Comparison between U.S. states and countries by GDP (PPP)

The New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street. It is often dubbed the "Mother Brain of the Finance Capital".
Port of Houston along the Houston Ship Channel. Texas is a major energy hub for the U.S.

This is a comparison between U.S. states and countries by Gross Domestic Product (PPP). Many of the states of the United States have large Gross Domestic Product (called gross state product) which would rank highly on a list of countries world GDP. All data is for the year 2013.

These figures are based on the IMF list on List of countries by GDP (PPP) for world GDP, and the List of U.S. states by GDP figures.

Note: New England is not a state but a group of states which are oftentimes classified as such.

Note2: As the PPP is calculated in U.S. dollars for all countries there is no difference for the US economy in Nominal or in PPP terms as both are the same value for the U.S.[1]

Silicon Valley, the home to many of the world's largest technology corporations, as well as thousands of small start-up companies all located in California.
Comparison of GDP PPP figures between U.S. states and countries for 2013
RankCountryU.S. equivalentsGDP (Billions of US$ in PPP)
1China China United States16,149.1
2India IndiaCalifornia California Texas Texas New York (state) New York New England New England Florida Florida6,776.0
3Japan JapanCalifornia California Texas Texas New England New England 4,667.6
4Germany GermanyCalifornia California New York (state) New York3,512.8
5Russia RussiaCalifornia California New York (state) New York3,491.6
6Brazil BrazilCalifornia California Florida Florida3,012.9
7France FranceCalifornia California Colorado Colorado 2,534.5
8Indonesia IndonesiaCalifornia California South Carolina South Carolina2,389.0
9United Kingdom United KingdomCalifornia California Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C.2,320.4
10Mexico MexicoTexas Texas New Jersey New Jersey2,058.9
11Italy ItalyTexas Texas North Carolina North Carolina2,035.4
12South Korea South KoreaTexas Texas Iowa Iowa1,697.0
13Saudi Arabia Saudi ArabiaTexas Texas 1,553.1
14Canada CanadaTexas Texas1,518.4
15Spain SpainNew York (state) New York Iowa Iowa1,488.8
16Turkey TurkeyNew York (state) New York Nevada Nevada1,443.5
17Iran IranFlorida Florida Massachusetts Massachusetts1,244.3
18Australia AustraliaFlorida Florida Louisiana Louisiana1,052.6
19Nigeria NigeriaNew England New England West Virginia West Virginia972.6
20Taiwan TaiwanFlorida Florida Iowa Iowa970.9
21Thailand ThailandFlorida Florida Iowa Iowa964.5
22Argentina ArgentinaFlorida Florida Nevada Nevada927.9
23Egypt EgyptNew England New England909.8
24Poland PolandNew England New England896.8
25Pakistan PakistanFlorida Florida835.1
26Netherlands NetherlandsFlorida Florida780.3
27Malaysia MalaysiaPennsylvania Pennsylvania South Dakota South Dakota693.6
28South Africa South AfricaPennsylvania Pennsylvania662.6
29Philippines PhilippinesPennsylvania Pennsylvania643.1
30Colombia ColombiaOhio Ohio Vermont Vermont602.0
31United Arab Emirates United Arab EmiratesOhio Ohio570.6
32Venezuela VenezuelaOhio Ohio553.3
33Algeria AlgeriaNew Jersey New Jersey543.0
34Bangladesh BangladeshNorth Carolina North Carolina499.6
35Vietnam VietnamNorth Carolina North Carolina475.0
36Belgium BelgiumGeorgia (U.S. state) Georgia (U.S. state)455.0
37Switzerland SwitzerlandMichigan Michigan432.0
38Singapore SingaporeMichigan Michigan425.3
39Sweden SwedenMichigan Michigan418.2
40Chile ChileWashington (state) Washington395.6
41Kazakhstan KazakhstanWashington (state) Washington395.5
42Ukraine UkraineWashington (state) Washington392.5
Hong Kong Hong KongWashington (state) Washington382.5
43Austria AustriaMaryland Maryland Vermont Vermont376.7
44Romania RomaniaMaryland Maryland Vermont Vermont371.2
45Peru PeruMaryland Maryland357.6
46Norway NorwayColorado Colorado328.0
47Qatar QatarIndiana Indiana298.4
48Czech Republic Czech RepublicTennessee Tennessee 287.6
49Greece GreeceArizona Arizona278.0
50Kuwait KuwaitMissouri Missouri275.4

