Abrázame muy fuerte

This article is about the telenovela. For the album, see Abrázame Muy Fuerte (album). For the song, see Abrázame Muy Fuerte (song).
Abrázame muy fuerte

DVD cover
Created by Caridad Bravo Adams
Written by René Muñoz
Liliana Abud
Directed by Victor Manuel Foulloux
Miguel Córcega
Starring Victoria Ruffo
Fernando Colunga
Aracely Arámbula
César Évora
Nailea Norvind
Arnaldo André
Helena Rojo
Opening theme "Abrázame Muy Fuerte" by Juan Gabriel
Ending theme "Niña y mujer" by Aracely Arámbula
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 135
Executive producer(s) Salvador Mejía Alejandre
Producer(s) Nathalie Lartilleux
Cinematography Ma. Teresa Ortiz
Editor(s) Marco Antonio Rocha
Running time 45 minutes
Original network Canal de las Estrellas
Original release July 31, 2000 – February 2, 2001
Preceded by Siempre te amaré
Followed by El derecho de nacer
Related shows Pecado mortal (1960)
Que te perdone Dios (2015)
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Abrázame muy fuerte (English: Embrace Me)[1] is a Mexican telenovela that aired in 2000-2001, under the production of Salvador Mejía Alejandre.

Victoria Ruffo, Fernando Colunga and Aracely Arámbula starred as the protagonists, while César Évora, Nailea Norvind, Helena Rojo and Rossana San Juan portrayed the antagonists.


Cristina Álvarez is a sweet young woman, loved by everyone at "El Platanal", a beautiful property whose owner is Severiano Alvarez, her father, who is a man of the field and of strong character. Diego Hernandez works there as a foreman. He is a strong and handsome man, and is also in love with Cristina. Cristina returns Diego's feelings and they sleep together. Later on, when Severiano finds out Cristina is in love with Diego and that they made love, he tries to kill her, but spares Cristina when she tells him she is pregnant.

Severiano banishes Cristina and Raquela, her servant, to Villahermosa, the Tabascan capital, to have the baby there. By the management of Federico Rivero, little Maria del Carmen comes back to the hacienda as Raquela's daughter.

Years pass and Cristina, in order to be with her daughter, is forced to marry Federico, (Federico loves Cristina) an ambitious and cruel man. From then on, she acts as Maria del Carmen's "godmother". Federico provokes an accident which leaves Cristina blind, in order to have Cristina's fortune.

Federico is happy about the arrival of his nephew Carlos Manuel to the hacienda. He is a young, handsome, and daring man who has recently completed his studies of medicine overseas.

Carlos Manuel falls in love with Doña Déborah Falcón, without knowing that she is the lover of his uncle. When Federico finds out about this relationship, he opposes it and separates Doña Déborah from his nephew. Meanwhile, from the moment she meets Carlos Manuel, María del Carmen falls in love with him—the two end up together, provoking hate in Déborah, who, along with Federico, tries to separate the young couple. They achieve is the separation of the two lovers, but they aren't able to destroy the love that Maria del Carmen and Carlos Manuel feel for each other.

Carlos Manuel finally has his teacher, friend, and specialist in ophthalmology review Cristina's case of blindness to see if he can operate on her. Dr. Angel Luis Robles secretly falls in love with Cristina and has a great interest in helping Cristina recover her sight again. The two form a very special friendship and love despite Cristina's marriage to Frederico. Until his untimely demise, Angel Luis does everything he can to keep Cristina safe, but, when Frederico finds out that Cristina and Dr.Robles are in love, Federico kills Dr.Robles and once again Cristina loses the love of her life. Federico, with the hopes of having Maria del Carmen in his possession at whatever cost, tries to abuse her, but Cristina does not allow it.

In the end, Federico, after being forced to flee Villahermosa, returns after some time to find Cristina. He pulls a gun on her and just as he tries to kill her, Raquela guns him down. Carlos Manuel and Maria del Carmen get married and finally have the peace that they need.


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Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Nominated Result
2001 19th TVyNovelas Awards
Best Telenovela Abrázame Muy Fuerte Won
Best Actress Aracely Arámbula Nominated
Best Actor Fernando Colunga Won
Best Antagonist Actress Nailea Norvind Won
Best Antagonist Actor César Évora Won
Best Co-star Actress Carmen Salinas Nominated
Best Co-lead Actor Pablo Montero Won
Best Leading Actress Helena Rojo Won
Best Leading Actor Joaquín Cordero Won
Best Musical Theme Juan Gabriel Nominated
Best Original Story or Adaptation Liliana Abud Won
Best Direction Miguel Córcega Won
Premios El Heraldo de México
Best Telenovela Salvador Mejía Alejandre Won
Best Actress Aracely Arámbula Won
Best Actor Fernando Colunga Won
Premios "La Maravilla"
Telenovela Of the Year Salvador Mejía Alejandre Won
Best Actress Aracely Arámbula Nominated
Best Actor Fernando Colunga Nominated
Villain of the year Nailea Norvind Nominated
Villain of the year César Évora Won
Best leading actress Helena Rojo Won
Carmen Salinas Nominated
Manly stellar performance year Pablo Montero Won
Stellar performance of the women's year Lilia Aragón Won
Best female coacting year Victoria Ruffo Won


In 2015, Angelli Nesma Medina produced Que te perdone Dios for Televisa.[2] Rebecca Jones,[3] Zuria Vega[4] and Mark Tacher were cast as the main protagonists. Altaír Jarabo,[5] Sergio Goyri,[6] Sabine Moussier[7] and Laisha Wilkins[8] star as the role of the main antagonists.


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