Hillary Clinton 5,298[31] October 8 Waynesboro Virginia
The News & Observer[169] Hillary Clinton 147,218[24] October 8 Raleigh North Carolina Barack Obama[78]
Muskogee Phoenix[170] Hillary Clinton 9,741[24] October 8 Muskogee Oklahoma [lower-alpha 35]
Times-Standard[171] Hillary Clinton 21,623[172] October 8 Eureka California
Niagara Gazette[173] Hillary Clinton 10,008[24] October 9 Niagara Falls New York [lower-alpha 36]
Kokomo Tribune[174] Hillary Clinton 18,029[24] October 9 Kokomo Indiana
The Free Press[175] Hillary Clinton 16,874[24] October 9 Mankato Minnesota [lower-alpha 37]
The Tribune-Democrat[176] Hillary Clinton 28,720[24] October 9 Johnstown Pennsylvania Mitt Romney[177]
The Plain Dealer[178] Hillary Clinton 397,891[17] October 9 Cleveland Ohio Barack Obama[179] [lower-alpha 38]
Las Vegas Sun[181] Hillary Clinton 203,736[182] October 9 Las Vegas Nevada Barack Obama[183] [lower-alpha 39]
The Columbus Dispatch[184] Hillary Clinton 221,547[185] October 9 Columbus Ohio Mitt Romney[186] [lower-alpha 40]
The Day[187] Hillary Clinton 24,657[24] October 9 New London Connecticut Barack Obama[188]
The Hawk Eye[189] Hillary Clinton 15,399[190] October 9 Burlington Iowa Barack Obama[78]
The Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette[191][192] No endorsement 17,807[193] October 9 Fayetteville Arkansas [lower-alpha 41]
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette[194][195] No endorsement 179,134[196] October 9 Little Rock Arkansas Mitt Romney[78] [lower-alpha 42]
McAlester News-Capital[197] Hillary Clinton 9,000[198] October 9 McAlester Oklahoma
Commercial-News[199] Hillary Clinton 11,100[24] October 9 Danville Illinois
The Sun News[200] Hillary Clinton 38,133[24] October 9 Myrtle Beach South Carolina Barack Obama[167]
The Daily News of Newburyport[201] Hillary Clinton 8,052[24] October 9 Newburyport Massachusetts [lower-alpha 43]
The Birmingham News[202] Hillary Clinton 104,316[24] October 9 Birmingham Alabama No endorsement[203] [lower-alpha 44]
Press-Register[202] Hillary Clinton 86,276[24] October 9 Mobile Alabama No endorsement[203] [lower-alpha 44]
The Huntsville Times[202] Hillary Clinton 45,471[24] October 9 Huntsville Alabama No endorsement[203] [lower-alpha 44]
The Eagle-Tribune[204] Hillary Clinton 28,055[24] October 9 North Andover Massachusetts Mitt Romney[205] [lower-alpha 43]
The Record[206] Hillary Clinton 30,617[24] October 9 Stockton California Barack Obama[207]
The Valdosta Daily Times[208] Hillary Clinton 13,223[24] October 9 Valdosta Georgia
Press-Republican[209] Hillary Clinton 15,268[24] October 9 Plattsburgh New York No endorsement[209] [lower-alpha 45]
Cumberland Times-News[210] Hillary Clinton 21,067[24] October 9 Cumberland Maryland
Grand Junction Daily Sentinel[211] Not Donald Trump 24,326[24] October 9 Grand Junction Colorado Mitt Romney[212] [lower-alpha 46]
Courier News[213] Hillary Clinton 11,943[214] October 9 Somerville New Jersey [lower-alpha 47]
Marin Independent Journal[215] Hillary Clinton 27,203[216] October 9 San Rafael California Barack Obama[217]
Gloucester Daily Times[218] Hillary Clinton 6,137[24] October 9 Gloucester Massachusetts [lower-alpha 43]
The Salem News[219] Hillary Clinton 15,624[24] October 9 Salem Massachusetts [lower-alpha 43]
Asbury Park Press[220] Hillary Clinton 109,060[56] October 9 Asbury Park New Jersey Barack Obama[78] [lower-alpha 43]
Daily Record[221] Hillary Clinton 14,952[56] October 9 Morristown New Jersey [lower-alpha 47]
The Woodward News[222] Hillary Clinton 3,414[24] October 9 Woodward Oklahoma [lower-alpha 48]
The Register-Herald[223] Hillary Clinton 17,754[24] October 9 Beckley West Virginia
The Huntsville Item[224] Hillary Clinton 4,288[24] October 9 Huntsville Texas [lower-alpha 49]
News and Tribune[225] Hillary Clinton 6,052[226] October 9 Jeffersonville Indiana [lower-alpha 50]
Greensburg Daily News[228] Hillary Clinton 3,592[24] October 9 Greensburg Indiana [lower-alpha 51]
The Daily Item[229] Hillary Clinton 20,639[24] October 9 Sunbury Pennsylvania Barack Obama[230]
The Norman Transcript[231] Hillary Clinton 9,249[24] October 9 Norman Oklahoma
Times West Virginian[232] Hillary Clinton 7,987[24] October 9 Fairmont West Virginia
Naples Daily News[233] No endorsement 45,831[24] October 9 Naples Florida Mitt Romney[78]
Tribune-Star[234] Hillary Clinton 18,502[24] October 10 Terre Haute Indiana
The Joplin Globe[235] Hillary Clinton 22,684[24] October 10 Joplin Missouri Mitt Romney[236]
The Record[237] Hillary Clinton 175,452[214] October 10 Hackensack New Jersey Barack Obama[78]
Bristol Herald Courier[238] No endorsement 26,166[31] October 10 Bristol Virginia [lower-alpha 52]
The Times Record[239] Hillary Clinton 9,600[240] October 10 Brunswick Maine
Santa Cruz Sentinel[241] Hillary Clinton 24,000[242] October 11 Scotts Valley California Barack Obama[243]
The Goshen News[244] Hillary Clinton 8,440[24] October 11 Goshen Indiana [lower-alpha 53]
York Daily Record[245] Not Donald Trump 71,315[56] October 11 York Pennsylvania Barack Obama[230] [lower-alpha 54]
The Bernardsville News[246] Hillary Clinton 4,891[247] October 11 Bernardsville New Jersey Barack Obama[248]
Telegraph Herald[249] Not Donald Trump 34,015[250] October 11 Dubuque Iowa No endorsement[249] [lower-alpha 55]
Mineral Wells Index[251] Hillary Clinton 2,370[24] October 12 Mineral Wells Texas [lower-alpha 56]
Ada Evening News[252] Hillary Clinton 7,871[253] October 12 Ada Oklahoma
The Salt Lake Tribune[254] Hillary Clinton 148,079[24] October 12 Salt Lake City Utah Barack Obama[255]
The Burlington Free Press[256] Hillary Clinton 25,848[56] October 12 Burlington Vermont Barack Obama[257]
Traverse City Record-Eagle[258] Hillary Clinton 23,406[24] October 12 Traverse City Michigan
Courier-Post[259] Hillary Clinton 43,096[56] October 12 Cherry Hill New Jersey [lower-alpha 57]
The Daily Journal[260] Hillary Clinton 9,983[56] October 12 Vineland New Jersey [lower-alpha 57]
Tahlequah Daily Press[261] Hillary Clinton 3,189[24] October 12 Tahlequah Oklahoma [lower-alpha 35]
Glasgow Daily Times[262] Hillary Clinton 6,268[24] October 12 Glasgow Kentucky [lower-alpha 58]
The San Francisco Examiner[263] Hillary Clinton 254,237[264] October 13 San Francisco California Barack Obama[78]
The Washington Post[265] Hillary Clinton 573,348[24] October 13 Washington District of Columbia Barack Obama[266] [lower-alpha 59]
Daily Review Atlas[268] No endorsement 1,419[24] October 13 Monmouth Illinois No endorsement[269]
Idaho Statesman[270] Hillary Clinton 53,784[24] October 13 Boise Idaho No endorsement[271] [lower-alpha 60]
The Meridian Star[272] Hillary Clinton 9,750[24] October 13 Meridian Mississippi
Charleston Gazette-Mail[273][274] Split endorsement 54,832[24] October 14 Charleston West Virginia Split endorsement[167][275] [lower-alpha 61]
The Jersey Journal[276] Hillary Clinton 13,687[24] October 14 Secaucus New Jersey Barack Obama[277] [lower-alpha 62]
News-Press[278] Hillary Clinton 5,876[24] October 14 Stillwater Oklahoma
Miami Herald[279] Hillary Clinton 165,695[24] October 14 Miami Florida Barack Obama[280]
Democrat and Chronicle[281] Hillary Clinton 131,456[56] October 14 Rochester New York Barack Obama[282]
The Daily Astorian[283] Hillary Clinton 6,307[284] October 14 Astoria Oregon Barack Obama[285]
The Kansas City Star[286] Hillary Clinton 226,869[24] October 14 Kansas City Missouri Barack Obama[287]
Orlando Sentinel[288] Hillary Clinton 221,613[289] October 14 Orlando Florida Mitt Romney[290]
The Oregonian[291] No endorsement 209,944[24] October 14 Portland Oregon No endorsement[78] [lower-alpha 63]
Duncan Banner[292] Hillary Clinton 7,875[253] October 14 Duncan Oklahoma
Lexington Herald-Leader[293] Hillary Clinton 87,769[24] October 14 Lexington Kentucky Barack Obama[294]
The Express-Star[295] Hillary Clinton 4,670[253] October 14 Chickasha Oklahoma [lower-alpha 64]
The York Dispatch[296] Hillary Clinton 37,000[297] October 14 York Pennsylvania
El Nuevo Herald[298] Hillary Clinton 59,617[299] October 14 Miami Florida [lower-alpha 65]
The Times-Picayune[301] Hillary Clinton 116,161[24] October 15 New Orleans Louisiana No endorsement[78]
Mt. Vernon Register-News[302] Hillary Clinton 5,499[24] October 15 Mt. Vernon Illinois
The Providence Journal[303] Hillary Clinton 94,822[24] October 15 Providence Rhode Island Barack Obama[304]
The Des Moines Register[305] Hillary Clinton 174,208[56] October 15 Des Moines Iowa Mitt Romney[306]
Reporter-Herald[307] Hillary Clinton 16,892[24] October 15 Loveland Colorado Mitt Romney[78] [lower-alpha 66]
Peoria Journal Star[308] Hillary Clinton 57,165[24] October 15 Peoria Illinois Mitt Romney[78]
Omaha World-Herald[309] Hillary Clinton 141,530[24] October 15 Omaha Nebraska Mitt Romney[310] [lower-alpha 67]
Roswell Daily Record[311] No endorsement 10,013[24] October 15 Roswell New Mexico [lower-alpha 68]
The Santa Fe New Mexican[312] Hillary Clinton 18,337[24] October 15 Santa Fe New Mexico Barack Obama[313]
The Herald Bulletin[314] Hillary Clinton 16,930[24] October 15 Anderson Indiana Barack Obama[315]
Midland Daily News[316] Hillary Clinton 11,764[24] October 15 Midland Michigan Mitt Romney[317]
Longmont Times-Call[318] Hillary Clinton 12,905[24] October 15 Longmont Colorado Mitt Romney[319] [lower-alpha 69]
The Modesto Bee[320] Hillary Clinton 59,555[24] October 15 Modesto California No endorsement[78]
Adirondack Daily Enterprise[321] Hillary Clinton 3,600[322] October 15 Saranac Lake New York
