Mariana de la Noche

Mariana de la Noche
Also known as Mariana de la Noche, Nadie puede saber la verdad
Genre Telenovela
Created by Delia Fiallo
Written by Liliana Abud
Dolores Ortega
Directed by Miguel Córcega
Edgar Ramirez
Alberto Diaz
Starring Alejandra Barros
Jorge Salinas
Angélica Rivera
César Évora
Patricia Navidad
Theme music composer Juan Gabriel
Opening theme Yo te recuerdo by Juan Gabriel
Ending theme Yo te recuerdo by Juan Gabriel
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 135
Executive producer(s) Salvador Mejía Alejandre
Producer(s) Nathalie Lartilleux
Location(s) Filming
Televisa San Ángel
Mexico City, Mexico
Veracruz, Mexico
Tabasco, Mexico
Guerrero, Mexico
San Andrés, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
Catemaco, Mexico
Cinematography Manuel Barajas
Editor(s) Marco Antonio Rocha
Pablo Peralta
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 41-44 minutes
Production company(s) Televisa
Distributor Televisa
Original network Canal de las Estrellas
Picture format 480i SDTV
Audio format Dolby Digital 5.1
Original release October 20, 2003 – April 23, 2004
Preceded by Amor real
Followed by Mujer de madera
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Mariana de la Noche (Lit. title: Mariana of the night, English title: Dark Fate) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Salvador Mejía Alejandre for Televisa in 2003.[1]

On October 20, 2003, Canal de las Estrellas started broadcasting Mariana de la Noche weekdays at 8:00pm, replacing Amor Real. The last episode was broadcast on April 23, 2004 with Mujer de Madera replacing it on April 26.

Alejandra Barros and Jorge Salinas starred as protagonists, while Angélica Rivera and César Évora starred as antagonists. Patricia Navidad, Adriana Fonseca, Rene Strickler and Alma Muriel starred as stellar performances.


In a mining village, it is rumored that Mariana Montenegro has a curse, since all the men that fall in love with her suffer a fatal accident sooner or later. Mariana is a romantic young woman who lives with her father, Attilio.

Attilio is the mine owner, a powerful man capable of cruelty when crossed. He hides a dark secret: Mariana is not his daughter and what he feels for her is far from paternal love. Attilio has two sisters: Isabel and Marcia. Isabel, the elder, is kind-hearted, she loves Mariana and has raised her as if she were her own daughter.

Marcia on the other hand is arrogant and vain, dresses in a masculine way and is hard on the miners. She is in reality a step-sister of Isabel. Cold-hearted she has never known what love is until Ignacio Lugo Navaro comes to town: a journalist who has come under a false name to search for his roots.

Once he gets to know Mariana, Ignacio knows that he will never be able to love another woman and his feelings are reciprocated. However, Marcia is passionately in love with Ignacio, and is full of jealousy when she discovers that Ignacio and Mariana have married in secret.

Full of fury, she reveals the marriage to her brother, and Attilio is determined to kill Ignacio without knowing that he is sentencing to death his own son, the product of the love he had with Lucrecia, the owner of the village restaurant. Destiny saves Ignacio's life when Attilio is hurt in an accident at the mine.

Mariana discovers that Attilio is not her father and she is more horrified to know that Attilio is in love with her. Desperate and thinking she is really cursed, Mariana flees from the village, pregnant with Ignacio's son. Marcia takes advantage of the situation to marry a man she does not love. She becomes pregnant but after an accidental miscarriage she seduces Ignacio and steals Mariana's son, whom she passes as her own to make Ignacio marry her.

When Mariana fled the village, she had an accident that caused her to have amnesia. Not knowing who she was, Mariana became lost in the wilderness and Maria Lola finds her. Maria Lola feeds her and protects her. She tried a few times to tell Ignacio but he didn't believe her. That is until Attilio's right-hand man, Cumache, found her.

Both Attilio and his aid took Mariana and fled to a nearby island. Attilio tried to convince Mariana that she is his wife and the child is his. Although she did not believe this, Mariana carried out her term and gave birth to her son. Attilio immediately took advantage of her weak state and had his malicious helper Cumache get rid of the newborn.

Cumache, however not being able to kill the child, decided to give him to Marcia. Mariana is discovered by her doctor friend, Camilo, and is taken away from Attilio. Hiding in the casino, Mariana remembers who she is but believes that she lost Ignacio's child. She becomes a worker to Ivan Lugo Navaro, Ignacio's uncle, in the casino as a hostess.

Here Ignacio and Marcia discover that she is alive. Wanting to be with Mariana, Ignacio begins to search her out and fight for her love. Seeing this and the other hostess, Carol, fight for his attention, Marcia loses it and demands Mariana to stay away, using Ignacio's child as a weapon against her. Marcia even convinces Lucrecia to help her separate Mariana from Ignacio.

