privately held company
Founded May 19, 2011 (2011-05-19)
Area served
San Juan–Caguas–Guaynabo metropolitan area
Key people
Gonzalo Alcalde, CEO[1]

Goldman Sachs



Autopistas Metropolitanas de Puerto Rico, LLC (English: Puerto Rico Metropolitan Highways) better known as Metropistas (English: Metro Highways) is the public-private partnership, privately held company, and limited liability company that operates Puerto Rico Highway 5 (PR-5) and Puerto Rico Highway 22 (PR-22) on behalf of the Puerto Rico Highways and Transportation Authority. The company is a consortium between Goldman Sachs and abertis where Goldman Sachs initially served as majority owner through its Goldman Sachs Infrastructure Partners II infrastructure fund, while abertis initially served as minority partner and main operator.[2][3][4][5] However, on February 2013 abertis acquired 6% of Goldman Sach's equity, elevating its position as majority owner with 51% ownership.[lower-alpha 1]


  1. EFE (2014; in Spanish) "Abertis compró a dos fondos de inversión gestionados por Goldman Sachs el 6% de Autopistas Metropolitanas de Puerto Rico (Metropistas) por $43.6 millones, con lo que su participación en dicha sociedad se eleva al 51%."[6]


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