2016 Green National Convention

2016 Green National Convention
2016 presidential election

Nominees Stein (right) and Baraka (left) at the convention
Date(s) August 47, 2016
City Houston, Texas
Venue University of Houston
Presidential nominee Jill Stein of Massachusetts
Vice Presidential nominee Ajamu Baraka of the District of Columbia
Other candidates William Kreml, Sedinam Curry, Kent Mesplay, Darryl Cherney
Total delegates 402
Votes needed for nomination 202 (majority)
Sites of the 2016 national presidential nominating conventions. Blue, red, green, and yellow indicate the conventions for the Democratic, Republican, Green, and Libertarian parties, respectively.

The 2016 Green National Convention, in which delegates of the Green Party of the United States chose the party's nominees for President of the United States and Vice President in the national election, was held August 4–7, 2016 in Houston, Texas. In August 2015, Houston was chosen over a competing proposal from Toledo, Ohio.[1] The Convention was located at the University of Houston with the theme, "Houston, We Have A Solution: Vote Green 2016".[2][3] The convention formally nominated Jill Stein as the party's nominee and Ajamu Baraka as her running mate.


Several speakers have been confirmed ahead of time. More will be announced closer to the convention[4]

Presidential delegate count

This section is about the convention delegate vote. For primary and caucus results, see Green Party presidential primaries, 2016.

  Jill Stein
  William Kreml
  No contest
Green National Convention Presidential Roll call vote, 2016[5]
Candidate First Ballot Percentage
Jill Stein 233.5 81.64%
William Kreml 18.25 6.38%
Sedinam Curry 14.5 5.07%
Darryl Cherney 8.5 2.97%
Kent Mesplay 7.5 2.62%
Elijah Manley 3.25 1.14%
No candidate 0.5 0.17%
Totals 286 100%
Turnout 286 71.14%

Vice presidential selection

Jill Stein began taking part in the 2016 Green Party presidential primaries in February 2016. Stein was immediately the front-runner and was described by the media as "steamrolling to victory."[6] On June 15, 2016, the Stein campaign announced that it had received 203 delegates, enough to win the nomination on the first ballot at the 2016 Green National Convention.[7] A week before the start of the convention, former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner, who served as a surrogate for Senator Bernie Sanders during his campaign, announced that she had been in discussions with the Stein campaign about possibly serving as Stein's vice presidential pick.[8] The following day, Stein stated that the campaign hadn't chosen a VP candidate yet, and was in discussion with several individuals. On August 1, the Stein campaign announced that Ajamu Baraka had been chosen as Stein's VP candidate.[9] Stein released the names of the final six individuals she had considered as her running mate, with Baraka being the choice. The six contenders for Stein's running mate were:[10]

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