The Hour (newspaper)

The Hour
Type Daily
Founded 1871
Circulation 15,048
OCLC number 27905790

The Hour is a daily newspaper published in Norwalk, Connecticut by Hearst Media Services, Connecticut. It primarily covers and serves the city of Norwalk.


The newspaper was founded in 1871.[1][2] It was published under the title The Evening Hour from 1895 into the 1900s, at which point it was renamed The Norwalk Hour. Some time after 1971, it became simply The Hour.[3][4] The newspaper covers local news, business, sports, and entertainment,[2] and as of April 2003, had a circulation of 16,070.[5] In 2000, The Hour shifted from afternoon to morning deliveries.[6]

In 2003, competition between The Hour and its larger rival, The Advocate, came to a head. On May 15, The Stamford-based competitor began circulating a special Norwalk edition with significantly increased local coverage and a price that substantially undercut The Hour.[7] The rivalry escalated to barbs traded on editorial pages.[7][8]

Hearst, which took control of the Advocate in 2008, acquired The Hour for an undisclosed price in a deal announced in April 2016.[9] The seller was the Nellie M. Thomas Trust, owner of the Hour Publishing Co.[10] According to reports, its print circulation at the time was about 12,000 daily copies.


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