Cuidado con el ángel

Cuidado con el ángel
Created by Delia Fiallo
Written by Carlos Romero
Directed by Víctor Manuel Fouilloux
Victor Rodriguez
Starring Maite Perroni
William Levy
Helena Rojo
Ana Patricia Rojo
Laura Zapata
Ricardo Blume
Evita Muñoz "Chachita"
Maya Mishalska
Theme music composer Mauricio Arriaga
Jorge Eduardo Murguía
Opening theme "Solo Tú" by Gaby
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 195 [1]
Executive producer(s) Nathalie Lartilleux
Location(s) Mexico City
Cinematography Jesus Acuna Lee
Adrian Frutos
Editor(s) Alfredo Frutos Maza
Pablo Peralta
Camera setup Multicamera setup
Running time 38-42 minutes
Production company(s) Televisa
Distributor Televisa
Original network Canal de las Estrellas
Picture format NTSC
Audio format Stereophonic sound
Original release June 9, 2008 (2008-06-09) – March 6, 2009 (2009-03-06)
Preceded by Al diablo con los guapos
Followed by Atrévete a soñar
Related shows Una muchacha llamada Milagros (1974)
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Cuidado con el ángel (English title: Don't mess with an Angel[2]) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Nathalie Lartilleux for Televisa. It is an adaptation of the Venezuelan telenovela, Una muchacha llamada Milagros produced in 1974 by Venevisión.[3] Each episode garnered nearly 5 million viewers daily.[4]

Maite Perroni and William Levy star as the protagonists. Ana Patricia Rojo, Arturo Carmona, Rocío Banquells, Laura Zapata, Nailea Norvind, and Michelle Vieth star as the antagonists. Helena Rojo, Ricardo Blume, and Evita Muñoz "Chachita" are the first actors.


María de Jesus, better known as Marichuy, is humble young girl living with Candelaria, a laundress who gave her a home when she was wandering on the streets. Candelaria is like a mother to Marichuy because she never met her biological mother as she was left in an orphanage when she was a baby. The abandonment has led her to believe her mother never loved her. Marichuy's biological mother, Cecilia Velarde, entrusted her baby to a priest, named Father Anselmo, who took the baby to an orphanage, after she thought she was dying. Now, she regrets making that decision and has spent most of her life searching for her lost child.

Marichuy also hides a horrible secret. At the age of 14, Marichuy ran away from the orphanage, and began to live on the streets, doing her best to survive. One night, she was attacked by a drunk man. She cannot seek justice for what happened to her because she did not see the man's face very well since she was attacked late at night. This experience, as well as having terrible recurrent nightmares, leaves her with a deep resentment towards men.

Juan Miguel San Roman is a prestigious psychiatrist & did eye surgery who has dedicated his time to the rehabilitation of young rebels and criminals. This serves as a distraction from his failing marriage to his wife Viviana and a horrible crime he committed during his youth while he was drunk. Once again, destiny brings Juan Miguel and Marichuy together when she is arrested with a group of friends. From that point, he vows to help Marichuy and he takes her to Judge Patricio Velarde's home, a very strict, heartless man, who is also her biological father.

As soon as Marichuy steps foot into the house, Cecilia welcomes her with open arms, but Judge Patricio despises her from the start due to her lack of manners. She also is not well received by the Velarde's daughter, Estefanía and her aunt, Isabela. Estefanía is not the Velarde's real daughter. She and her aunt schemed up a plan to have Cecilia believe that she had found her daughter, that way, they would both move into their mansion and not live in poverty anymore.

Eventually, Marichuy and Juan Miguel fall in love and get married. On their wedding night, Marichuy has the same nightmare, but this time she is able to recognize the man's face which happens to be Juan Miguel, the love of her life. Marichuy runs out of the hotel room, devastated. Juan Miguel runs after her and tries to calm her. She apologizes but then Juan Miguel confesses that her nightmares were, indeed, true. This enrages Marichuy and she runs off once more and takes a bus back to Mexico City.

The next stage of the novela is Juan Miguel constantly begging Marichuy to forgive him and she badly rejecting him. She later finds out she is pregnant from him and decides to forgive him. Turns out however, that Juan Miguel's first wife Viviana is still alive and she returns pretending she lost her memory. Juan Miguel thinking Marichuy came to beg him for a divorce instead of coming to forgive him, screams about Viviana's return before Marichuy has a chance to speak. Devastated Marichuy leaves and hides out in a farm for half of the novela (possibly even more).

