List of federal subjects of Russia by GDP per capita

Federal subjects by GDP PPP per capita in 2013

This is a list of Russian federal subjects by GDP per capita counting in PPP based on UN figures in the year 2009.[1] The equivalent countries which are comparable to the Russian regions in GDP per capita are chosen by Worldbank data for the same year. [2]

Comparison of GDP per capita figures between Russian provinces and sovereign countries for the Year 2009
Country GDP p.c.
RussiaRussia Poland18,869
1Tyumen Oblast Tyumen Oblast Norway57,175
2Sakhalin Oblast Sakhalin Oblast Hong Kong43,462
3Moscow Moscow Netherlands40,805
4Chukotka Autonomous Okrug Chukotka  Australia39,220
5Saint Petersburg St.Petersburg South Korea25,277
6Tatarstan Tatarstan Slovakia23,290
7Komi Republic Komi Republic Saudi Arabia22,335
8Leningrad Oblast Leningrad Oblast Saudi Arabia21,549
9Sakha Republic Yakutia Saudi Arabia21,159
10Krasnoyarsk Krai Krasnoyarsk Krai Hungary20,779
11Belgorod Oblast Belgorod Oblast Estonia19,569
12Orenburg Oblast Orenburg Oblast Estonia19,507
13Arkhangelsk Oblast Arkhangelsk Oblast Croatia19,310
14Tomsk Oblast Tomsk Oblast Croatia19,064
15Kemerovo Oblast Kemerovo Oblast Poland18,721
16Lipetsk Oblast Lipetsk Oblast Lithuania17,902
17Moscow Oblast Moscow Oblast Lithuania17,255
18Magadan Oblast Magadan Oblast Lithuania16,748
19Perm Krai Perm Krai Lithuania16,642
20Novgorod Oblast Novgorod Oblast Latvia16,397
21Omsk Oblast Omsk Oblast Latvia16,213
22Irkutsk Oblast Irkutsk Oblast Latvia15,987
23Sverdlovsk Oblast Sverdlovsk Oblast Latvia15,811
24Bashkortostan Bashkortostan Latvia15,797
25Murmansk Oblast Murmansk Oblast Chile15,555
26Udmurtia Udmurtia Chile15,290
27Chelyabinsk Oblast Chelyabinsk Oblast Chile15,098
28Yaroslavl Oblast Yaroslavl Oblast Argentina14,760
29Nizhny Novgorod Oblast Nizhny Novgorod Oblast Argentina14,709
30Samara Oblast Samara Oblast Argentina14,520
31Kaluga Oblast Kaluga Oblast Argentina14,500
32Vologda Oblast Vologda Oblast Turkey14,327
33Kaliningrad Oblast Kaliningrad Oblast Malaysia14,136
34Krasnodar Krai Krasnodar Krai Mexico13,899
35Khakassia Khakassia Bulgaria13,680
36Novosibirsk Oblast Novosibirsk Oblast Panama13,383
37Volgograd Oblast Volgograd Oblast Panama13,200
38Amur Oblast Amur Oblast Lebanon13,115
39 Republic of Karelia Uruguay12,931
40Kamchatka Krai Kamchatka Krai Uruguay12,931
41Kursk Oblast Kursk Oblast Uruguay12,860
42Saratov Oblast Saratov Oblast Montenegro12,812
43Tula Oblast Tula Oblast Belarus12,671
44Astrakhan Oblast Astrakhan Oblast Venezuela12,610
45Primorsky Krai Primorsky Krai Venezuela12,574
46Khabarovsk Krai Khabarovsk Krai Venezuela12,320
47Tver Oblast Tver Oblast Venezuela12,228
48Zabaykalsky Krai Zabaykalsky Krai Venezuela11,926
49Smolensk Oblast Smolensk Oblast Iran11,845
50Ulyanovsk Oblast Ulyanovsk Oblast Iran11,794
51Vladimir Oblast Vladimir Oblast Iran11,666
52Ryazan Oblast Ryazan Oblast Iran11,510
53Tambov Oblast Tambov Oblast Iran11,469
54Mordovia Mordovia Kazakhstan11,394
55Rostov Oblast Rostov Oblast Kazakhstan11,302
56Oryol Oblast Oryol Oblast Macedonia11,214
57Buryatia Buryatia Costa Rica11,148
58Voronezh Oblast Voronezh Oblast Serbia11,036
59Chuvashia Chuvashia Saint Vincent and the Grenadines10,971
60Kostroma Oblast Kostroma Oblast Saint Vincent and the Grenadines10,941
61Kurgan Oblast Kurgan Oblast Saint Vincent and the Grenadines10,833
62Penza Oblast Penza Oblast Brazil10,764
63Altai Krai Altai Krai Brazil10,295
64Mari El Mari El South Africa10,265
65 Pskov Oblast Azerbaijan9,877
66Jewish Autonomous Oblast Jewish Autonomous Oblast Azerbaijan9,849
67Kirov Oblast Kirov Oblast Azerbaijan9,634
68Bryansk Oblast Bryansk Oblast Azerbaijan9,345
69North Ossetia-Alania North Ossetia Azerbaijan9,343
70Dagestan Dagestan Azerbaijan9,337
71Stavropol Krai Stavropol Krai Peru8,725
72Karachay-Cherkessia Karachay-Cherkessia Dominican Republic8,669
73Adygea Adygea Albania8,583
74Kalmykia Republic of Kalmykia Thailand8,087
75Kabardino-Balkaria Kabardino-Balkaria Ecuador7,666
76Tuva Tuva Ecuador7,578
77Altai Republic Altai Republic Suriname7,520
78Ivanovo Oblast Ivanovo Oblast Turkmenistan7,425
79Chechnya Chechnya Bhutan5,023
80Ingushetia Ingushetia Iraq3,494

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