Loíza (Santurce)

Sector (of Santurce)
Island Puerto Rico
Republic United States of America
District Santurce
Borough San Juan
  Total 2,139
  (US Census Year 2000)

Loíza, (not to be confused with Loíza Pueblo, a small town and municipality in the northeastern coast of Puerto Rico) is one 40 “sub-barrios” (neighborhoods) of Santurce The land area measures 0.32 km² (323,012 m²), with a resident population of 2,139 as of 2000 United States Census. It is bound in the north with the Loíza street-calle Loiza- (integral part of a section that dates back to the 18th century), the south with Expreso Baldorioty de Castro, the east with Betances and Añasco streets, and to the west with the San Jorge street.

The urban pattern of this area has been eroded by the construction in its south side of the Baldorioty de Castro freeway which separated this area of Villa Palmeras neighborhood. Before its construction many of the perpendicular streets south of Loíza continued ascending without interruption all the way to Avenida Eduardo Conde.

Although several institutional structures of architectonic value and historical importance are located mainly throughout calle Loíza, the community of Loíza is characterized by colorful homes of the populace, with some very good examples with front concrete verandahs, almost all consists of one or two floors. The concentration and quality of these residences characterize Loíza as one of the best examples of vernacular “Santurce” architecture of intimate Caribbean influences.

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Coordinates: 18°26′54″N 66°03′10″W / 18.44833°N 66.05278°W / 18.44833; -66.05278

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