Concord Monitor[323] Hillary Clinton 22,747[324] October 16 Concord New Hampshire Barack Obama[78] [lower-alpha 70]
The Bulletin[325] Hillary Clinton 25,531[24] October 16 Bend Oregon Mitt Romney[326]
Foster's Daily Democrat[327] Hillary Clinton 16,235[328] October 16 Dover New Hampshire Mitt Romney[329] [lower-alpha 71]
The Courier-Journal[330] Hillary Clinton 202,164[56] October 16 Louisville Kentucky Barack Obama[331]
Wisconsin State Journal[332] Hillary Clinton 91,043[24] October 16 Madison Wisconsin Mitt Romney[333]
The News Leader[334] Hillary Clinton 15,605[31] October 16 Staunton Virginia Barack Obama[78]
The Columbian[335] Hillary Clinton 31,496[24] October 16 Vancouver Washington Mitt Romney[78]
The Pantagraph[336] Hillary Clinton 32,762[24] October 16 Bloomington-Normal Illinois Mitt Romney[337] [lower-alpha 72]
Herald & Review[338] Hillary Clinton 37,536[24] October 16 Decatur Illinois Mitt Romney[339] [lower-alpha 72]
The Keene Sentinel[340] Hillary Clinton 9,602[24] October 16 Keene New Hampshire Barack Obama[341]
Staten Island Advance[342] Hillary Clinton 36,783[24] October 16 Staten Island New York Barack Obama[343]
The Oklahoman[344] No endorsement 151,987[24] October 16 Oklahoma City Oklahoma Mitt Romney[78]
The Post-Star[345] Hillary Clinton 26,257[24] October 16 Glens Falls New York Barack Obama[257]
The Register-Guard[346] Hillary Clinton 49,740[24] October 16 Eugene Oregon Barack Obama[78]
Kenosha News[347] Hillary Clinton 22,353[24] October 16 Kenosha Wisconsin
Billings Gazette[348] Hillary Clinton 34,828[24] October 16 Billings Montana Mitt Romney[349]
Chattanooga Times Free Press[350][351] Split endorsement 73,525[24] October 16 Chattanooga Tennessee Split endorsement[352][353] [lower-alpha 73]
St. Joseph News-Press[354] Donald Trump 24,681[24] October 16 St. Joseph Missouri Mitt Romney[355] [lower-alpha 74]
Northwest Herald[356] No endorsement 38,000[357] October 16 Crystal Lake Illinois Mitt Romney[358]
The Pueblo Chieftain[359] No endorsement 35,393[24] October 16 Pueblo Colorado Mitt Romney[360]
Star Beacon[361] Hillary Clinton 12,241[24] October 16 Ashtabula Ohio
The Press of Atlantic City[362] No endorsement 63,824[214] October 16 Atlantic City New Jersey
The Herald[363] Hillary Clinton 14,855[24] October 16 Sharon Pennsylvania No endorsement[364]
Canon City Daily Record[365] Hillary Clinton 3,433[24] October 16 Canon City Colorado Mitt Romney[78] [lower-alpha 75]
Merced Sun-Star[366] Hillary Clinton 13,261[24] October 17 Merced California
Waxahachie Daily Light[367] Donald Trump 3,191[24] October 17 Waxahachie Texas
LNP[368] Hillary Clinton 80,220[24] October 18 Lancaster Pennsylvania Split endorsements[369][370] [lower-alpha 76]
La Opinión[372] Hillary Clinton 49,953[373] October 18 Los Angeles California Barack Obama[374]
Walla Walla Union-Bulletin[375] Hillary Clinton 11,290[24] October 18 Walla Walla Washington Mitt Romney[167]
Chico Enterprise-Record[376] No endorsement 29,843[377] October 19 Chico California Mitt Romney[378] [lower-alpha 77]
Oroville Mercury-Register[379] No endorsement 5,852[380] October 19 Oroville California Mitt Romney[381] [lower-alpha 77]
El Diario La Prensa[382] Hillary Clinton 29,339[373] October 19 New York New York
Boston Herald[383] No endorsement 96,403[384] October 20 Boston Massachusetts Mitt Romney[78] [lower-alpha 78]
Fort Worth Star-Telegram[385] Not Donald Trump 184,988[24] October 21 Fort Worth Texas Mitt Romney[78]
The Philadelphia Inquirer[386] Hillary Clinton 497,142[17] October 21 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Barack Obama[78]
Newsday[387] Hillary Clinton 510,683[17] October 21 Melville New York Mitt Romney[78]
Poughkeepsie Journal[388] Hillary Clinton 26,984[56] October 21 Poughkeepsie New York Barack Obama[389]
San Jose Mercury News[390] Hillary Clinton 634,001[17] October 21 San Jose California Barack Obama[78] [lower-alpha 79]
East Oregonian[391] Hillary Clinton 7,000[392] October 21 Pendleton Oregon Barack Obama[257]
Dixon Telegraph and Sterling Daily Gazette[393] No endorsement 21,399[394] October 21 Sterling Illinois Mitt Romney[395] [lower-alpha 80]
The Herald-Dispatch[396] No endorsement 35,552[397] October 21 Huntington West Virginia Mitt Romney[78]
The Sentinel[398] No endorsement 10,276[24] October 21 Carlisle Pennsylvania
The Times-Gazette[399] Donald Trump 4,300[400] October 21 Hillsboro Ohio
East Bay Times[401] Hillary Clinton 525,000[402] October 21 Walnut Creek California Barack Obama[403][404] [lower-alpha 81]
Iowa City Press-Citizen[405] Hillary Clinton 9,939[56] October 22 Iowa City Iowa Barack Obama[406]
Daily Herald[407] Hillary Clinton 102,293[408] October 22 Arlington Heights Illinois Mitt Romney[395]
The News Tribune[409] Hillary Clinton 79,914[24] October 22 Tacoma Washington Barack Obama[78]
Star Tribune[410] Hillary Clinton 589,725[17] October 22 Minneapolis Minnesota Barack Obama[78]
Rockford Register Star[411] Hillary Clinton 41,549[24] October 22 Rockford Illinois Barack Obama[412]
The Sun[413] No endorsement 42,000[414] October 22 Lowell Massachusetts Mitt Romney[415]
The State Journal-Register[416] Hillary Clinton 40,328[24] October 22 Springfield Illinois No endorsement[417]
Las Vegas Review-Journal[418] Donald Trump 133,560[24] October 22 Las Vegas Nevada Mitt Romney[419] [lower-alpha 82]
The Bulletin[422] Hillary Clinton 155,47[24] October 22 Norwich Connecticut Mitt Romney[78]
The Bradenton Herald[423] No endorsement 32,938[24] October 22 Bradenton Florida No endorsement[424]
Tiffin Advertiser-Tribune[425] Not Hillary Clinton 9,200[426] October 23 Tiffin Ohio
Lincoln Journal Star[427] Hillary Clinton 54,614[24] October 23 Lincoln Nebraska Barack Obama[428]
News & Record[429] Hillary Clinton 68,262[24] October 23 Greensboro North Carolina
Quad-City Times[430] Hillary Clinton 46,428[24] October 23 Davenport Iowa Mitt Romney[431]
The Decatur Daily[432] Hillary Clinton 24,807[433] October 23 Decatur Alabama Barack Obama[78]
Carroll County Times[434] No endorsement 27,171[435] October 23 Westminster Maryland
Cape Cod Times[436] Hillary Clinton 37,627[437] October 23 Hyannis Massachusetts Mitt Romney[78]
The Southern Illinoisan[438] Hillary Clinton 26,180[24] October 23 Carbondale Illinois Mitt Romney[395]
The Daily News[439] Hillary Clinton 24,331[440] October 23 Galveston Texas Mitt Romney[78]
The Scranton Times-Tribune[441] Hillary Clinton 49,221[24] October 23 Scranton Pennsylvania Barack Obama[230]
The Citizens' Voice[442] Hillary Clinton 25,681[24] October 23 Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania Barack Obama[230] [lower-alpha 83]
The Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier[443] No endorsement 37,090[24] October 23 Waterloo Iowa Mitt Romney[444]
The Star-Ledger[445] Hillary Clinton 247,025[24] October 23 Newark New Jersey Barack Obama[277]
Globe Gazette[446] Hillary Clinton 14,923[24] October 23 Mason City Iowa
The Beaumont Enterprise[447] Hillary Clinton 27,180[24] October 23 Beaumont Texas Mitt Romney[448]
West Central Tribune[449] No endorsement 10,723[450] October 23 Willmar Minnesota Mitt Romney[167] [lower-alpha 84]
The Dickinson Press[452] No endorsement 5,758[453] October 23 Dickinson North Dakota Mitt Romney[167] [lower-alpha 84]
The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead[454] No endorsement 43,606[24] October 23 Fargo North Dakota Mitt Romney[167] [lower-alpha 84]
Grand Forks Herald[455] No endorsement 21,324[456] October 23 Grand Forks North Dakota Mitt Romney[167] [lower-alpha 84]
Sentinel & Enterprise[457] No endorsement 16,393[458] October 23 Fitchburg Massachusetts Mitt Romney[459]
Duluth News Tribune[460] No endorsement 31,534[461] October 23 Duluth Minnesota Mitt Romney[462]
The Gazette[463] Hillary Clinton 49,050[24] October 23 Cedar Rapids Iowa Mitt Romney[464]
Honolulu Star-Advertiser[465] Hillary Clinton 171,160[466] October 23 Honolulu Hawaii Barack Obama[467]
The Bryan-College Station Eagle[468] Hillary Clinton 25,918[469] October 23 Bryan Texas Mitt Romney[470]
The Gazette[471] No endorsement 65,112[24] October 23 Colorado Springs Colorado Mitt Romney[472]
The Tennessean[473] No endorsement 198,214[56] October 23 Nashville Tennessee Mitt Romney[78] [lower-alpha 85]
The Times of Northwest Indiana[474] No endorsement 77,357[24] October 23 Munster Indiana Mitt Romney[475] [lower-alpha 86]
The Daily Press[476] Hillary Clinton 78,749[24] October 23 Newport News Virginia Mitt Romney[78]
Antelope Valley Press[477] Donald Trump 15,735[478] October 23 Palmdale California Mitt Romney[479][480] [lower-alpha 87]
AM New York[481] Hillary Clinton 336,000[482] October 24 New York New York [lower-alpha 88]
Mitchell Daily Republic[483] No endorsement 9,516[484] October 24 Mitchell South Dakota Mitt Romney[167] [lower-alpha 84]
Jamestown Sun[485] No endorsement 4,716[486] October 24 Jamestown North Dakota Mitt Romney[167] [lower-alpha 84]
Daily Globe[487] No endorsement 6,041[488] October 24 Worthington Minnesota Mitt Romney[489] [lower-alpha 84]
The Bemidji Pioneer[490] No endorsement 6,102[491] October 24 Bemidji Minnesota Mitt Romney[492] [lower-alpha 84]
The Standard-Speaker[493] Hillary Clinton 14,816[24] October 25 Hazleton Pennsylvania [lower-alpha 83]
Centralia Chronicle[494] No endorsement 14,000[495] October 25 Centralia Washington No endorsement[494]
The Washington Times[496] Donald Trump 59,185[497] October 26 Washington, D.C. District of Columbia Mitt Romney[498]
