Puerto Rico Metropolitan Bus Authority

Puerto Rico Metropolitan Bus Authority

The Puerto Rico Metropolitan Bus Authority (AMA) provides local and express bus service in the San Juan metropolitan area.
Founded May 11, 1959
Headquarters 37 Ave José De Diego, San Juan, PR 00927
Service area San Juan metropolitan area
Service type Public transport
Alliance Tren Urbano and Cataño Ferry
Routes 30
Hubs 10
Fleet 149 buses
54 paratransit
Daily ridership 35,000[1]
Fuel type
Website ati.pr

The Puerto Rico Metropolitan Bus Authority Spanish: Autoridad Metropolitana de Autobuses de Puerto Rico (AMA) is a government-owned corporation and public transport bus service based in the San Juan metropolitan area. It is adscribed to the Department of Transportation and Public Works of Puerto Rico and the Puerto Rico Integrated Transit Authority (ATI).


Autoridad Metropolitana de Autobuses was created as a public corporation on May 11, 1959. The operations would later be integrated into the Department of Transportation and Public Works in 1973 and the Integrated Transit Authority in 2014. It is the second oldest public transport authority in America, behind New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

The AMA is one of three major public transportation systems serving the San Juan metropolitan area, along with Tren Urbano and the Cataño Ferry. All system ridership combined is estimated at 80,000 people on work days.[2]


The AMA provides bus transportation to residents and visitors of the San Juan metropolitan area - which includes the municipalities of San Juan, Guaynabo, Bayamón, Trujillo Alto, Cataño, Toa Baja, and Carolina - through a network of 30 fixed bus routes.

Most routes work Monday through Friday from 5:00AM to 9:00PM; and Saturdays and holidays from 6:00AM to 8:00PM. T3 and E40 express route are the only two routes working Sundays.

All bus stops are marked with a green sign with the Spanish word PARADA.


All buses -with exception of the E20 express route- have a $0.75 fare. $0.60 is available for students, and seniors,and disabled and handicapped passengers are free.

For buses is required to pay in exact change(as in actual coins, but also you can use a magnetic strip store-value card available at Tren Urbano stations.

Bus routes

San Juan metropolitan area public transport map published by the Integrated Transit Authority[3].

Old San Juan Covadonga Terminal

Sagrado Corazón Station (Santurce)

Bus terminal is located at the south entrance of the station:


Westbound buses (Old San Juan) go through Ashford Avenue, and eastbound buses through Magdalena Street.

Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU)

Bus stops are located at the departures level:

Cataño Ferry Terminal

Other routes

Active Bus Fleet

Sagrado Corazón Station

AMA has a total of 149 buses in its active fleet, being the NovaBus RTS's built in 2002 the oldest active fleet model, and the newest being the NovaBus Smart LFS built in 2013. In addition, AMA also operates a fleet of Orion V, Orion VII, NGNew Flyer DE35LF, and a sub fleet of 10 Baby RTS which are used on shorter and lighter routes.

First Transit, which operates seven routes under contract for AMA (T3, E10, E20, C22, C35, C36, E40), works with a fleet of Gillig Low Floors built in 2009, and NABI 42-BRT and 60-BRT for Metro Urbano (E20 route) built in 2012. The 60-BRT will be AMA's first low-floor articulated bus. This will mark only the second-time articulated buses have been used on the island; in 1984 AMA receive their first fleet of articulated buses, the MAN SG-310.

Complete Coach Works in Carolina is currently rehabbing AMA's fleet of 10 Baby RTS's from 2002 as well as the Orion V's.

In 2015, AMA introduced the first suburban bus fleet with 33 Ford Super Duty Glaval buses.

Gillig Phantom 1994 40' 1
Gillig Low Floor 2009 40' 1
NovaBus RTS 2002 30' 3
Orion V 2004-2005, 2007 35'
New Flyer DE35LF 2005, 2007 35'
Orion VII Next Generation 2010 40
NABI 42-BRT 2012 42' 1, 6
NABI 60-BRT 2012 60' 1, 6
NovaBus Smart LFS 2013-2014 40'


Inactive Bus Fleet

Flxible Twincoach Old Look 1946 35'
GMC Old Look 1953-1954 40'
Mack Trucks Old Look 1955 40'
Mack Trucks New Look 1960 40'
GMC New Look 1962-1963 35'
GMC New Look 1966-1968 35'
Flxible New Look 1970,1972 35'
GMC New Look 1976 35'
GMC RTS II 1980,1983 35'
MAN SG-310 1984 60'
Grumman 870 ADB 1987 40'
Flxible Metro 1988 40'
Flxible Metro 1990 30'
Flxible Metro 1991 35'
TMC Methanol Powered RTS 1992 40'
Flxible Metro 1995 40'
Nova Bus RTS 1997-2000 40'
Nova Bus LFS 1999 40'

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