Puerto Rico Highway 22

Highway 22
José de Diego Expressway
Route information
Maintained by Autopistas Metropolitanas de Puerto Rico
Length: 51 mi[1] (82 km)
Major junctions
East end: PRI-3 / PR-26 in San Juan, PR
West end: PRI-2 / PR-2 in Hatillo, PR
Highway system

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PR-22 enters the city of San Juan. The San Juan skyline is visible in the background.
PR-22 begins in San Juan through Minillas Tunnel.

PR-22 (also part of unsigned Interstate PR2) is a 51-mile[1] (83-km) long toll road in the north coast of Puerto Rico that connects the cities of San Juan and Hatillo. The road is also known as the José de Diego Expressway (Spanish: Expreso De Diego), and is part of unsigned Interstate PR-2. It is a 4-lane road for much of its length, but expands to up to 12 lanes in the San Juan metro area. The road is frequently congested, in particular during rush hour due to heavy commuter traffic.

The road is part of the U.S. Interstate Highway System.[2]

Route description

PR-22 is Puerto Rico's most traveled highway.[3] PR-22 runs parallel to PR-2 and is concurrent with unsigned Interstate Highway PRI-2. Unlike PR-22, PR-2 is not a controlled-access road, and has numerous traffic signals throughout the full run of its course. The construction of highway PR-22 reduced congestion on PR-2. The eastern terminus is at PR-26 (a non-tolled freeway) in Santurce, and passes through the Minillas Tunnel before its terminus at PR-26. The freeway bypasses all of the cities PR-2 passes through (see below under "Course of the Expressway"). PR-22's western terminus is at PR-2 in Hatillo. From there, PR-2 and Interstate PRI-2 continues to Aguadilla and Mayagüez, ending in Ponce.


Construction of this road began in 1969. The section from San Juan to Toa Baja opened in 1969 and in 1997 to Arecibo.[4]


PR-22 is planned to be extended to Aguadilla.[5] The extension will be built as part of a public–private partnership, who will maintain and operate PR-22 for the next 40 years.


The Autopistas Metropolitanas de Puerto Rico consortium, comprised by Abertis Infraestructuras and Goldman Sachs Infrastructure Partners II LP, placed the winning bid for the 40-year PR-22 and PR-5 highway concession. The highways generate between $90 million and $95 million annually in toll revenue, which will now go to the private operators.[6]

Exit list

San Juan 00.0 PRI-3 / PR-26 San Juan, CarolinaEast end of Interstate PR2 and PR-22. Splits into PR-26 and Interstate PR3.
 0 PR-35 / PR-25 San JuanExits are signed as Exit 0A, Exit 0B, but Exit 0C in the tunnel are unsigned. These exits are only accessible in eastbound direction.
 1 PR-1 San JuanExits Signed  1A and 1B.
 2 PRI-1 / PR-18 San Juan, Caguas2A exits to PR-18, and 2B exits to Plaza Las Americas.
 5 PR-2 / Avenida José De Diego – San Juan, GuaynaboThe PR-2 Northbound is accessible from PR-22 Westbound, and PR-2 Southbound is accessible from Exit 6.
Guaynabo 6 PR-2 Guaynabo, San JuanIn westbound direction there is an exit (Exit 5) to PR-2 Northbound after Exit 2B.
 7 PR-165 Guaynabo, CatañoExits signed  7A and 7B
Bayamon 9 PR-5 Bayamon, Cataño
 10 PR-5 BayamonOnly westbound direction. This is a new version (freeway version) of original access exit (Exit 9).
 11 PR-869 – Palmas
 13 PR-167 Bayamon, Naranjito, Comerio
Toa Baja 16 PR-866 – Sabana Seca
 17 PR-865 / PR-866 – Campanillas, Candelaria
 22 PR-165 Dorado, Toa Baja, Toa Alta, CorozalWestbound exits are signed as 22A (north) and 22B (south).
Dorado 24 PR-693 / PR-659 Dorado, Toa Alta
Vega Alta 27 PR-694 / PR-695 – Maguayo, Higuillar
 31 PR-690 (Cerro Gordo)Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
 32 PR-2 Vega Alta, Vega Baja
Vega Baja 35 PR-160 (Almirante Norte)
 38Vega Baja, Avenida Trio VegabajenoWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
 42 PR-137 Morovis, Vega Baja
Manati 46 PR-686 Manati, Tierras Nuevas
 48 PR-149 – Manati Centro, Ciales
Barceloneta 55 PR-140 Barceloneta
 57 PR-140 Florida, Farmaceuticas
Arecibo 64 PR-2 / PR-683 – Garrochales, FactorToll with no electronic toll collection on westbound on-ramp
 71 PR-638 – Domingo Ruiz, Bajadero
 75 PR-10 Arecibo, Utuado, AdjuntasSigned as exits 75A (north) and 75B (south)
 77 PR-129 Arecibo, Lares, San SebastianSigned as exits 77A (north) and 77B (south)
Hatillo 84 PRI-2 / PR-2 Hatillo, Arecibo, MayaguezWest end of PR-22. Splits into PR-2; Interstate PR2 continues westbound via PR-2 as an At-grade traffic light expressway.
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Toll plazas

PR-22 is maintained by a system of tolls managed by the Puerto Rico Department of Transportation and Public Works.[7] All of its toll plazas have express lanes. There are eastbound tolls in Hatillo, Vega Alta, and Guaynabo. Westbound tolls are found in Toa Baja and Manatí. The Arecibo toll plaza collects tolls in both directions. All toll plazas have restroom facilities; the Vega Alta toll plaza also has an ATM.

PR-22 has seven toll plazas (three eastbound, two westbound, one two-way, and one ramp).

Location Toll Direction AutoExpreso
replenishment (R)
Hatillo $1.20 Eastbound
Arecibo / Factor $0.60 Westbound (ramp) Only ramp toll plaza on PR-22
Arecibo $0.90 Two-way Only two-way toll plaza on PR-22
Features unique roof design
Manatí $1.70 Westbound Features unique roof design
Vega Alta $1.20 Eastbound
Toa Baja $1.20 Westbound
Guaynabo / Fort Buchanan $1.20 Eastbound Toll plaza with the most lanes in Puerto Rico

Originally, PR-22 had only five toll plazas (Hatillo, Vega Alta, Toa Baja, Fort Buchanan, and the Factor ramp); the Arecibo and Manatí toll plazas were added in the early 1990s.

The future segment from Aguadilla to Hatillo is expected to have four additional toll plazas;[8] however, it remains to be seen whether they will be one way or two way.

As of 2014 - 2015, plans are underway to implement Open road tolling (ORT) and currently on many stretches of PR-22; Cash is no longer accepted to pay tolls with the exception of replenishing the toll tag.


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