Deutsche Bank (Italy)

Deutsche Bank
Native name
Deutsche Bank S.p.A.
Formerly called
  • Banca dell'Italia Meridionale
  • Banca d'America e d'Italia
Società per Azioni
Industry Financial services
Founded 1917
1922 (acquired by Bank of America)
1986 (acquired by Deutsche Bank)
Headquarters 3 Piazza del Calendario, Milan, Italy
Increase €62.810 million (2014)
Total assets Decrease €22.897 billion (2014)
Total equity Increase €1.418 billion (2014)
Owner Deutsche Bank (100%)
Parent Deutsche Bank
  • Deutsche Bank Mutui (100%)
  • Fiduciaria Sant'Andrea (100%)
  • Finanza & Futuro Banca (100%)
  • Vesta Real Estate (100%)
  • DB Consorzio S.cons.a.r.l. (98%)
  • DB Covered Bond S.r.l. (90%)
Capital ratio Increase 8.53% (CET1)[1]
Website Official website

Deutsche Bank S.p.A. is an Italian bank based in Milan, Lombardy. It was subsidiary of Deutsche Bank A.G..


Banca dell'Italia Meridionale[2] was found in 1917.[3]It was acquired by Amadeo Giannini, the founder of Bank of Italy (United States) in 1922. The bank was renamed to Banca d'America e d'Italia (literally the Bank of America and Italy). In December 1986 Deutsche Bank acquired 98.3% voting rights of the bank.[3] In 1994 the bank was renamed to Deutsche Bank S.p.A..[2]

In 1994 the DB Italy also acquired Banca Popolare di Lecco.[2] In 1999 DB Italy acquired 20% shares of Cassa di Risparmio di Asti which was sold to Banca Popolare di Milano in 2004.[4] From 2000 to 2003 the bank also had a minority interests in Banca di Cividale.[5][6]


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