List of Pakistani provinces by gross domestic product

This is a list of provinces of Pakistan by their gross state product (GSP) (the value of the total economy, and goods and services produced in the respective province) in nominal terms. GSP is the provincial-level counterpart of the national gross domestic product (GDP), the most comprehensive measure of a country's economic activity.


The GDP contributions by provinces of Pakistan provinces to the total economy (1973–2000).

Pakistan, as of 2009, had a gross domestic product (GDP) of $266,545 billion. This value can be further divided into the provincial levels (GSP), providing an outlook of how much value each province contributes to the national GDP. Pakistan has traditionally followed a "top-down" approach in its analysis of economic development; that is, authorities have scarcely attempted to break up national GDP statistics into provincial and subnational units and have focused more on the federation as a whole. Thus, many accounts of provincial GDPs that do exist have usually been projected estimates made by economists, based on the likely percentage of contribution of the respective province to the national GDP and some yearly studies.

As of 2009, Punjab had the largest economy in Pakistan (contributing 57% to Pakistan's GDP), followed by Sindh (27.5%), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (8%) and Balochistan (3%) respectively. Islamabad, the capital entity, contributes about 1%; while data for FATA is unreliable, according to economist Shahid Javed Burki, its gross state product is worth approximately 1.5% of the national GDP.[1] Azad Kashmir's GDP is estimated at $3.2 billion, comprising 1.5% of the national GDP.[2] Gilgit-Baltistan's GDP, as of 2012, approximated $420 million.[3]

Punjab, which is the largest province in terms of population, dominates other provinces in contributing to the national economy. As of 2011, Punjab had a GDP of $104 billion[4][5] which has steadily continued to grow. It is featured well within the list of country subdivisions with a GDP over $100 billion. Sindh's GDP is to a large extent influenced by the economy of Karachi, its capital and Pakistan's largest city.

Provinces by GDP (nominal)

Figures are derived from statistics in 2009.

Province or territory GSP
(millions of USD)
GSP per capita
 Punjab 104,930 1,200
 Sindh 45,799 1,500
 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 13,323 606
 Balochistan 4,996 757
 Azad Kashmir 3,200[2] 700
 Gilgit-Baltistan 420 350[3]
Pakistan (GDP) 166,545 955

Top cities by GDP (PPP)

Pakistan and its three biggest city economies.[6]

The table below lists the top cities by their PPP GDP, based on a 2016 PricewaterhouseCoopers study and is not comparable with the figures listed in the table above.[6]

Rank City Province 2013 PPP GDP
(in USD)
1 Karachi Sindh $144 billion 30 million
2 Lahore Punjab $76 billion 13 million
3 Faisalabad Punjab $43 billion 9 million

Top cities by GDP (Nominal)

Pakistan and its two largest city economies. Source:[7]

The table below lists the top cities by their Nominal GDP in 2011, based on a study by the McKinsey Global Institute[8]

Rank City Province 2011 Nominal GDP
(in USD)
Population Per Capita Income
(in USD)
1 Karachi Sindh $32 billion 25.4 million $6,000
2 Lahore Punjab $13 billion 10.7 million $5,000

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