Puerto Rico Highway 5

Highway 5 marker

Highway 5
Northern segment
North end: Dead end in Cataño

PR-165 in Cataño,

PRI-2 / PR-22 in Cataño
PR-2 in Bayamon
South end: PR-199 in Bayamon
Southern segment
North end: PR-167 in Toa Alta
PR-148 in Naranjito
South end: PR-164 / PR-152 in Naranjito Centro
Highway system

Puerto Rico Highways

PR-5 in Bayamón.

Puerto Rico Highway 5 is a main highway in the San Juan Metropolitan area which connects the cities of Cataño to Bayamón and is being extended and converted to a tollway (it has a toll plaza in Bayamón near PR-2 and PR-174) to access the municipalities of Naranjito and Comerío. It is a short freeway from south Cataño to the business area in Bayamón. It makes intersections with PR-22, PR-6, PR-2 and PR-199, where it ends at this time. The highway will parallel Puerto Rico Highway 167 and will contain the new cable-stayed bridge being built between Bayamón and Naranjito. It will probably end in Puerto Rico highway 152 when completed.

Route description

Cataño to Bayamon

PR-5 begins in a dead end in downtown Cataño, on a peninsula overlooking San Juan Bay. It crosses downtown Cataño an urban street, passing through the main square. Shortly after an intersection with PR-165, it becomes a divided avenue until reaching PR-22 at the Bayamon city limit.

After the PR-22 intersection, it becomes a freeway, paralleling the Metro Urbano bus rapid transit route. After an intersection with PR-29, it becomes an avenue in downtown Bayamon, where the Metro Urbano ends. After the intersection with PR-2, it becomes a tolled freeway until this section ends, becoming the western section of PR-199.

Toa Alta to Naranjito

This section begins at an intersection with PR-167, near the border with Bayamon. This segment passes through the Jesús Izcoa Moure Bridge and is a freeway until the junction with PR-148. It then continues as a non divide highway, and then becomes divided until its end at an intersection with PR-164 and PR-152. This entire segment was originally known as PR-147.


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