The Tribune[499] Hillary Clinton 28,669[24] October 27 San Luis Obispo California No endorsement[499] [lower-alpha 89]
Reno Gazette-Journal[500] Hillary Clinton 82,745[501] October 27 Reno Nevada Mitt Romney[502]
The Buffalo News[503] Hillary Clinton 196,737[24] October 27 Buffalo New York Barack Obama[78]
Hudson Star-Observer[504] No endorsement 7,335[505] October 27 Hudson Wisconsin Mitt Romney[451] [lower-alpha 84]
The Flint Journal[506] Hillary Clinton 52,415[24] October 27 Flint Michigan Barack Obama[507] [lower-alpha 90]
Kalamazoo Gazette[506] Hillary Clinton 41,648[24] October 27 Kalamazoo Michigan Barack Obama[508] [lower-alpha 91]
Muskegon Chronicle[506] Hillary Clinton 27,093[24] October 27 Muskegon Michigan Barack Obama[509] [lower-alpha 91]
The Grand Rapids Press[506] Hillary Clinton 116,679[24] October 27 Grand Rapids Michigan Mitt Romney[510] [lower-alpha 91]
Jackson Citizen Patriot[506] Hillary Clinton 21,823[24] October 27 Jackson Michigan Mitt Romney[511] [lower-alpha 91]
New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung[512] Hillary Clinton 10,295[513] October 28 New Braunfels Texas
Philadelphia Daily News[514] Hillary Clinton 46,234[24] October 28 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Barack Obama[257]
The Recorder[515] Hillary Clinton 11,522[516] October 28 Greenfield Massachusetts Barack Obama[517] [lower-alpha 92]
Daily Hampshire Gazette[519] Hillary Clinton 14,975 October 28 Northampton Massachusetts Barack Obama[520] [lower-alpha 92]
The News-Sentinel[521] Donald Trump 80,879[522] October 28 Fort Wayne Indiana Mitt Romney[167] [lower-alpha 93]
The Patriot Ledger[523] Hillary Clinton 34,830[24] October 29 Quincy Massachusetts [lower-alpha 94]
Albany Times Union[524] Hillary Clinton 107,765[24] October 29 Albany New York Barack Obama[78]
The State[525] Hillary Clinton 67,804[24] October 29 Columbia South Carolina No endorsement[526] [lower-alpha 95]
Farmington Daily Times[527] Hillary Clinton 11,103[528] October 29 Farmington New Mexico
Detroit Free Press[529] Hillary Clinton 355,000[530] October 30 Detroit Michigan Barack Obama[531]
The MetroWest Daily News[532] Hillary Clinton 16,801[24] October 30 Framingham Massachusetts Barack Obama[167] [lower-alpha 96]
The Milford Daily News[533] Hillary Clinton 5,150[24] October 30 Milford Massachusetts Barack Obama[534] [lower-alpha 96]
The Free Lance-Star[535] No endorsement 39,598[31] October 30 Fredericksburg Virginia Barack Obama[536]
The Dispatch / The Rock Island Argus[537] No endorsement 35,397[24] October 30 Moline Illinois Mitt Romney[538] [lower-alpha 97]
Erie Times-News[539] Hillary Clinton 54,325[24] October 30 Erie Pennsylvania Barack Obama[540]
Taunton Daily Gazette[541] Hillary Clinton 5,888[24] October 30 Taunton Massachusetts [lower-alpha 94]
The Enterprise[542] Hillary Clinton 21,767[24] October 30 Brockton Massachusetts [lower-alpha 94]
Bucks County Courier Times[543] No endorsement 39,788[24] October 30 Levittown Pennsylvania Mitt Romney[230] [lower-alpha 98]
Stamford Advocate[544] Hillary Clinton 12,760[24] October 30 Stamford Connecticut Barack Obama[545] [lower-alpha 99]
Greenwich Time[546] Hillary Clinton 6,747[24] October 30 Old Greenwich Connecticut Barack Obama[547] [lower-alpha 99]
The News-Times[548] Hillary Clinton 18,931[24] October 30 Danbury Connecticut Barack Obama[549] [lower-alpha 99]
The Hour[550] Hillary Clinton 23,788[551] October 30 Norwalk Connecticut [lower-alpha 99]
Connecticut Post[552] Hillary Clinton 46,317[24] October 30 Bridgeport Connecticut [lower-alpha 99]
The Daily Gazette[553] Hillary Clinton 57,323[554] October 30 Schenectady New York
The Herald News[555] Hillary Clinton 13,060[24] October 30 Fall River Massachusetts [lower-alpha 94]
Tri-City Herald[556] Hillary Clinton 35,487[557] October 30 Kennewick Washington Mitt Romney[558]
Daily Reflector[559] Donald Trump 16,966[24] October 30 Greenville North Carolina Mitt Romney[560]
Sioux City Journal[561] No endorsement 29,164[24] October 30 Sioux City Iowa Mitt Romney[562]
Albuquerque Journal[563] No endorsement 96,346[24] October 30 Albuquerque New Mexico Mitt Romney[564]
The Lima News[565] No endorsement 26,088[24] October 30 Lima Ohio Mitt Romney[566]
The Republican[567] Hillary Clinton 87,053[24] October 30 Springfield Massachusetts Barack Obama[568]
Daily Herald[569] Evan McMullin 26,757[24] October 30 Provo Utah [lower-alpha 100]
The Gadsden Times[571] No endorsement 14,131[24] October 30 Gadsden Alabama No endorsement[572]
The Beaver County Times[573] Hillary Clinton 27,288[24] October 30 Beaver Pennsylvania
Baytown Sun[574] No endorsement 10,236[575] October 30 Baytown Texas
The Athens Messenger[576] Hillary Clinton 12,000[577] October 31 Athens Ohio
Aiken Standard[578] No endorsement 12,832[579] October 31 Aiken South Carolina No endorsement[578]
Ashland Daily Tidings[580] Hillary Clinton 3,800[581] October 31 Ashland Oregon
The Durango Herald[582] Hillary Clinton 21,000[583] November 1 Durango Colorado Barack Obama[584]
The Vindicator[585] Hillary Clinton 49,622[24] November 1 Youngstown Ohio Barack Obama[586] [lower-alpha 101]
The Anniston Star[587] Hillary Clinton 17,155[24] November 1 Anniston Alabama Barack Obama[78]
Mail Tribune[588] Hillary Clinton 20,208[24] November 1 Medford Oregon Barack Obama[589] [lower-alpha 102]
Carroll Daily Times Herald[590] No endorsement 5,456[591] November 2 Carroll Iowa Barack Obama[592]
The Aspen Times[593] Hillary Clinton 6,500[594] November 2 Aspen Colorado Barack Obama[78]
Watertown Daily Times[595] Hillary Clinton 21,583[24] November 2 Watertown New York Mitt Romney[596] [lower-alpha 103]
Daily Sun News[597] Gary Johnson 3,300[24] November 2 Sunnyside Washington
Barre Montpelier Times Argus[598] Hillary Clinton 6,915[599] November 3 Barre Vermont
New Haven Register[600] No endorsement 64,827[24] November 3 New Haven Connecticut Barack Obama[601]
The Herald[602] Hillary Clinton 62,520[603] November 3 Everett Washington Barack Obama[604]
The Monterey Herald[605] Hillary Clinton 20,150[24] November 3 Monterey California Barack Obama[606]
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel[607] Not Donald Trump 318,711[90] November 4 Milwaukee Wisconsin No endorsement[608]
The News Journal[609] Hillary Clinton 104,570[56] November 4 Wilmington Delaware Barack Obama[167]
Beloit Daily News[610] No endorsement 13,145[611] November 5 Beloit Wisconsin Mitt Romney[612]
The Citizen[613] Hillary Clinton 7,925[24] November 5 Auburn New York Barack Obama[614]
Observer-Reporter[615] Hillary Clinton 32,350[24] November 5 Washington Pennsylvania Mitt Romney[616]
Greeley Tribune[617] No endorsement 18,200[618] November 5 Greeley Colorado
Republican-American[619] Donald Trump 43,403[24] November 5 Waterbury Connecticut Mitt Romney[78]
Ledger-Enquirer[620] Hillary Clinton 31,864[24] November 5 Columbus Georgia No endorsement[526]
The Florida Times-Union[621] Donald Trump 100,644[24] November 5 Jacksonville Florida Mitt Romney[622] [lower-alpha 104]
The Daily Leader[624] No endorsement 5,700[625] November 5 Brookhaven Mississippi
Peninsula Clarion[626] Donald Trump 7,000[627] November 5 Kenai Alaska Mitt Romney[628] [lower-alpha 105]
Athens Banner-Herald[630] Donald Trump 14,631[24] November 5 Athens Georgia [lower-alpha 105]
The Wall Street Journal[631][632] No endorsement 2,378,827[633] November 6 New York New York No endorsement [lower-alpha 106]
Janesville Gazette[634] No endorsement 20,000[24] November 6 Janesville Wisconsin Mitt Romney[78]
The Ledger[635] No endorsement 50,180[24] November 6 Lakeland Florida No endorsement[636] [lower-alpha 107]
The Exponent-Telegram[637] No endorsement 16,892[24] November 6 Clarksburg West Virginia Mitt Romney[638]
The Sun Chronicle[639] Not Donald Trump 25,372[24] November 6 Attleboro Massachusetts
Savannah Morning News[640] Donald Trump 35,043[24] November 6 Savannah Georgia Mitt Romney[641] [lower-alpha 105]
Topeka Capital-Journal[642] Donald Trump 29,168[24] November 6 Topeka Kansas [lower-alpha 105]
St. Augustine Record[643] Donald Trump 15,131[24] November 6 St. Augustine Florida [lower-alpha 105]
The Standard Times[644] Hillary Clinton 19,972[24] November 6 New Bedford Massachusetts Barack Obama[645]
Juneau Empire[646] Donald Trump 7,500[627] November 6 Juneau Alaska [lower-alpha 105]
The Augusta Chronicle[647] Donald Trump 47,456[24] November 6 Augusta Georgia Mitt Romney[167] [lower-alpha 105]
Lubbock Avalanche-Journal[648] Donald Trump 29,685[24] November 6 Lubbock Texas Mitt Romney[257] [lower-alpha 105]
Battle Creek Enquirer[649] Hillary Clinton 14,789[650] November 6 Battle Creek Michigan
The Post and Courier[651] Gary Johnson 74,027[24] November 6 Charleston South Carolina Mitt Romney[78]
Valley News[652] Hillary Clinton 16,605[653] November 6 West Lebanon New Hampshire Barack Obama[257]
Danville Register & Bee[654] Gary Johnson 15,873[31] November 6 Danville Virginia Mitt Romney[78]
Bowling Green Daily News[655] Donald Trump 21,709[24] November 6 Bowling Green Kentucky Mitt Romney[656]
Orange County Register[657] No endorsement 270,742[24] November 6 Santa Ana California No endorsement[78] [lower-alpha 108]
The Times-Reporter[658] No endorsement 18,132[659] November 6 New Philadelphia Ohio No endorsement[660]
Finger Lakes Times[661] Hillary Clinton 10,064[662] November 6 Geneva New York
The Trentonian[663] Hillary Clinton 23,580[664] November 6 Trenton New Jersey No endorsement[665]
The Daily Nonpareil[666] Not Donald Trump 11,709[667] November 6 Council Bluffs Iowa [lower-alpha 109]