Then begins the third stage of the novela. This stage consists of pregnant Marichuy hiding out in a farm of guy name Omar (better known as Leopardo) while taking a fake name of Lirio. While she is in the farm Leopardo falls in love with Lirio (really Marichuy) and she agrees to marry him, and she also has Juan Miguel's kid. Everything appears to be going well for Marichuy. Meanwhile, Juan Miguel is missing Marichuy and is taking care of his supposedly memory-lost wife, Viviana. He hires a nanny, Blanca, to take care of his daughter Mayita. Blanca turns out to have multiple personality disorders and her other personality, Ivette, stabs Viviana, killing her. Juan Miguel takes the blame for the murder trying to help Blanca. Well Marichuy sees of his imprisonment in the newspaper and decides to go back, standing Leopardo up before their wedding, to hep Juan Miguel. However, Juan Miguel gets freed since Blanca confesses it was her (or at least kinda her since it was her other personality Ivette). He then decides to marry Blanca in order to help her and make her feel supported.

Marichuy gets back but discovers Juan Miguel is engaged to Blanca and is heartbroken. She knows she lost Leopardo for coming back to help Juan Miguel so she doesn't know what to do and decides to pursue acting (having previously acted before hiding out in the farm). She starts working as a theater actress to support herself and her child, as well as Candelaria. Leopardo comes looking for her and turns out he is friends with Juan Miguel and they both talk about their great love for a woman without knowing it is the same woman. At some point they discover Marichuy and Lirio are the same woman and Juan Miguel discovers he has a son with Marichuy. Many things happens but at the end of this stage of the novela Leopardo and Blanca get together and Marichuy goes blind after a bullet hits her in her head, luckily she doesn't die.

Unfortunately, this is not enough for Marichuy and Juan Miguel to finally get together. Many other things happens in the novela, like; Marichuy losing her kid, Marichuy finding out she is a Velarde and forgiving her parents (after many episodes of hating them), Juan Miguel becoming an eye surgeon, Juan Miguel pretending to be someone else to be close to Marichuy since she is blind, and many other like Juan Miguel getting drugged and arguably raped, and Juan Miguel giving Marichuy her sight back through a surgery. At the end, Juan Miguel and Marichuy finally get married again living happily ever after with their two kids.


Actor Character
Maite Perroni María de Jesus "Marichuy" Velarde Santos de San Roman / Lirio / Alejandra Robles
William Levy Juan Miguel San Roman Bustos / Pablo Cisneros
Helena Rojo Cecilia Santos de Velarde
Ricardo Blume Patricio Velarde
Laura Zapata Onelia Montenegro Vda. de Mayer
Nailea Norvind Viviana Mayer Montenegro de San Román
Ana Patricia Rojo Estefania Rojas / Estefania Velarde Santos
Michelle Vieth Ana Julia Villasenor
Rocio Banquells Isabella Rojas
Arturo Carmona Amador Robles
René Strickler Omar "El Leopardo" Contreras
Sherlyn Rocio San Roman Bustos de Velarde
Evita Muñoz "Chachita" Candelaria Martínez
Miguel Corcega
Hector Gomez
Padre Anselmo Vidal
Maya Mishalska Blanca Silva de Contreras / Ivette Dorleaque
Victor Noriega Daniel Velarde
África Zavala Elsa Maldonado de San Roman Vda. de Acuña
Abraham Ramos Adrían Gonzalez
Georgina Salgado Purita
Jorge da Silva Eduardo Garibay
Ana Isabel Corral Beatríz de Garibay
Elizabeth Dupeyrón Luisa San Roman de Maldonado
Jesús More Vicente
Mauricio Mejía Israel Pérez
Kelly Kellerman Becky Mendoza de Pérez
Saraí Meza María Antonieta "Mayita" San Roman Mayer
Beatríz Aguirre Mariana Bustos de San Roman
Carlos Cámara Jr. Inspector Cimarro
Francisco Rubio Rafael Cimarro


The show was adapted to a Vietnamese drama called "Tóc rối" (English: Tangled Hair).


  1. Solo Tu (La Nueva Banda)
  2. Esta Soledad (Maite Perroni)
  3. Contigo (Maite Perroni)
  4. Separada De Ti (Maite Perroni)
  5. Ave Maria (Maite Perroni)
  6. Como Duele (Maite Perroni)
  7. Si Tu No Vuelves (Miguel Bosé)
  8. Lejos Estamos Mejor (Motel)
  9. Niño (Belanova)
  10. No Me Quiero Enamorar (Kalimba)
  11. Un Dos Un Dos Tres (El Simbolo)
  12. Digale (David Bisbal)
  13. Caricia De Mi Alma (Maya Mishalska)

Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Nominated Result
TV Adicto Golden Awards
Female Revelation Maite Perroni Won
Male Revelation William Levy Won
Best Couple Maite Perroni and William Levy Won
TVyNovelas Award
Best Telenovela of the Year Nathalie Lartilleux Nominated
Best Young Lead Actress Maite Perroni Won
Best First Actress Helena Rojo Won
Best Original Story or Adaptation Delia Fiallo Nominated
Best Direction Víctor Manuel Fouilloux and Víctor Rodríguez Nominated
Premios Juventud
What a Hottie! William Levy Won
Girl of my Dreams Maite Perroni Won


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