Para volver a amar (telenovela)

Para volver a amar
Genre Telenovela
Created by Adriana Suárez
Pedro Miguel Rozo
Written by Aída Guajardo
Directed by Eric Morales
Francisco Franco
Opening theme "Para volver a amar" performed by Kany García
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 146
Executive producer(s) Giselle González
Roberto Gómez Fernández
Cinematography Manuel Barajas
Luis Rodríguez
Editor(s) Juan Franco
Luis Horacio Valdés
Running time 40-45 minutes
Original network Canal de las Estrellas
Picture format 480i SDTV
1080i HDTV
Original release July 12, 2010 – January 30, 2011
Preceded by Niña de mi corazón
Followed by Rafaela
Related shows El Último Matrimonio Feliz (2008)

Para volver a amar (English title: Marriage Diaries)[1] is a Mexican telenovela produced by Giselle González and Roberto Gómez Fernández for Televisa. It is a remake of the Colombian telenovela El Último Matrimonio Feliz.[2]

The main protagonists are Rebecca Jones, René Strickler, Alejandra Barros, Jesús Ochoa, Nailea Norvind, Mark Tacher, África Zavala and Zaide Silvia Gutiérrez. With Alejandro Camacho, Juan Carlos Barreto, Sophie Alexander, Flavio Medina, Susana González, Pablo Valentín and the first actress Magda Guzmán are main antagonists. With Agustín Arana, Alberto Estrella, Ricardo Guerra, Adalberto Parra, Lisset, Mario Loria, Ricardo Fastlitcht, Thelma Madrigal and Alfonso Dosal.[3]


Para volver a amar aired on Canal de las Estrellas in Mexico on July 12, 2010, taking the former timeslot of La rosa de Guadalupe.[4][5] The series was originally scheduled to be broadcast at 10:00 p.m., but moved to 5:00 p.m. to added a few more minutes to Soy tu dueña.[6] The final episode aired on January 30, 2011, and was replaced by Rafaela.[7][8]

Para Volver a Amar aired on Univision in the United States from March 8, 2011 to October 28, 2011 at 12am/11pm central.

TL Novelas broacasting from December 10, 2012 - July 05, 2013 at 10:00, 16:00 and 22:00 replacing Mañana es para siempre. With Amor real replacing it the July 08.

Canal de las estrellas reruns from April 04 - August 05, 2016 replacing Hasta que el dinero nos separe ended it the Febrary 26, with Mañana es para siempre replacing it the August 08.


The story revolves around the lives of six women who are facing the reality of their life with their husbands;

Renato Villamar (Édgar Vivar) is the gay owner of a beauty salon. Charito (Marcia Coutiño), one of the haidressers and Renato's best friend, is completely in love with handyman Alcides (Alex Sirvent). Alcides is gay but, fearing rejection, keeps his true sexual orientation a secret - which he eventually reveals to Renato and Barbara. Alcides' best friend Quintín (Eduardo España), a chauvinistic man who spends his time criticising women for their 'lack of morals', falls for Charito.

Antonia is proud of the assistance being given to the other women. All this changes when she develops breast cancer that begins to slowly break down her marriage when she tries to hide it. But despite all of this, Antonia is no longer the example to follow and changes the lives of all women who have come to her and gradually learns that there still is hope for love again.



Also main


  • Eduardo España - Quintín
  • Pablo Valentín - Marcial
  • Danny Perea - Jennifer "Jenny" Salgar Pereyra
  • Alex Sirvent - Alcides
  • Marcia Coutiño - Charito
  • Juan Ríos - Faber Esparza
  • Gabriela Zamora - Mireya Nieto
  • Jana Raluy - Miranda Pinto
  • Alfonso Dosal - Sebastián Longoria Andrade
  • Loania Quinzaños - Fanny Magaña Quiroga
  • Claudia Godínez - Jessica
  • Thelma Madrigal - Paola "Pao" González Palacios
  • Guillermo Avilán - César Salgar Pereyra
  • Magda Guzmán - Conchita Cabrera Vda. de Espinosa
  • Édgar Vivar - Renato Villamar
  • Ricardo Guerra - Pavel
  • Cassandra Ciangherotti - Laila
  • Arturo Barba - Román Pérez
  • Ricardo Fastlitcht - Plinio
  • Lisset - Denisse
  • Adalberto Parra - Amador
  • Ariane Pellicer - Cindy
  • Georgina Pedret - Clarita
  • Karol Sevilla - Monse Esparza
  • Mario Loria - Sergio Aldama
  • Emmanuel Orenday - Dylan
  • Jonathan Becerra - Beto
  • Alex Perea - El Zorro
  • Juan Verduzco - Enrique Pimentel
  • Miguel Pizarro - Andrés
  • Socorro Bonilla - Ofelia
  • Maricruz Nájera - Confesión

Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Recipient Result
2011 29th TVyNovelas Awards
Best Telenovela of the Year Giselle González and Roberto Gómez Fernández Won[9]
Best Actress Rebecca Jones Nominated
Best Actor René Strickler Nominated
Best Antagonist Actor Juan Carlos Barreto Won[9]
Best Co-lead Actress Alejandra Barros Won[9]
Best Co-lead Actor Jesús Ochoa Won[9]
Best Leading Actress Magda Guzmán Won[9]
Best Leading Actor Alejandro Camacho Won[9]
Best Young Lead Actor Alfonso Dosal Won[9]
Best Female Revelation Thelma Madrigal Nominated
Best Musical Theme "Para volver a amar" by Kany García Nominated
Premios People en Español Best telenovela Para volver a amar Nominated
Best Actress Nailea Norvind Nominated
Rebecca Jones Nominated
Best Actor Alejandro Camacho Nominated
René Strickler Nominated
Best supporting actress Alejandra Barros Nominated
Magda Guzmán Nominated
Sophie Alexander Nominated
Best supporting actor Mark Tacher Won[10]
Best villain Juan Carlos Barreto Nominated
Revelation of the Year Alfonso Dosal Nominated
Couple of the Year Rebecca Jones and René Strickler Nominated
Premios ACE Best telenovela Para volver a amar Won
Best female starring Rebecca Jones Won
Zaide Silvia Gutiérrez Nominated
Best male starring Alejandro Camacho Won
Mark Tacher Nominated
Best revelation actor Flavio Medina Won
Premios Bravo Best telenovela Roberto Gómez Fernández and Giselle González Won[11]
Best Antagonist Juan Carlos Barreto Won[11]
Male Revelation Alfonso Dosal Won[11]
Child revelation Loania Quinzaños Won[11]
Best screenplay Aída Guajardo Won[11]


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