  1. The Daily News's editorial stance is usually identified as "flexibly centrist"[13] with a populist streak.[14] The paper endorsed George W. Bush in 2004,[15] Barack Obama in 2008, and Mitt Romney in 2012.[12] On November 1st, the Daily News published an additional editorial "doubling down" on their endorsement, because "it's that important".[10]
  2. This was the third time in 64 years that the Chronicle endorsed a Democratic nominee for president. The previous times were 2008 (Barack Obama) and 1964 (Texan Lyndon Johnson).[19]
  3. This marked a break from the World's traditional practice of endorsing the Republican nominee; it last endorsed a Democrat for president in 1940 (Franklin Roosevelt).[23]
  4. This was the Times-Dispatch's first endorsement of a Libertarian. They have endorsed the Republican nominee in every election since 1980.[30] The newspaper published an additional editorial on October 29th, confirming that Johnson remains the newspaper's best choice for president.[33]
  5. This was the Morning News's first endorsement of a Democrat for president since 1944 (Franklin Roosevelt).[39][40]
  6. This was the Journal's first endorsement of a Libertarian for president.[44]
  7. This was the Union Leader's first endorsement of a Libertarian for president, and their first endorsement for a non-Republican in over 100 years.[47] On November 5th, the Union Leader published an additional editorial re-affirming their support of Johnson.
  8. The Repository has a bipartisan endorsement record since 1980, but did not endorse any candidate in the two most recent elections.[51] An identical editorial ran in The (Massillon) Independent.
  9. The Times endorsed Republican candidates until 1972, then discontinued endorsements until backing Obama in 2008 and 2012.
  10. The Enquirer had not endorsed a Democrat for president since 1916 (Woodrow Wilson).[58] On November 2nd, the Enquirer published an additional editorial, re-affirming their endorsement.
  11. The Times took the additional step of publishing an editorial entitled "Why Donald Trump Should Not Be President."[64]
  12. 1 2 This same editorial that appeared in the Portland Press Herald also appeared on the same day in the Augusta, Maine Kennebec Journal[67]
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  15. USA Today published an editorial urging readers not to vote for Donald Trump, marking the first time the newspaper had taken a position in a presidential election in its 34-year history.
  16. The Sun-Sentinel also published an editorial entitled "Why Trump Is a Terrible Choice."[82]
  17. This was the Tribune's first endorsement of a Libertarian for president, and first for a third party since 1912 (former Republican Theodore Roosevelt).[85] Traditionally a Republican paper, it endorsed Obama in 2008 and 2012.
  18. This was the first time in the Union-Tribune's 148-year history that the paper had endorsed a Democrat for president.[86]
  19. The Sun-Times published an additional editorial on November 4th reinforcing their endorsement of Clinton.
  20. This marked the first time in the Desert Sun's 90-year history that the newspaper had endorsed a Democrat for president.[96]
  21. This was the first time in many decades that The Courier had not endorsed the Republican candidate.
  22. The Caller-Times endorsed McCain in 2008.
  23. St. George Spectrum and Daily News is part of the USA Today network, but published an independent decision to not endorse.
  24. The Tribune-Herald's opinion editor states that the editorial board stands by its previous endorsement of John Kasich during the Republican primary and declines to endorse a candidate in the general election.
  25. Florida Today is part of the USA Today network, but published an independent decision to not endorse.
  26. The Austin American-Statesman endorsed Bush in 2000 and 2004, Obama in 2008, but declined to endorse in 2012 and 2016.
  27. The Effingham Daily News does not typically endorse candidates.
  28. The Daily Star endorsed Obama in 2008.
  29. There is no published editorial explaining this endorsement.[144]
  30. The same editorial that appeared in the Herald-Banner appeared in the separate sister weekly publication Rockwall County Herald-Banner on October 14.[154]
  31. The Commercial Appeal endorsed Republicans from 1980 through 2000, and Democrats in 2004 and 2008.[159]
  32. The Daily Independent endorsed McCain in 2008
  33. The News – owned by the LDS Church – has not endorsed a candidate in 80 years, but wrote that Donald Trump should drop out of the race.
  34. The Enid News & Eagle is traditionally a conservative paper.
  35. 1 2 The same editorial that was published in the Muskogee Phoenix was also published on October 12 in its sister publication, the Tahlequah Daily Press.
  36. The Niagara Gazette endorsed Obama in 2008.
  37. The Free Press endorsed McCain in 2008.
  38. Since 1936, the Plain Dealer has endorsed 14 Republicans and 5 Democrats for president.[180]
  39. The Las Vegas Sun is published as a supplement to the Review-Journal.
  40. The last time the Dispatch had endorsed a Democrat for president was 1916.
  41. The Democrat Gazette, traditionally a Republican paper, published dual non-endorsements of Clinton and Trump.
  42. The Democrat-Gazette, traditionally a Republican paper, published dual non-endorsements of Clinton and Trump. These same editorials also appeared in its sister publication, the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.
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  46. The Daily Sentinel, traditionally a Republican newspaper, said Donald Trump should step aside.
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  49. The Item republished the editorial from The Cullman Times endorsing Clinton.
  50. The October 9th editorial is identical to the one that appeared in its sister publication, the Kokomo Times. But the News and Tribune published a separate, original endorsement (with the paper's editors named in the byline) on October 11, titled "Hillary Clinton Best Choice For President".[227]
  51. The exact same editorial appeared in its sister publication, the Kokomo Tribune.
  52. The Bristol Herald Courier endorsed McCain in 2008 and Bush in 2004.
  53. This same editorial appeared in the October 11th edition of the paper's sister publication, the Jeffersonville News and Tribune.
  54. While they all agreed not to vote for Trump, the editorial board of the Daily Record could not reach a consensus in favor of Clinton.
  55. The Telegraph Herald's editorial notes that for decades they have not endorsed a candidate for president, but this time it was important to write an editorial against a candidate.
  56. The Mineral Wells Index's editorial notes that this editorial originally appeared in a sister publication, The Cullman Times, and it endorses this editorial.
  57. 1 2 An identically-worded endorsement was also published in the Courier-Post's sister publication, The Daily Journal.
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  60. The Idaho Statesman endorsed Obama in 2008.
  61. Charleston's two daily newspapers, the Gazette and Daily Mail merged operations in 2015, but maintain individual editorial departments. The Gazette endorsed Clinton on October 14th. The Daily Mail originally withheld their endorsement, but changed their mind and published an editorial on November 4th urging voters to write in McMullin. In 2012 when they were separate newspapers, the Gazette endorsed Obama, and the Daily Mail endorsed Romney.
  62. The 2012 endorsement was published by its sister paper, The Star Ledger.[277]
  63. In 2012, The Oregonian editorial board chose to end their practice of endorsing candidates for President in favor of more attention to local endorsements.
  64. An identically worded editorial to the Express-Star's appeared in the Duncan Banner.
  65. El Nuevo Herald is considered a conservative, Republican paper like its sister paper The Miami Herald.[300]
  66. The editorial noted that up until this point they endorsed Republican candidates for president "throughout its modern history." An identically-worded endorsement was also published in the Reporter-Herald's sister publication The Longmont Times-Call.
  67. This was the World-Herald's first endorsement of a Democrat for president since 1932.
  68. The Roswell Daily Record endorsed McCain in 2008.
  69. The editorial noted that up until this point the Longmont Times-Call had endorsed Republican candidates for president "throughout its modern history." An identically-worded endorsement was also published in its sister publication The Loveland Reporter-Herald.
  70. The Concord Monitor's editorial board published a separate article urging voters not to vote for Donald Trump.
  71. An identical editorial to the Foster's Daily Democrat appeared in other Local Media Group papers, including The Portsmouth Herald.
  72. 1 2 The same editorial appeared in the Pantagraph's sister publication, Herald & Review.
  73. The Chattanooga Times Free Press maintains separate editorial pages for its Times and Free Press components since the Times and Free Press merged in 1999. The Times endorsed Clinton, and the Free Press did not endorse a candidate. In 2012, the Times endorsed Obama, while the Free Press endorsed Johnson.
  74. The St. Joseph News-Press's endorsement was the first editorial (but not the first endorsement) supporting Trump in the general election.
  75. The editorial noted that up until this point they endorsed Republican candidates for president "throughout its modern history." An identically-worded endorsement was also published in the Daily Record's sister publication The Longmont Times-Call.
  76. LNP, then known as Intelligencer Journal/Lancaster New Era, had two separate editorial boards which endorsed both Obama (Intelligencer Journal) and Romney (New Era), respectively, in editorials published on November 2, 2012.[369][370][371]
  77. 1 2 The same editorial appeared in a Chico Enterprise-Record sister publication, the Oroville Mercury-Register.
  78. This was the first time in decades the Herald did not make an endorsement for president.
  79. An identically-worded endorsement was also published in the Mercury News's sister publication The East Bay Times.
  80. Editorial represents the opinion of Shaw Media, which covers communities in the Sauk Valley, including the Dixon Telegraph (circulation 8,969) and Sterling Daily Gazette (circulation 12,430).[394]
  81. In 2016, the Contra Costa Times, Oakland Tribune, The Daily Review and The Argus were all merged into one newspaper, the East Bay Times.[402]
  82. The Las Vegas Review-Journal is owned by Sheldon Adelson, a major contributor to Donald Trump's campaign.[420][421]
  83. 1 2 Editorial notes "The editorial boards of The Citizen's Voice, The Times-Tribune of Scranton and The Standard-Speaker in Hazleton, endorse Democrat Hillary Clinton". All three of these papers belong to the Times-Shamrock Communications group.
  84. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 This newspaper is part of the Forum Communications Company, which owns several small community papers in MN/ND/SD/WI region. This is the first time in 50 years the newspaper group has not endorsed a Republican candidate for president.[451]
  85. This was the first time since 1836 The Tennessean did not endorse a candidate. They also cited the fact no candidates chose to be interviewed by their editorial board as a reason for their non-endorsement. Instead, they published an editorial titled "We Endorse the Legitimacy of the U.S. Electoral System," while letting six citizens state their cases for Clinton, Trump and Johnson. The Tennessean supported Democratic candidates for 150 years until 2012, when it supported Romney.
  86. The editor of the Times parent company wrote they would only endorse in races where they could meet and question the candidates.[474]
  87. The Antelope Valley Press's endorsement was offered without an accompanying editorial explaining the reason for the endorsement.
  88. A similarly-worded endorsement appeared in the AM New York's parent publication Newsday.
  89. This is the first endorsement for president by the San Luis Obispo Tribune in 20 years.
  90. The Flint Journal is published four times weekly. As a part of the MLive Media Group, it is a shared editorial for several newspapers.
  91. 1 2 3 4 As a part of the MLive Media Group, it is a shared editorial for several newspapers.
  92. 1 2 On October 10th, an editorial appeared in The Recorder, along with the Daily Hampshire Gazette, urging voters not to vote for Trump.[518] This was updated to a Clinton endorsement on October 28th.
  93. The News-Sentinel endorsement is written as a pro-Pence and pro-Republican Party platform editorial, and the argument presented is voting for Trump is the only acceptable alternative to Clinton.
  94. 1 2 3 4 This newspaper is owned by GateHouse Media, and the same editorial was published in several of their publications.
  95. This is the first time The State has endorsed a Democratic presidential nominee since 1976.
  96. 1 2 An identical editorial also appeared in several other Massachusetts newspapers owned by Gatehouse Media.
  97. The Dispatch and The Rock Island Argus are owned by the same company, the contents of the two papers are the same except for different front covers for their respective markets.
  98. According to the Bucks County Courier Times article, "we won't be endorsing in the presidential race."
  99. 1 2 3 4 5 This editorial appeared in several Connecticut newspapers that are allied with the Hearst Media Group.
  100. On October 13th, the Daily Herald published an editorial urging voters not to vote for Trump,[570] but updated their stance on October 30th with a pro-McMullin endorsement.
  101. The Vindicator editorial concludes that Clinton is unethically fit to be president, but given the lesser of two evils, a Trump presidency would be inconceivable.
  102. The Mail Tribune was not planning on endorsing any candidates for president this election, but were compelled to support Clinton in order to prevent Trump from becoming president.
  103. The Daily Times does not want Clinton to be president, but as the "less-worse choice" considers it the only possible option to prevent Trump from being elected.
  104. The endorsement is "a top-down directive from Morris [Communications]," the parent company of the Florida Times-Union."[623]
  105. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 This newspaper is owned by Morris Communications, which directed its papers to publish editorials favoring Donald Trump.[629]
  106. The Wall Street Journal has not endorsed a candidate for President since 1928. Two editorials were published, summarizing their views on Trump and Clinton.
  107. The Ledger announced they were discontinuing endorsing candidates in 2012.
  108. The editorial was issued by the Southern California News Group, to which the Orange County Register editorial staff was merged into in 2016.
  109. The Nonpareil published a double-endorsement for John Kasich and Bernie Sanders during the primary.

