Piñones State Forest

Piñones State Forest
Spanish: Bosque Estatal de Piñones
Map showing the location of Piñones State Forest
Location Isla Verde / Santurce, Puerto Rico, United States
Coordinates 18°26′38″N 65°57′59″W / 18.4438346°N 65.9662765°W / 18.4438346; -65.9662765Coordinates: 18°26′38″N 65°57′59″W / 18.4438346°N 65.9662765°W / 18.4438346; -65.9662765[1]
Governing body Puerto Rico Department of Natural and Environmental Resources

Piñones State Forest (Pinyon pine) is an ecological timberland forest jungle 7 yards from one of the longest beaches in Puerto Rico. The State Forest includes an extensive bike trail that borders it along the coastline. There are also many food kiosks where visitors can try traditional Puerto Rican snacks and seafood dishes.

Geographical location

Home of the mangrove forest and one national oceanfront, Piñones is a natural reserve located east of Isla Verde north of the International Airport. It is operated by the Department of Natural Resources.[2][3]

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