Diana Golden (actress)

Diana Golden
Born Diana Goldenberg Jiménez
(1965-08-07) August 7, 1965
Colombia Cali, Colombia
Nationality Colombian / Mexican
Occupation Actress, Playwright

Diana Golden (born August 7, 1965) is a Colombian actress[1] and Mexican citizen. She was born on August 7 of 1965 in Cali, Colombia and currently resides in Mexico City where she started her career as an actress.


She is the sister of the music idol of the 60s and 70s, Oscar Golden . Her professional training began in the United States, which took off at age 16 undertaking studies of advertising. By giving a little twist in their preference, they ultimately resulted in the career of speech in their country. This preparation phase was a solid basis on which she established her fruitful career.

Shortly after starting on driving on Colombian television, programs and Studio 80 Noche a Noche, Diana received an invitation she can not refuse: to act in the Mexican film Mentiras, which began her career as actress.

Already installed in Mexico, work started happening one after another, covering all areas, to the point that your resume includes a long list of films, unit, plays, commercials, soap operas and conducting events, including just Mary, Mother selfish, The Awful dreamy, women cheat, love without limits, La fea más bella, La stepmother and The ways of love .

Despite the labor intensity, also found time to train in the field of literature and in the year 2003 was pleased to release the first work of his own: Un Muerto y Cuatros Arrimados .

She accepted the proposal of the Mexican version of the magazine Playboy, whose cover appeared in May 2006 .

In the year 2008 could not travel to Bogota, Colombia to accompany and fire your brother Oscar Golden who died of liver cancer, which is why I had to follow the soap opera recordings with the Angel Care in Mexico In 2009 - 2010, she participated in the soap Hasta Que el Dinero Nos Separe, with Pedro Fernandez and Itati Cantoral as Isabel Duarte "La Generala".




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