Hasta que el dinero nos separe

Hasta que el dinero nos separe
Created by Fernando Gaitán
Starring Pedro Fernández
Itatí Cantoral
Victor Noriega
Luz Elena González
Rodrigo Vidal
Sergio Corona
Carlos Cámara
Harry Geithner
Carlos Bonavides
Frances Ondiviela
Diana Golden
Carlos Ignacio
Claudia Troyo
Érika García
Malillany Marín
Héctor Sandarti
Norma Lazareno
Leticia Perdigón
Lalo "El Mimo"
Pedro Weber
Alicia Machado
Joana Benedek
Carmen Salinas
Agustín Arana
Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo
Opening theme "Hasta Que el Dinero Nos Separe" by Pedro Fernández
Ending theme "Amarte a la Antigua" by Pedro Fernández
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 227
Executive producer(s) Emilio Larrosa
Location(s) Ciudad de Mexico
Running time 60 minutes
Original network Canal de las Estrellas
Picture format 480i SDTV
1080i HDTV
Original release June 29, 2009 – May 16, 2010
Preceded by Un gancho al corazón
Followed by Llena de amor
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Hasta que el dinero nos separe ("Until the Money Do Us Part") is a telenovela produced by Emilio Larrosa. It is a remake of the Colombian soap opera Hasta Que la Plata Nos Separe (Until The Money Do Us Part). Hasta Que el Dinero Nos Separe stars Pedro Fernández who won TVyNovelas Award for Best Lead Actor in 2010 and Itatí Cantoral. This telenovela won the three most important awards at the annual Premios TVYNOVELAS of the year 2010 including Best Telenovela of the Year, Best Actor- Pedro Fernandez, and Best Actress-Itati Cantoral.[1]

Starring Itatí Cantoral, Pedro Fernández and Joana Benedek as the main protagonists, with Rodrigo Vidal, Carlos Bonavides, Frances Ondiviela, Diana Golden, Érika García, Malillany Marín, Héctor Sandarti and Claudia Troyo are co-protagonists. While Víctor Noriega, Luz Elena González, Lalo "El Mimo" and Harry Geithner are main antagonists. With Leticia Perdigón, Norma Lazareno, Carlos Cámara, Sergio Corona, Carmen Salinas, Agustín Arana and Ana Bekoa.

The telenovela made its debut on June 29, 2009 at 8 pm in Mexico's Canal de las Estrellas, in HD in some markets, and January 18, 2010 at 8/7 pm USA's Univision, starting on April 26, 2010, it aired from 8 pm est to 10 pm est in HD in some markets, until June 1, 2010, when Soy Tu Dueña premiered on Univision at 9pm, thus returning the novela back to its former one-hour airing time. On February 16, 2010 Hasta que el dinero nos separe premiered on internet TV's bsn Latino. Unimas airs Hasta Que el dinero nos separe October 08, 2015 2 hours 1pm/12c. As September 30, 2013 - August 29, 2014 TL Novelas broadcast 07:00, 13:00 and 19:00 Replacing Un gancho al corazón, with Una familia con suerte replacing it the September 01. From August 24, 2015 to February 26, 2016 Canal de las Estrellas broadcast reruns 12:00 replacing La Madrastra, with Replacing Hoy más it the February 29 and later reruns Para volver a amar it the April 04.


The main character is Rafael Medina; he meets Alejandra Álvarez del Castillo when he crashes in to her car and sends it over the side of the road. He takes her to a hospital where he tells the doctors he is her husband for fear of getting thrown in jail for causing the accident. However, the situation worsens when Alejandra's boyfriend, Marco, shows up at the hospital and has Rafael arrested. In exchange for his freedom, Rafael has to pay for the damage he caused, thus he is forced to find a job so that he is able to pay the outrageous sum of money.[2]

Alejandra makes a deal with Rafael and hires him to work in Autos Siglo so he can pay her back. Rafael immediately falls in love with her, but he has a girlfriend Vicky who is determined to marry Rafael even though he might not feel the same. Lucky for her, she has two older brothers and her dad, who own and work in a butcher shop, often intimidating Rafael to make sure Vicky gets what she wants.

After a series of events, Alejandra and Rafael both realize that they are in love with each other. The most memorable events include a party in Juchitepec, their trip to Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, and of course their daily interaction at Autos Siglo. Many try to keep them apart, especially Vicky and Marco. However, both Vicky and Marco have cheated on their significant others. Marco does not love Alejandra, but wants to marry her for her money and hacienda, which is one of the most beautiful in the country.

After several events, another woman, named Marian Celeste, makes her appearance and eventually falls in love with Rafael. She tries to make him fall in love with her; she even goes as far as to wear a sexy bikini to seduce Rafael and help him gain clients at Autos Siglo. After many problems, love triumphs as Rafael and Alejandra get married. Together they get back to the now recovered house of los Alvarez del Castillo, which had been lost as a side effect of one of Marco's schemes to keep Alejandra and Rafael apart, and Rafael serenades Alejandra with the song that brought them together in Juchitepec.



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