Banca Popolare Pugliese

Banca Popolare Pugliese
Native name
Banca Popolare Pugliese S.C.p.A.
Società Cooperativa per Azioni
Industry Financial services
  • Banca Popolare Sud Puglia
  • Banca Popolare di Lecce
  • 2 June 1994 (1994-06-02)
  • 5 via Provinciale per Matino, Parabita, Italy (legal)
  • 8 via Luzzatti, Matino, Italy (general office)
Number of locations
96 locations (2014)
Area served
  • Apulia region (mainly in Lecce and Brindisi provinces)
  • Matera, Basilicata region
  • Campobasso, Molise region
Services Retail and corporate banking
Profit Increase €10,591,772 (2014)
Total assets Decrease €3,392,713,038 (2014)
Total equity Increase €344,372,171 (2014)
Owner Increase 32,888 individuals
Capital ratio 13.47% (CET1)
Website Official website (in Italian)
Footnotes / references

Banca Popolare Pugliese S.C.p.A. (BPP) is an Italian cooperative bank based in Parabita and Matino, in the Province of Lecce, Apulia region. (Italian: Puglia)

Despite named itself Pugliese People's Bank, the bank concentrated in the provinces of Lecce (50 branches) and Brindisi (15 branches) in Apulia, as well as two branches in Basilicata region and once branch in Molise region.

The bank also had 11 branches in the Province of Bari, 7 branches in the Province of Foggia, 6 branches in the Province of Taranto, 2 branches in the Province of Barletta-Andria-Trani, plus 4 cash machines in the two headquarters, in Otranto and in Torre San Giovanni (both in the Province of Lecce).


Banca Popolare Pugliese S.C.p.A. was found on 2 June 1994[2] by the merger of Banca Popolare Sud Puglia (based in Matino) and Banca Popolare di Lecce (ex-Banca Popolare di Parabita e Aradeo). At the time BP Sud Puglia had a market share (in terms of deposits) of 2.8% in Apulia (especially 15.6% in Lecce and 5.6% in Brindisi), while BP Lecce had 1.6% in Apulia (especially 8.4% in Lecce and 3.3% in Brindisi). Their competitors Banco di Napoli and Banca Nazionale del Lavoro had 14% and 8% in Apulia respectively (data excluding the province of Foggia, as it was intended to compare to the geographical area of Banca Popolare Pugliese's network).[3]

In 2007 the bank acquired 15 branches from Banca Carime, a subsidiary of UBI Banca.[4]

In 2015 BPP acquired 97.37% stake in Banca del Lavoro e del Piccolo Risparmio di Benevento, which operates in 7 different locations in 6 comuni (two in Benevento).[5]



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