Weekly newspapers

This list includes newspapers that publish three or fewer times per week.

Summary of weekly newspapers

Candidate Endorsements Breakdown by 2012 endorsement
Hillary Clinton 148 46 Barack Obama; 1 Mitt Romney; 3 No endorsement; 1 Jill Stein; 97 Undetermined
Donald Trump 6 3 Mitt Romney; 3 Undetermined
Not Donald Trump 2 2 Undetermined
No endorsement 13 9 Mitt Romney; 3 Undetermined; 1 No endorsement

Endorsements by weekly newspapers

Newspaper 2016 endorsement Largest reported circulation Endorsement date City State 2012 endorsement Notes
Dallas Voice[668] Hillary Clinton 13,474[669] September 16 Dallas Texas No endorsement[670] [lower-alpha 1]
The Martha's Vineyard Times[671] Hillary Clinton 14,000[672] September 28 Vineyard Haven Massachusetts Mitt Romney[673]
South Florida Gay News[674] Hillary Clinton 10,000[675] September 28 Wilton Manors Florida Barack Obama[676]
Athens News[677] Hillary Clinton 14,187[678] September 29 Athens Ohio Barack Obama[679] [lower-alpha 2]
Falls Church News-Press[680] Hillary Clinton 9,900[31] September 29 Falls Church Virginia Barack Obama[681]
The Patriot-News[682] Hillary Clinton 89,884[24] October 6 Harrisburg Pennsylvania Barack Obama[683] [lower-alpha 3]
Santa Barbara Independent[684] Hillary Clinton 39,234[685] October 6 Santa Barbara California Barack Obama[686]
La Gaceta[687] Hillary Clinton 18,000[688] October 8 Tampa Florida [lower-alpha 4]
The Sentinel Echo[689] Hillary Clinton 7,501[24] October 10 London Kentucky [lower-alpha 5]
The Morehead News[690] Hillary Clinton 5,270[253] October 10 Morehead Kentucky [lower-alpha 6]
Derry News[691] Hillary Clinton 7,000[692] October 10 Derry New Hampshire [lower-alpha 7]
East Bay Express[693] Hillary Clinton 40,000[694] October 11 Berkeley California Barack Obama[695]
The Jewish Week[696] Hillary Clinton 45,548[554] October 11 New York New York [lower-alpha 8]
The Zionsville Times-Sentinel[697] Hillary Clinton 3,914[253] October 11 Zionsville Indiana [lower-alpha 7]
Qué Pasa[698] Hillary Clinton 52,411[699] October 11 Winston-Salem, Raleigh, Charlotte North Carolina
The Capital Times[700] Hillary Clinton 91,043[24] October 12 Madison Wisconsin Barack Obama[701]
Suwannee Democrat[702] Not Donald Trump 4,644[253] October 12 Live Oak Florida [lower-alpha 9]
Willamette Week[703] Hillary Clinton 70,000[704] October 12 Portland Oregon Barack Obama[705]
The Madison / St. Clair Record[706] Hillary Clinton 4,132[24] October 12 Edwardsville Illinois
Washington Blade[707] Hillary Clinton 33,874 October 12 Washington District of Columbia
Philadelphia Gay News[707] Hillary Clinton 25,000[708] October 12 Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Windy City Times[707] Hillary Clinton 10,000[709] October 12 Chicago Illinois [lower-alpha 10]
Between the Lines[707] Hillary Clinton 20,000[710] October 12 Livonia Michigan
Bay Windows[707] Hillary Clinton 20,000[711] October 12 Boston Massachusetts Barack Obama[712]
Gay City News[707] Hillary Clinton 34,785[554] October 12 New York New York
Watermark[707] Hillary Clinton 20,000[713] October 12 Orlando Florida
The Pride L.A.[707] Hillary Clinton 20,000[714] October 12 Los Angeles California
The Georgia Voice[707] Hillary Clinton 10,000[715] October 12 Atlanta Georgia [lower-alpha 11]
Bay Area Reporter[707] Hillary Clinton 26,830[716] October 12 San Francisco California Barack Obama[717]
San Diego CityBeat[718] Hillary Clinton 44,000[719] October 12 San Diego California Barack Obama[720]
The Argonaut[721] Hillary Clinton 30,000[722] October 12 Marina del Rey California
The Suffolk Times[723] Hillary Clinton 17,038[724] October 12 Mattituck New York Barack Obama[725] [lower-alpha 12]
Boulder Weekly[726] Hillary Clinton 25,000[727] October 13 Boulder Colorado Barack Obama[728]
The Taos News[729] Hillary Clinton 8,846[730] October 13 Taos New Mexico Barack Obama[731]
Monterey County Weekly[732] Hillary Clinton 36,000[733] October 13 Monterey County California
El Observador[734] Hillary Clinton 35,000[735] October 14 San Jose California Barack Obama[736]
Rockwall Herald-Banner[737] Hillary Clinton 14,240[738] October 14 Rockwall Texas [lower-alpha 13]
Aurora Sentinel[739] Hillary Clinton 34,000[740] October 16 Aurora Colorado Barack Obama[489]
The Journal[741] Hillary Clinton 7,000[742] October 17 Cortez Colorado Barack Obama[78] [lower-alpha 14]
The Stranger[743] Hillary Clinton 52,503[744] October 18 Seattle Washington Barack Obama[745]
Colorado Springs Independent[746] Hillary Clinton 36,000[747] October 19 Colorado Springs Colorado Barack Obama
Indy Week[748] Hillary Clinton 32,000[749] October 19 Durham North Carolina Barack Obama[750]
Batesville Herald-Tribune[751] Hillary Clinton 2,274[24] October 19 Batesville Indiana
The Portland Mercury[752] Hillary Clinton 45,000[753] October 19 Portland Oregon
Jewish Ledger[754] Hillary Clinton 15,000[755] October 19 West Hartford Connecticut [lower-alpha 15]
Royse City Herald-Banner[756] Hillary Clinton 8,000[757] October 19 Royse City Texas [lower-alpha 13]
The Weston Forum[758] Hillary Clinton 4,100[759] October 27 Weston Connecticut
The Charlotte Post[760] Hillary Clinton 22,305[761] October 19 Charlotte North Carolina Barack Obama[762]
The Washington Informer[763] Hillary Clinton 15,000[764] October 19 Washington District of Columbia
Chico News & Review[765] Hillary Clinton 38,180[766] October 20 Chico California Barack Obama[767]
Eugene Weekly[768] Hillary Clinton 35,435[769] October 20 Eugene Oregon Barack Obama[770]
The Skanner[771] Hillary Clinton 10,500[772] October 20 Portland Oregon Barack Obama[773]
La Raza[774] Hillary Clinton 153,620[775] October 20 Chicago Illinois
Connecticut Law Tribune[776] Not Donald Trump 1,885[777] October 20 Hartford Connecticut
The Austin Chronicle[778] Hillary Clinton 77,980[779] October 21 Austin Texas Barack Obama[780]
Wisconsin Gazette[781] Hillary Clinton 28,000[782] October 21 Milwaukee Wisconsin [lower-alpha 16]
Q-Notes[783] Hillary Clinton 11,000 October 21 Charlotte North Carolina
Philadelphia Tribune[784] Hillary Clinton 15,138[785] October 21 Philadelphia Pennsylvania
San Francisco Bay Times[786] Hillary Clinton 25,000[787] October 22 San Francisco California
Richmond Free Press[788] Hillary Clinton 32,005[789] October 22 Richmond Virginia
Williamson County Sun[790] Hillary Clinton 9,052[791] October 23 Georgetown Texas [lower-alpha 17]
Woodbury Bulletin[792] No endorsement 7,811[793] October 23 Woodbury Minnesota Mitt Romney[489]
Ahora Latino Journal[794] Hillary Clinton 6,000[795] October 23 Reno Nevada
South Washington County Bulletin[796] No endorsement 8,616[797] October 24 Cottage Grove Minnesota Mitt Romney[167] [lower-alpha 18]
Farmington Independent[798] No endorsement 2,000[799] October 25 Farmington Minnesota Mitt Romney[167] [lower-alpha 18]
Santa Monica Observer[800] Hillary Clinton 22,500[801] October 25 Santa Monica California
Michigan Chronicle[802] Hillary Clinton 20,617[803] October 25 Detroit Michigan
The St. Louis American[804] Hillary Clinton 70,000[805] October 25 St. Louis Missouri Barack Obama[329]
The Courier-Gazette[806] Hillary Clinton 7,431[807] October 25 Rockland Maine [lower-alpha 19]
The Chicago Defender[808] Hillary Clinton 10,811[809] October 26 Chicago Illinois [lower-alpha 20]
The Providence American[810] Hillary Clinton 11,000[811] October 26 Providence Rhode Island [lower-alpha 21]
Osakis Review[812] No endorsement 1,328[813] October 26 Osakis Minnesota Mitt Romney[167] [lower-alpha 18]
Alexandria Echo Press[814] No endorsement 9,763[815] October 26 Alexandria Minnesota Mitt Romney[167] [lower-alpha 18]
Park Rapids Enterprise[816] No endorsement 3,508[817] October 26 Park Rapids Minnesota Mitt Romney[167] [lower-alpha 22]
The Georgetowner[818] Hillary Clinton 40,000[819] October 26 Washington District of Columbia
Baltimore Afro-American[820] Hillary Clinton 12,500[821] October 26 Baltimore Maryland Barack Obama[822]
Maui Time[823] Hillary Clinton 18,000[824] October 26 Maui Hawaii Jill Stein[825]
Gary Crusader[826] Hillary Clinton 39,000[827] October 27 Gary Indiana
New York Amsterdam News[828] Hillary Clinton 11,229[554] October 27 New York New York
The Detroit Jewish News[829] Hillary Clinton 16,000[830] October 27 Detroit Michigan [lower-alpha 23]
Queens Chronicle[831] Hillary Clinton 160,000[832] October 27 New York New York Barack Obama
The Ann Arbor News[506] Hillary Clinton 33,231[833] October 27 Ann Arbor Michigan Barack Obama[834] [lower-alpha 24]
The Bay City Times[506] Hillary Clinton 26,567[835] October 27 Ann Arbor Michigan Barack Obama[167] [lower-alpha 25]
The Saginaw News[506] Hillary Clinton 28,489[836] October 27 Saginaw Michigan Barack Obama[167] [lower-alpha 25]
The Atlanta Jewish Times[837] No endorsement 55,000[838] October 27 Atlanta Georgia
The Enterprise-Tocsin[839] No endorsement 3,872[840] October 27 Indianola Mississippi
News & Review[841] Hillary Clinton 38,180[842] October 27 Sacramento California Barack Obama[843]
The Aegis[844] No endorsement 15,318[845] October 28 Bel Air Maryland Mitt Romney[844] [lower-alpha 26]
The Arab American News[846] No endorsement 35,000[847] October 28 Detroit Michigan [lower-alpha 27]
The Cincinnati Herald[848] Hillary Clinton 16,000[849] October 28 Cincinnati Ohio Barack Obama[850]
The Virginia Gazette[851] Hillary Clinton 14,884[31] October 29 Williamsburg Virginia
Wadena Pioneer Journal[816][852] No endorsement 3,124[853] October 29 Wadena Minnesota Mitt Romney[167] [lower-alpha 22]
The Wellesley Townsman[854] Hillary Clinton 4,665[855] October 29 Needham Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
Hamilton Chronicle[856] Hillary Clinton 1,482[855] October 29 Danvers Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
Wilmington Advocate[857] Hillary Clinton 1,886[855] October 30 Concord Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
Abington Mariner[858] Hillary Clinton 1,506[855] October 30 Marshfield Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
Arlington Advocate[859] Hillary Clinton 4,338[855] October 30 Lexington Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
Weymouth News[860] Hillary Clinton 2,836[855] October 30 Randolph Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
Brookline Tab[861] Hillary Clinton 13,733[855] October 30 Brookline Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
Georgetown Record[862] Hillary Clinton 1,089[855] October 30 Danvers Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
Melrose Free Press[863] Hillary Clinton 2,311[855] October 30 Beverly Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
Holbrook Sun[864] Hillary Clinton 841[855] October 30 Randolph Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
Dover-Sherborn Press[865] Hillary Clinton 745[855] October 30 Needham Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
The Hingham Journal[866] Hillary Clinton 4,349[855] October 30 Hingham Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
Marlborough Enterprise[867] Hillary Clinton 2,507[855] October 30 Framingham Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
Allston/Brighton Tab[868] Hillary Clinton 448[855] October 30 Needham Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
Sandwich Broadsider[869] Hillary Clinton 2,332[855] October 30 Yarmouth Port Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
Lakeville Call[870] Hillary Clinton 351[871] October 30 Lakeville Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
Cohasset Mariner[872] Hillary Clinton 1,725[855] October 30 Hingham Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
Lexington Minuteman[873] Hillary Clinton 4,328[855] October 30 Hingham Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
Old Colony Memorial[874] Hillary Clinton 6,978[855] October 30 Plymouth Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
Danvers Herald[875] Hillary Clinton 2,347[855] October 30 Danvers Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
Canton Journal[876] Hillary Clinton 1,262[855] October 30 Raynham Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
Concord Journal[877] Hillary Clinton 3,971[855] October 30 Concord Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
Watertown Tab[878] Hillary Clinton 2,184[855] October 30 Needham Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
Milford Beacon[879] Hillary Clinton 3,222[855] October 30 Concord Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
Braintree Forum[880] Hillary Clinton 2,507[855] October 30 Weymouth Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
Chelmsford Independent[881] Hillary Clinton 2,355[855] October 30 Concord Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
Marblehead Reporter[882] Hillary Clinton 4,678[855] October 30 Marblehead Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
Walpole Times[883] Hillary Clinton 3,832[855] October 30 Walpole Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
Rockland Standard[884] Hillary Clinton 764[855] October 30 Marshfield Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
Scituate Mariner[885] Hillary Clinton 2,823[855] October 30 Marshfield Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
The Sudbury Town Crier[886] Hillary Clinton 2,961[855] October 30 Framingham Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
The Winchester Star[887] Hillary Clinton 2,910[855] October 30 Lexington Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
Littleton Independent[888] Hillary Clinton 1,197[855] October 30 Concord Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
Wakefield Observer[889] Hillary Clinton 538[855] October 30 Danvers Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
The Cape Codder[890] Hillary Clinton 7,809[855] October 30 Orleans Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
Newburyport Current[891] Hillary Clinton 4,921[855] October 30 Beverly Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
Malden Observer[892] Hillary Clinton 1,314[855] October 30 Medford Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
Somerville Journal[893] Hillary Clinton 2,341[855] October 30 Somerville Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
Swampscott Reporter[894] Hillary Clinton 1,732[855] October 30 Marblehead Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
Wayland Town Crier[895] Hillary Clinton 1,796[855] October 30 Framingham Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
Tewksbury Advocate[896] Hillary Clinton 655[855] October 30 Concord Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
Billerica Minuteman[897] Hillary Clinton 2,565[855] October 30 Concord Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
Fairfield Citizen[898] Hillary Clinton 2,799[899] October 30 Fairfield Connecticut [lower-alpha 29]
Westport News[900] Hillary Clinton 3,680[899] October 30 Norwalk Connecticut
Easton Journal[901] Hillary Clinton 2,208[899] October 30 Easton Massachusetts [lower-alpha 30]
Norton Mirror[902] Hillary Clinton 1,250[903] October 30 Norton Massachusetts [lower-alpha 30]
Dedham Transcript[904] Hillary Clinton 1,041[855] October 31 Needham Massachusetts [lower-alpha 28]
The Chief-Leader[905] Hillary Clinton 30,651[554] October 31 New York City New York
Vilas County News-Review[906] Donald Trump 10,500[907] November 1 Eagle River Wisconsin
Santa Fe Reporter[908] Hillary Clinton 16,000[909] November 1 Santa Fe New Mexico Barack Obama[910]
The Crusader[911][912] Donald Trump Unknown[913] November 1 Harrison Arkansas [lower-alpha 31]
Rochester City Newspaper[918] Hillary Clinton 37,081[919] November 1 Rochester New York Barack Obama[920]
Jewish Voice[921] Donald Trump 30,000[554] November 2 New York City New York Mitt Romney[922]
The Jewish Press[923] Donald Trump 42,222[554] November 2 New York City New York Mitt Romney[924]
Lagniappe[925] No endorsement 30,000[926] November 2 Mobile Alabama No endorsement[925]
Rock River Times[927] Hillary Clinton 22,000[928] November 2 Rockford Illinois Barack Obama[929]
Metro Weekly[930] Hillary Clinton 17,000[931] November 2 Washington District of Columbia No endorsement[930]
Idaho Mountain Express[932] Hillary Clinton 13,000[933] November 2 Ketchum Idaho Barack Obama[934]
Cincinnati CityBeat[935] Hillary Clinton 35,000[936] November 2 Cincinnati Ohio Barack Obama[937]
Neshoba Democrat[938] Donald Trump 8,000[939] November 2 Philadelphia Mississippi Mitt Romney[940]
The Alibi[941] Hillary Clinton 32,814[942] November 3 Albuquerque New Mexico Barack Obama[943]
Andover Townsman[944] Hillary Clinton 5,339[945] November 3 Andover Massachusetts [lower-alpha 32]
New York Observer[946] Donald Trump 38,232[554] November 3 New York New York Mitt Romney[616] [lower-alpha 33]
Dorchester Reporter[947] Hillary Clinton 6,000[948] November 3 Dorchester Massachusetts Barack Obama[949]
The Wilton Bulletin[950] Hillary Clinton 2,270[951] November 3 Wilton Connecticut
Easton Courier[952] Hillary Clinton 1,165[951] November 3 Easton Connecticut Barack Obama[953]
Creative Loafing Tampa[954] Hillary Clinton 48,000[955] November 3 Tampa Bay Florida Barack Obama[956]
Boston Irish Reporter[957] Hillary Clinton 8,000[958] November 3 Dorchester Massachusetts Barack Obama[959] [lower-alpha 34]
Memphis Flyer[960] Hillary Clinton 45,000[961] November 3 Memphis Tennessee No endorsement [lower-alpha 35]
News & Review[962] Hillary Clinton 38,180[842] November 3 Reno Nevada Barack Obama[963]
News & Review[964] Hillary Clinton 38,180[965] November 3 Chico California Barack Obama[966]
Lake Placid News[967] Hillary Clinton 2,500[968] November 3 Lake Placid New York
The Wave[969] Hillary Clinton 8,341[554] November 4 Rockaway New York
Carteret County News-Times[970] Donald Trump 9,725[971] November 5 Morehead City North Carolina [lower-alpha 36]
Milwaukee Courier[972] Hillary Clinton 40,000[973] November 5 Milwaukee Wisconsin
The Ridgefield Press[974] Hillary Clinton 5,000[951] November 5 Ridgefield Connecticut
Inweekly[975] Hillary Clinton 31,860[976] November 7 Pensacola Florida Barack Obama[977]