2013 Full List

Rank Country GDP (Billions of US$)
1 China16,149.1
2 India6,776.0
3 Japan4,667.6
4 Germany3,512.8
5 Russia3,491.6
6 Brazil3,012.9
7 France2,534.5
8 Indonesia2,389.0
9 United Kingdom2,320.4
10 Mexico2,058.9
11 Italy2,035.4
12 South Korea1,697.0
13 Saudi Arabia1,553.1
14 Canada1,518.4
15 Spain1,488.8
16 Turkey1,443.5
17 Iran1,244.3
 New York1,310.7
18 Australia1,052.6
19 Nigeria972.6
20 Taiwan970.9
21 Thailand964.5
22 Argentina927.9
23 Egypt909.8
 New England States 900.8
24 Poland896.8
25 Pakistan835.1
26 Netherlands780.3
27 Malaysia693.6
28 South Africa662.6
29 Philippines643.1
30 Colombia602.0
31 United Arab Emirates570.6
32 Venezuela553.3
 New Jersey543.0
33 Algeria522.6
34 Iraq499.6
35 Bangladesh496.0
36 Vietnam475.0
 North Carolina471.3
37 Belgium455.0
 Georgia (U.S. state)454.5
38  Switzerland432.0
39 Singapore425.3
40 Sweden418.2
41 Chile395.6
42 Kazakhstan395.5
43 Ukraine392.5
44 Hong Kong382.5
45 Austria376.7
46 Romania371.2
47 Peru357.6
48 Norway328.0
49 Qatar298.4
50 Czech Republic287.6
51 Greece278.0
52 Kuwait275.4
53 Portugal268.8
54 Israel257.5
55 Morocco241.7
56 Denmark240.9
57 Hungary229.6
58 Myanmar221.5
59 Finland218.3
60 Ireland213.3
61 Sri Lanka199.5
 South Carolina183.5
62 Ecuador172.1
63 Belarus166.8
64 Angola166.1
65 Azerbaijan158.5
66 Uzbekistan156.5
67 Oman155.6
68 Sudan152.3
69 New Zealand150.7
70 Slovakia144.0
71 Dominican Republic126.8
72 Ethiopia126.7
73 Libya126.6
74 Kenya125.8
75 Tunisia119.7
76 Bulgaria119.6
77 Syria115.1
 Washington, D.C.113.3
78 Guatemala112.9
79 Ghana103.0
80 Yemen102.3
 New Mexico92.2
81 Serbia89.7
82 Croatia86.6
83 Tanzania84.9
84 Lebanon77.4
85 Jordan76.2
86 Lithuania75.4
 West Virginia73.9
87 Turkmenistan73.4
88 Panama71.0
 New Hampshire67.8
89 Costa Rica67.6
90 Uruguay66.8
91 Bolivia65.4
92 Côte d'Ivoire65.2
93 Cameroon62.9
94   Nepal62.4
95 Uganda61.9
96 Afghanistan58.8
97 Slovenia58.7
98 Bahrain58.3
99 Zambia57.1
  North Dakota56.3
100 Paraguay54.7
 Rhode Island53.1
101 Congo, Democratic Republic of50.5
102 El Salvador49.2
103 Luxembourg48.5
 South Dakota46.7
104 Latvia46.5
105 Cambodia46.1
106 Trinidad and Tobago40.6
107 Honduras37.2
108 Bosnia and Herzegovina37.1
109 Estonia34.4
110 Madagascar32.1
111 Georgia32.1
112 Gabon32.1
113 Botswana31.7
114 Senegal31.7
115 Laos31.6
116 Brunei Darussalam30.0
117 Albania29.5
118 Nicaragua28.2
119 Burkina Faso27.7
120 Mozambique27.0
121 Mongolia26.8
122 Chad26.8
123 South Sudan26.1
124 Macedonia26.1
125 Congo, Republic of the26.1
126 Zimbabwe25.6
127 Equatorial Guinea25.6
128 Cyprus25.3
129 Mali25.2
130 Jamaica23.6
131 Armenia23.1
132 Mauritius22.3
133 Namibia22.2
134 Tajikistan20.6
135 Benin18.5
136 Kyrgyzstan18.2
137 Haiti17.6
138 Rwanda17.4
139 Papua New Guinea16.8
140 Moldova16.6
141 Niger16.3
142 Kosovo16.2
143 Guinea14.7
144 Iceland13.2
145 Malta12.9
146 Malawi12.8
147 Mauritania11.8
148 Sierra Leone11.7
149 Togo9.5
150 Timor-Leste9.2
151 Montenegro9.1
152 Suriname8.8
153 Bahamas, The8.8
154 Swaziland8.4
155 Burundi7.9
156 Eritrea7.6
157 Fiji6.9
158 Bhutan5.4
159 Lesotho5.3
160 Guyana5.2
161 Barbados4.5
162 Maldives4.0
163 Liberia3.6
164 Cape Verde3.2
165 Gambia, The3.1
166 Belize2.8
167 Central African Republic2.8
168 Djibouti2.7
169 Guinea-Bissau2.4
170 Seychelles2.2
171 San Marino1.97
172 Antigua and Barbuda1.92
173 Saint Lucia1.88
174 Grenada1.21
175 Saint Kitts and Nevis1.16
176 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines1.16
177 Comoros1.15
178 Solomon Islands1.03
179 Samoa0.96
180 Dominica0.73
181 Vanuatu0.65
182Sao Tome and Principe São Tomé and Príncipe0.57
183 Tonga0.50
184 Micronesia0.32
185 Palau0.26
186 Kiribati0.17
187 Marshall Islands0.17
188 Tuvalu0.03

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