Apuesta por un amor

Apuesta por un amor
Created by Bernardo Romero Pereiro
Written by Gabriela Ortigoza
Juan Carlos Alcalá
Directed by Alfredo Gurrola
Starring Patricia Manterola
Juan Soler
Eric del Castillo
Roberto Palazuelos
Mónika Sánchez
Theme music composer Consuelo Velázquez
Opening theme Que seas felíz by Luis Miguel
Ending theme Que seas felíz by Luis Miguel
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 130
Executive producer(s) Angelli Nesma Medina
Producer(s) Ignacio Alarcón
Cinematography Ernesto Arreola
Héctor Márquez
Editor(s) Octavio Lopez
Alfredo Juárez
Daniel Rentería
Running time 41-44 minutes
Production company(s) Televisa
Original network Canal de las Estrellas
Original release October 25, 2004 – April 22, 2005
Preceded by Rubí
Followed by Contra viento y marea

Apuesta por un Amor (English: Gambling on Love)[1] is a Mexican telenovela produced by Angelli Nesma Medina for Televisa.

Patricia Manterola and Juan Soler starred as the protagonists, while Alejandra Ávalos, Roberto Ballesteros and Fabián Robles starred as the antagonists.

Univision broadcast Apuesta por un Amor on March 31, 2014.[2]


Julia Montaño (Patricia Manterola) is the daughter of Don Julio Montaño (Jorge Vargas), a wealthy landowner in the Yucatán Peninsula. She is a beautiful, strong-willed and sometimes arrogant woman, who flouts her father's will and the customs of their small town by spending her days herding cattle and overseeing the management of her father's ranch. She has two siblings - Álvaro (Fabián Robles), a dissipated young man who spends the majority of his time chasing girls and getting drunk, and Soledad (Lorena Enríquez), a beautiful and ingenuous young girl who falls in love with Gabriel Durán (Juan Soler), the handsome gamester and ex-lover of their greedy step-mother Cassandra (Alejandra Ávalos), who moves to San Gaspar after winning the hacienda of Don Ignacio Andrade (Arsenio Campos), Julio's closest friend, in a poker game. Don Ignacio's son, Francisco (Roberto Palazuelos), has been in love with Julia, but after discovering that he has become involved with the town harlot, Eva (Mónika Sánchez), spurns him for Gabriel.

Julia doesn't let herself be domesticated by anyone, but despite all the disagreements, she has to admit she is deeply in love with Gabriel. Nevertheless, after she catches him cheating her with Eva, Julia declines his marriage proposal. Although she claims to utterly hate him, she eventually accepts to marry him, only to save her family's fortune that Don Julio foolishly lost in a bet with Gabriel. At first their marriage is full of fights and hateful words as Julia is determined to make Gabriel pay for his faults, but her heart softens after giving birth to their son. Things seem to look up for them and they start living as a normal couple, but the real troubles are yet to come.



Also main

  • Socorro Bonilla as Lázara Jiménez
  • Tony Bravo as Camilo Beltrán
  • Gustavo Rojo as Lic. Leonardo de la Rosa
  • Arsenio Campos as Ignacio Andrade
  • Maleni Morales as Esther Andrade
  • Alfonso Iturralde as Prof. Homero Preciado
  • Roberto D'Amico as Padre Jesús
  • Jaime Lozano as Braulio Serrano
  • Justo Martínez as Macario Trujillo
  • Héctor Sáez as Cayetano Cruz
  • Fernando Robles as Marcial
  • Alejandro Rábago as Lorenzo Pedraza
  • Rafael del Villar as Domingo Ferrer
  • Fabián Robles as Alvaro Montaño
  • José María Torre as Luis Pedraza
  • Francesca Guillén as Matilde Cruz
  • Julio Mannino as Leandro Pedraza
  • Lorena Enríquez as Soledad Montaño
  • Jan as Dr. Felipe Calzada
  • Juan Ángel Esparza as Samuel Cruz
  • Benjamín Rivero as Ramón Cabrera
  • Elsa Navarrete as Lucero Beltrán
  • Carmen Becerra as Nadia Thomas Fragoso
  • Manuela Ímaz as Gracia Ferrer


Year Ceremony Category Nominee Result
2005 23rd TVyNovelas Awards[3] Best Telenovela Apuesta por un amor Nominated
Best Actress Patricia Manterola Nominated
Best Actor Juan Soler Nominated
Best Antagonist Actress Mónika Sánchez Nominated
Best Antagonist Actor Fabian Robles Won
Best Co-star Actress Dacia González Nominated
Best Co-lead Actor Eric del Castillo Won
Best Musical Theme Luis Miguel Nominated
Best Direction Alfredo Gurrola Nominated


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