  1. This was the first presidential endorsement in the Dallas Voice's 32-year history.
  2. The Athens News publishes twice weekly.
  3. The Patriot-News publishes thrice weekly
  4. La Gaceta is "The nation's only tri-lingual newspaper" (English, Spanish, Italian).
  5. The Sentinel Echo publishes thrice weekly; its endorsement originated with the Ashland Daily Independent, a sister paper.
  6. The Morehead News publishes twice weekly; its endorsement originated with the Ashland Daily Independent, a sister paper.
  7. 1 2 An identically-worded endorsement was also published in a sister publication, The Salem News
  8. This is the first time the 40-year-old Jewish Week has endorsed a presidential candidate.
  9. The Suwannee Democrat publishes twice weekly. This editorial originally appeared in the Sunbury Daily Item, but the Suwannee Democrat "embraces its message."
  10. This is the Windy City Times' first endorsement in the past 16 years.[707]
  11. The Georgia Voice publishes twice weekly
  12. The Riverhead News-Review and Shelter Island Reporter are sister papers to The Suffolk Times.
  13. 1 2 An identical editorial also appeared in the parent publication, the Greenville Herald-Banner on October 8th.
  14. The Journal publishes twice weekly
  15. This is the first Presidential endorsement in the Jewish Ledger's 87-year existence.
  16. The Wisconsin Gazette publishes twice monthly.
  17. The Williamson County Sun publishes twice weekly.
  18. 1 2 3 4 This newspaper is part of the Forum Communications Company, which owns several small community papers in MN/ND/SD/WI region. This is the first time in 50 years the newspaper group has not endorsed a Republican candidate for president.[451]
  19. The Courier Publications Editorial Board also includes the Camden Herald (circulation 3,544) and Belfast Republican Journal (circulation 5,826).
  20. The Chicago Defender endorsed Obama in 2008.
  21. The Providence American is published monthly.
  22. 1 2 Published twice weekly. This newspaper is part of the Forum Communications Company, which owns several small community papers in MN/ND/SD/WI region. This is the first time in 50 years the newspaper group has not endorsed a Republican candidate for president.[451]
  23. The Detroit Jewish News cited The Atlantic's decision to endorse a candidate.
  24. The Ann Arbor News is published twice weekly. As a part of the MLive Media Group, it is a shared editorial for several newspapers.
  25. 1 2 The Bay City Times and Saginaw News are published three times weekly. As a part of the MLive Media Group, it is a shared editorial for several newspapers.
  26. The Aegis is published twice weekly. It is a part of the Baltimore Sun media group, but editorially independent. The paper has endorsed a Republican for president for the past several elections.
  27. The Arab American News editorial notes this is the first time in their history they have declined to endorse a candidate for president.
  28. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 This newspaper is owned by GateHouse Media, and the same editorial was published in several of their publications.
  29. The Fairfield Citizen publishes twice weekly. This editorial appeared in several Connecticut newspapers that are allied with the Hearst Media Group.
  30. 1 2 An identical editorial also appeared in several other Massachusetts newspapers owned by Gatehouse Media.
  31. The Crusader is one of the Ku Klux Klan's newspapers. It did not officially endorse Trump, but its full page editoral is considered a de facto endorsement by many.[912][914][915][916] The Trump campaign has denounced the endorsement.[917]
  32. An identically worded editorial appeared in four other newspapers that are part of Community Newspaper Holdings in Massachusetts.
  33. The Observer is owned by Trump's son-in-law, and was one of only four newspapers to endorse Trump during the Republican primaries.
  34. The Boston Irish Reporter is published in the newspaper format monthly.
  35. While Memphis Flyer's editorial does not explicitly endorse Clinton, the argument and tone is quite clear:
    "The Flyer traditionally does not endorse at election time, leaving such personal decisions to our readers. We would be remiss not to point out the essential nature of the choice at hand, which boils down to a long record of competence and experience versus a legacy of unrelenting narcissism and its resultant chaos."[960]
  36. The Carteret County News-Times is published three times a week.


Summary of magazines

Candidate Endorsements Breakdown by 2012 endorsement
Hillary Clinton 15 3 Barack Obama; 9 No endorsement; 3 Undetermined
Not Donald Trump 4 2 No endorsement; 2 Undetermined

Endorsements by magazines

Magazine 2016 endorsement Largest reported circulation Endorsement
2012 endorsement Notes
Philadelphia[978] Hillary Clinton 103,161[979] June 21 No endorsement[978] [lower-alpha 1]
The Advocate[980] Hillary Clinton 187,791[981] July 25 Barack Obama[982]
Wired[983] Hillary Clinton 870,101[979] August 18 No endorsement[983] [lower-alpha 2]
Scientific American[984] Not Donald Trump 399,354[979] September 1 No endorsement[984] [lower-alpha 3]
The Atlantic[985] Hillary Clinton 509,376[979] October 5 No endorsement[986] [lower-alpha 4]
The Nation[987] Hillary Clinton 110,007[979] October 5 Barack Obama[988]
The Reader[989] Hillary Clinton 150,000[990] October 7 No endorsement[989] [lower-alpha 5]
Foreign Policy[991] Hillary Clinton 101,054[992] October 9 No endorsement[991] [lower-alpha 6]
Loveland Magazine[993] Not Donald Trump n/a October 10 [lower-alpha 7]
Christianity Today[995] Not Donald Trump 120,000[996] October 11 No endorsement[995] [lower-alpha 8]
World[997] Not Donald Trump 100,000 October 11
Latina[998] Hillary Clinton 517,732[979] October 14 No endorsement[998] [lower-alpha 9]
Vogue[999] Hillary Clinton 1,231,931[979] October 18 No endorsement[999] [lower-alpha 10]
Oakland Magazine[1000] Hillary Clinton 10,440[1001] October 21 [lower-alpha 11]
Alameda Magazine[1002] Hillary Clinton 10,000[1001] October 21 [lower-alpha 11]
The New Yorker[1003] Hillary Clinton 1,051,795[979] October 23 Barack Obama[1004]
Variety[1005] Hillary Clinton 30,000[1006] November 1 No endorsement[1005] [lower-alpha 12]
India Currents[1007] Hillary Clinton 42,725[1008] November 1 No endorsement[1007] [lower-alpha 13]
India New England News[1009] Hillary Clinton 12,000[1010] November 3


  1. "This is the first time the editors of Philadelphia magazine have endorsed a presidential candidate."
  2. This is the first time Wired has endorsed a candidate in a presidential election.
  3. Scientific American does not usually endorse political candidates.
  4. This is The Atlantic's third presidential endorsement in the magazine's 159-year history. Their two previous endorsements were for Abraham Lincoln in 1860 and Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964.
  5. The Reader is published quarterly. "Never in the 22-year history of The Reader have we officially backed a candidate for president."
  6. This is the first political endorsement in Foreign Policy's 46-year history.
  7. This references the editorial by The Atlantic in their decision to publish their anti-endorsement. Loveland Magazine is online-only, but an official member of the Ohio Newspaper Association.[994]
  8. This is not an official non-endorsement editorial. "As a non-profit journalistic organization, Christianity Today is doubly committed to staying neutral regarding political campaigns."
  9. This is Latina's first political endorsement for any candidate in its 20-year history.
  10. This is Vogue's first political endorsement for any candidate in its 123-year history.
  11. 1 2 An identical 2016 voter guide endorsing Hillary Clinton appeared on the blogs of Oakland Magazine and Alameda Magazine, both publications of Telegraph Media.
  12. "For the first time in its 111-year history, Variety is endorsing a presidential candidate."
  13. The India Currents marks the first time in 30 years that an Indian-American monthly publication has endorsed a US presidential candidate.

College and university newspapers

Summary of student newspapers

Candidate Endorsements Breakdown by 2012 endorsement
Hillary Clinton 79 25 Barack Obama; 1 Jill Stein; 18 No endorsement; 35 Undetermined
No endorsement 5 2 No endorsement; 3 Undetermined
Not Donald Trump 12 3 No endorsement; 9 Undetermined

Endorsements by student newspapers

Newspaper 2016 endorsement Largest reported circulation Endorsement
Institution City and state 2012 endorsement Notes
The Miami Student[1011] Not Donald Trump 8,000[1012] September 16 Miami University Oxford, Ohio No endorsement[1013]
The Review[1014] Hillary Clinton 2,000[1015] September 27 University of Delaware Newark, Delaware
The Rice Thresher[1016] Hillary Clinton 3,000[1017] September 28 Rice University Houston, Texas
The Bucknellian[1018] No endorsement 4,500[1019] September 29 Bucknell University Lewisburg, Pennsylvania
The Griffin[1020] Hillary Clinton 2,500[1021] September 30 Canisius College Buffalo, New York
The Daily Texan[1022] Hillary Clinton 12,000[1023] September 30 University of Texas at Austin Austin, Texas No endorsement[1013]
The Oberlin Review[1024] Hillary Clinton 2,000[1025] September 30 Oberlin College Oberlin, Ohio [lower-alpha 1]
The Wellesley News[1026] Hillary Clinton 1,400[1027] October 5 Wellesley College Wellesley, Massachusetts [lower-alpha 2]
Rocky Mountain Collegian[1028] Hillary Clinton 6,500[1029] October 10 Colorado State University Fort Collins, Colorado Barack Obama[1030]
The Justice[1031] Hillary Clinton 4,000[1032] October 11 Brandeis University Waltham, Massachusetts Barack Obama[1033]
The Michigan Daily[1034] Hillary Clinton 15,000[1035] October 11 University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan Barack Obama[1036]
Middlebury Campus[1037] Hillary Clinton 4,000[1038] October 12 Middlebury College Middlebury, Vermont No endorsement[1013] [lower-alpha 3]
The Inquirer[1039] Hillary Clinton 5,000[1040] October 12 Diablo Valley College Pleasant Hill, California
The Daily Free Press[1041] Hillary Clinton 5,000[1042] October 13 Boston University Boston, Massachusetts Barack Obama[1043]
The Cornell Daily Sun[1044] Hillary Clinton 4,000[1045] October 13 Cornell University Ithaca, New York [lower-alpha 4]
The State News[1046] Hillary Clinton 14,500[1047] October 14 Michigan State University East Lansing, Michigan Barack Obama[1048]
The Daily Tar Heel[1049] Hillary Clinton 14,000[1050] October 14 University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, North Carolina No endorsement[1013]
The Kentucky Kernel[1051] Hillary Clinton 15,000[1052] October 16 University of Kentucky Lexington, Kentucky Barack Obama[1053]
The New Mexico Daily Lobo[1054] No endorsement 10,500[1055] October 16 University of New Mexico Albuquerque, New Mexico
The Daily Californian[1056] Hillary Clinton 10,000[1057] October 18 University of California, Berkeley Berkeley, California Barack Obama[1058]
The Daily Pennsylvanian[1059] Hillary Clinton 6,000[1060] October 18 University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Barack Obama[1061] [lower-alpha 5]
The Pitt News[1062] Hillary Clinton 14,000[1063] October 18 University of Pittsburgh Oakland, Pennsylvania Barack Obama[1064]
Berkeley Beacon[1065] Hillary Clinton 800[1066] October 19 Emerson College Boston, Massachusetts Barack Obama[1067]
The Carolinian[1068] Hillary Clinton 4,000[1069] October 19 University of North Carolina at Greensboro Greensboro, North Carolina
Technician[1070] Hillary Clinton 10,000[1071] October 20 North Carolina State University Raleigh, North Carolina
University News[1072] Hillary Clinton 7,000[1073] October 20 Saint Louis University St. Louis, Missouri No endorsement[1013] [lower-alpha 6]
Iowa State Daily[1075] Hillary Clinton 14,000[1076] October 20 Iowa State University Ames, Iowa No endorsement[1077] [lower-alpha 7]
The Lamron[1079] Hillary Clinton 3,000[1080] October 21 State University of New York at Geneseo Geneseo, New York Barack Obama[1081]
The Dartmouth[1082] Hillary Clinton 3,800[1083] October 21 Dartmouth College Hanover, New Hampshire
SUU News[1084] Hillary Clinton 2,000[1085] October 21 Southern Utah University Cedar City, Utah
Central Michigan Life[1086] Hillary Clinton 7,000[1087] October 23 Central Michigan University Mt. Pleasant, Michigan Barack Obama[1088]
The Kent Stater[1089] Hillary Clinton 6,750[1090] October 23 Kent State University Kent, Ohio No endorsement[1013]
Minnesota Daily[1091] Hillary Clinton 20,000[1052] October 26 University of Minnesota Minneapolis, Minnesota No endorsement[1013]
New University[1092] Hillary Clinton 8,000[1093] October 25 University of California, Irvine Irvine, California No endorsement[1013]
The Scribe[1094] No endorsement 600[1095] October 25 University of Colorado Colorado Springs Colorado Springs, Colorado
The Daily Northwestern[1096] Hillary Clinton 5,500[1097] October 26 Northwestern University Evanston, Illinois No endorsement[1013]
Yale Daily News[1098] Hillary Clinton 5,000[1099] October 26 Yale University New Haven, Connecticut Barack Obama [lower-alpha 8]
The Yale Record[1100] No endorsement 500[1101] October 26 Yale University New Haven, Connecticut No endorsement [lower-alpha 9]
The Setonian[1102] Hillary Clinton 4,000[1103] October 26 Seton Hall University South Orange, New Jersey
El Vaquero[1104] Hillary Clinton 3,000[1105] October 26 Glendale Community College Glendale, California Barack Obama[1106] [lower-alpha 10]
The Post[1107] Hillary Clinton 14,000[1108] October 27 Ohio University Athens, Ohio Barack Obama[1109]
The Beacon[1110] Hillary Clinton n/a[1111] October 27 University of Portland Portland, Oregon Barack Obama[1112] [lower-alpha 11]
The Spectrum[1113] Hillary Clinton 4,000[1114] October 27 North Dakota State University Fargo, North Dakota No endorsement[1113] [lower-alpha 12]
The California Aggie[1115] Hillary Clinton 8,000[1116] October 27 University of California, Davis Davis, California No endorsement[1013]
The Wooster Voice[1117] Hillary Clinton 1,500[1118] October 28 College of Wooster Wooster, Ohio
Daily Iowan[1119] Hillary Clinton 19,500 October 28 University of Iowa Iowa City, Iowa Barack Obama[1120]
Aztec Press[1121] Hillary Clinton 5,000[1122] October 28 Pima Community College Tucson, Arizona No endorsement[1123] [lower-alpha 13]
The Georgetown Voice[1124] Hillary Clinton 4,000[1125] October 29 Georgetown University Washington, District of Columbia Jill Stein[1126]
The Chronicle[1127] Hillary Clinton 9,000[1128] October 30 Duke University Durham, North Carolina Barack Obama[1129]
The Current[1130] Hillary Clinton 6,000[1131] October 30 University of Missouri–St. Louis St. Louis, Missouri
The Daily Illini[1132] Hillary Clinton 8,000[1133] October 31 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Champaign, Illinois No endorsement[1013]
The DePaulia[1134] Hillary Clinton 4,500[1135] October 31 DePaul University Chicago, Illinois No endorsement [lower-alpha 14]
The Northern Star[1136] Not Donald Trump 12,500[1137] October 31 Northern Illinois University DeKalb, Illinois
The Daily Utah Chronicle[1138] Not Donald Trump 12,000[1139] October 31 University of Utah Salt Lake City, Utah
The Highlander[1140] Hillary Clinton October 31 University of California, Riverside Riverside, California
Marquette Wire[1141] Hillary Clinton 3,000[1142] November 1 Marquette University Milwaukee, Wisconsin [lower-alpha 15]
The Mercury[1144] Hillary Clinton 4,500[1145] November 1 University of Texas at Dallas Dallas, Texas
The Louisville Cardinal[1146] Hillary Clinton 8,000[1147] November 1 University of Louisville Louisville, Kentucky Barack Obama[1148]
Coast Report[1149] Hillary Clinton 15,000[1150] November 1 Orange Coast College Costa Mesa, California Barack Obama[1151]
The Villanovan[1152] Hillary Clinton 5,000[1153] November 1 Villanova University Villanova, Pennsylvania
The Collegian[1154] Hillary Clinton 10,000[1155] November 1 California State University, Fresno Fresno, California
Daily Trojan[1156] Hillary Clinton 10,000[1157] November 1 University of Southern California Los Angeles, California
Driftwood[1158] Hillary Clinton 2,500[1159] November 2 University of New Orleans New Orleans, Louisiana
Grand Valley Lanthorn[1160] Not Donald Trump 8,000[1161] November 2 Grand Valley State University Allendale, Michigan
The Owl[1162] No endorsement 1,000[1163] November 2 Doane College Crete, Nebraska No endorsement[1162]
The Wayne Stater[1164] Hillary Clinton 2,100[1163] November 2 Wayne State College Wayne, Nebraska
Quinnipiac Chronicle[1165] Not Donald Trump 2,205[1166] November 2 Quinnipiac University Hamden, Connecticut No endorsement[1165] [lower-alpha 16]
The Badger Herald[1167] Hillary Clinton 15,000[1052] November 2 University of Wisconsin–Madison Madison, Wisconsin No endorsement[1013]
The Miami Hurricane[1168] Hillary Clinton 10,000[1169] November 2 University of Miami Miami, Florida
The Bates Student[1170] Hillary Clinton 1,400[1171] November 2 Bates College Lewiston, Maine No endorsement[1013]
The Suffolk Journal[1172] Hillary Clinton 1,500[1173] November 2 Suffolk University Boston, Massachusetts No endorsement[1172] [lower-alpha 17]
Daily Bruin[1174] Hillary Clinton 9,000[1175] November 3 University of California, Los Angeles Los Angeles, California Barack Obama[1176]
The Johns Hopkins News-Letter[1177] Hillary Clinton 5,000[1178] November 3 Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, Maryland
The Runner[1179] Hillary Clinton November 3 California State University, Bakersfield Bakersfield, California
The Cowl[1180] Hillary Clinton 4,000[1181] November 3 Providence College Providence, Rhode Island
The Marcolian[1182] Hillary Clinton 3,000[1183] November 3 Marietta College Marietta, Ohio
The New Paltz Oracle[1184] Hillary Clinton 2,500[1185] November 3 State University of New York at New Paltz New Paltz, New York [lower-alpha 18]
The State Times[1186] Not Donald Trump November 3 SUNY Oneonta Oneonta, New York [lower-alpha 18]
Cardinal Points[1188] Not Donald Trump 3,000[1189] November 3 SUNY Plattsburgh Plattsburgh, New York No endorsement[1013] [lower-alpha 18]
The Leader[1188] Not Donald Trump 2,500[1190] November 3 SUNY Fredonia Fredonia, New York [lower-alpha 18]
The Stylus[1188] Not Donald Trump 3,500[1191] November 3 SUNY Brockport Brockport, New York [lower-alpha 18]
The Vidette[1192] Hillary Clinton 6,000[1193] November 3 Illinois State University Normal, Illinois
The Scout[1194] Hillary Clinton 5,500[1195] November 4 Bradley University Peoria, Illinois
The Catalyst[1196] Hillary Clinton 1,900[1197] November 4 Colorado College Colorado Springs, Colorado
The Montclarion[1198] Hillary Clinton 5,000[1199] November 4 Montclair State University Montclair, New Jersey
The Red and Black[1200] Hillary Clinton 10,000[1201] November 4 University of Georgia Athens, Georgia
Fordham Observer[1202] Hillary Clinton 2,000[1203] November 4 Fordham University New York, New York No endorsement[1204]
The Daily Gamecock[1205] Not Donald Trump 6,000[1206] November 6 University of South Carolina Columbia, South Carolina [lower-alpha 19]
The Daily Athenaeum[1207] Hillary Clinton 15,000[1208] November 7 West Virginia University Morgantown, West Virginia Barack Obama[1209]
Columbia Chronicle[1210] Hillary Clinton 6,500[1211] November 7 Columbia College Chicago Chicago, Illinois
The Daily Cardinal[1212] Hillary Clinton 6,500< November 7 University of Wisconsin–Madison Madison, Wisconsin No endorsement[1013]
The Crimson White[1213] Not Donald Trump 15,000[1214] November 7 University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, Alabama [lower-alpha 20]
The Cougar[1215] Not Donald Trump 15,000[1216] November 7 University of Houston Houston, Texas
The Penn[1217] Hillary Clinton 6,000[1218] November 7 Indiana University of Pennsylvania Indiana, Pennsylvania
The Independent Florida Alligator[1219] Hillary Clinton 23,000[1220] November 8 University of Florida Gainesville, Florida
The Emory Wheel[1221] Hillary Clinton 5,500[1222] November 8 Emory University Atlanta, Georgia Barack Obama


  1. The Oberlin Review's editorial argues against votes for Trump or a third party and against declining to vote.
  2. As the Wellesley News noted in its editorial, Clinton is an alumna of Wellesley.
  3. Middlebury Campus endorsed Obama in 2008.
  4. The Cornell Daily Sun endorsed Obama in 2008.
  5. The Daily Pennsylvanian made their endorsement in a joint statement with The Wellesley News. As they noted, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are alumni of the University of Pennsylvania and Wellesley College, respectively.
  6. University News endorsed Obama in 2008.[1074]
  7. The Iowa State Daily also an editorial on why Donald Trump was unfit to be president.[1078]
  8. As noted in the Yale Daily News editorial, Clinton is an alumnus of Yale.
  9. In their tongue-in-cheek non-endorsement, the Yale Record noted it could not endorse due to its tax status and, consequently, "[cannot] support Clinton's impressive commitment to serving and improving this country—a commitment to which she has dedicated her entire professional career."
  10. The El Vaquero endorsed Obama in 2008.
  11. At the beginning of the 2016–2017 academic year, The Beacon became an all digital media organization, and print advertising is no longer be available.[1111]
  12. The editorial specifically calls out the Forum Communications Company's decision to choose "none of the above" as unhelpful.
  13. In 2012 pre-election editorial, the Aztec Press did not endorse a candidate, but did urge readers to cast their vote.
  14. This is only the fifth time The DePaulia has issued an endorsement in its 93 year history.
  15. A minority opinion was also published by the Marquette Wire in favor of Donald Trump.[1143]
  16. "Throughout the 87 years of the Quinnipiac Chronicle’s existence, the editorial board has never taken a stance in a presidential election to our knowledge...this is the first time that the editorial board, as a whole, has done so."
  17. This is only the fifth time the Suffolk Journal has endorsed a candidate since it was founded 80 years ago.
  18. 1 2 3 4 5 SUNY (State University of New York) newspapers published a joint editorial, each one giving their different reasons for urging voters not to choose Trump, without endorsing any specific other candidate.[1187]
  19. The Daily Gamecock supported Obama in 2008.
  20. The Crimson White supported Obama in 2008.

Foreign newspapers and magazines

Summary of foreign periodicals

Candidate Endorsements Breakdown by 2012 endorsement
Hillary Clinton 18 4 Barack Obama; 13 Undetermined; 1 No endorsement
Donald Trump 1 1 Undetermined
Not Donald Trump 4 4 Undetermined

Endorsements by foreign periodicals

Periodical 2016 endorsement Largest reported circulation Endorsement date City Country 2012 endorsement Notes
Israel Hayom[1223] Donald Trump 550,000[1224] March 17 Tel Aviv  Israel
Kyiv Post[1225] Hillary Clinton 11,000[1226] August 4 Kiev  Ukraine
The Observer[1227] Hillary Clinton 184,252[1228] September 18 London  United Kingdom Barack Obama
Financial Mail[1229] Hillary Clinton 30,662[1230] September 29 Johannesburg  South Africa
The Age[1231] Not Donald Trump 182,187[1232] October 10 Melbourne  Australia [lower-alpha 1]
The Sydney Morning Herald[1234] Not Donald Trump 235,045[1232] October 10 Sydney  Australia
Sunday Independent[1235] Hillary Clinton 199,210[1236] October 16 Dublin  Ireland [lower-alpha 2]
Nature[1237] Hillary Clinton 52,836[1238] October 19 London  United Kingdom
Toronto Star[1239] Not Donald Trump 419,236[1240] October 20 Toronto  Canada
The Gleaner[1241] Not Donald Trump 267,233[1242] October 21 Kingston  Jamaica
The Guardian[1243] Hillary Clinton 157,704[1244] October 21 London  United Kingdom Barack Obama[1245]
The Korea Times[1246] Hillary Clinton 300,000[1247] October 22 Seoul  South Korea
Financial Times[1248] Hillary Clinton 193,553[1249] October 31 London  United Kingdom Barack Obama[78]
The Globe and Mail[1250] Hillary Clinton 370,000[1251] November 2 Toronto  Canada
Waterloo Region Record[1252] Hillary Clinton 60,435[1253] November 4 Kitchener, Ontario  Canada
The Economist[1254] Hillary Clinton 1,459,929[1255] November 5 London  United Kingdom Barack Obama
Times of Malta[1256] Hillary Clinton 37,000[1257] November 6 Valletta  Malta
The Independent[1258] Hillary Clinton N/A November 6 London  United Kingdom No endorsement [lower-alpha 3]
The Chronicle Herald[1259] Hillary Clinton 93,178[1260] November 7 Halifax, Nova Scotia  Canada
Tibet Sun[1261] Hillary Clinton November 7 Dharamsala  India
Daily Trust[1262] Hillary Clinton 11,672[1263] November 7 Abuja  Nigeria
Daily Mirror[1264] Hillary Clinton 897,786[1265] November 7 London  United Kingdom
Samoa Observer[1266] Hillary Clinton 3,500[1267] November 8 Apia  Samoa [lower-alpha 4]


  1. On November 6, The Age published an additional editorial reaffirming their opposition to Donald Trump.[1233]
  2. In an editorial, the Sunday Independent "would fully endorse" P. J. O'Rourke's endorsement of Hillary Clinton.
  3. The Independent endorsed the first U.S. presidential candidate in its 30-year history. The Independent ended daily and Sunday print publication in March, becoming an online-only newspaper.
  4. The Samoa Observer editorial is from its founder, owner and editor-in-chief.

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