Mariana backs away, although deeply in love with Ignacio, and tries to make a life for herself. She convinces Ignacio that she was only using him as a toy to get back at Marica; since she accomplished it, he was longer appealing to her. Marcia in the end loses the love battle between Ignacio and Mariana.

She seeks out Attilio's help, knowing that he is alive and safe. Attilio, now the owner of the casino, watches over Mariana. He even comes forward and tells her that he is alive. That he wants her as his companion and to help him get back all that was his, the mine and the mansion.

Believing what she thinks is a paternal plea, Mariana agrees to his request. She begins to accompany him and help him take it all back. Marcia becoming more and more furious against Attilio and Mariana, uses the baby against Mariana to torment her of not having her child from Ignacio.

Marcia's plot however come to an end. The baby is discovered to be Mariana's. Attilio also loses out to his obsessive passion for Mariana. Once more, Ignacio and Mariana are reunited and with their son.


  • Angélica Rivera as Marcia Montenegro de Lugo-Navarro - Main villain, Atilio and Isabel's step-sister, in love with Ignacio, lover of Gerardo, accidentally killed by Atilio
  • Jorge Salinas as Ignacio Lugo-Navarro Vargas "Halcon Luna"/Ignacio Montenegro Vargas - In love with Mariana, Atilio and Lucrecia's son
  • Alejandra Barros as Mariana Montenegro Madrigal "Mariana de la Noche"/Mariana Lugo-Navarro Madrigal de Montenegro/Elisa Madrigal de Lugo-Navarro - In love with Ignacio/Killed by Atilio
  • César Évora as Atilio Montenegro - Main villain, Mariana's step-father, Isabel's brother, Marcia's step-brother, Ignacio and Caridad's father, Marcia and Carol's lover, falls in a chasm
  • Patricia Navidad as Yadira de Guerrero - Mariana and Lucrecia's friend, in love with Juan Pablo, then with Camilo
  • Adriana Fonseca as Caridad "Chachi" Montenegro - Mariana's step-sister and in the beginning jealous of her, Ignacio's half-sister, Atillio and María Lola's, in love with Camilo
  • René Strickler as Dr. Camilo Guerrero - In love with Mariana, then with Yadira
  • Alma Muriel as Isabel Montenegro - Mariana's step-aunt, Caridad's aunt, Atilio's sister, Marcia's step-sister
  • María Rojo as Lucrecia Vargas - Ignacio's mother
  • José Carlos Ruiz as Isidro Valtierra - Protector of Ignacio
  • Patricia Reyes Spíndola as María Dolores "María Lola" - Real mother of Chachi, mentally ill
  • Raúl Ramírez as Father Pedro - Killed by Marcia
  • Roberto Blandón as Iván Lugo-Navarro - Villain, Ignacio's step-uncle, Mariana's uncle, hates Atilio and Ignacio, killed by Atilio's protected safe
  • Aurora Clavel as Mamá Lupe - Maid at montenegro's house
  • Rafael Rojas as Ing. Gerardo Montiel - Engineer, in love with Marcia
  • Sergio Acosta as El Cumache - Villain, foreman of Atilio, commits suicide
  • Ignacio Guadalupe as Mediomundo Páramo - Ignacio's friend, Miguelina's husband
  • Aleida Núñez as Miguelina de Páramo - Maid at Montenegros's house, Mediomundo's wife, in love with Ramon
  • Verónika con K as Ruth Samanéz
  • Patricia Romero as Doris
  • Esther Barroso as Cándida Chávez - Killed by Marcia
  • Arturo Muñoz as Máximo "Max" Moraje - Owner of a mini market in the village
  • Esperanza Rendón as Vilma Olvera - Lucrecia's friend, killed by Liborio
  • Gabriel Roustand as Zamora
  • Manuel Raviela as Benito
  • Valentino Lanús as Javier Mendieta - In love with Mariana, killed by Atillio in the first episode
  • Marjorie de Sousa as Carol - Villain, Iván and Atilio's lover, goes to jail
  • Daniel Continente as Juan Pablo Guerrero - Camilo's Brother, priest
  • Jaime Lozano as Eladio González - Worker at the Montenegro's mine, dies from an accident
  • Salvador Garcini as Lauro
  • Benjamín Islas as Liborio Hernández - Villain, Atilio and Iván's accomplice, goes to jail
  • Liza Willert as Juanita López y Fuster
  • Socorro Bonilla as Nelly
  • Carlos de la Mota as Damián
  • Marcelo Buquet as Ing. José Ramón Martínez #1 - Engineer, in love with Chachi
  • Miguel de León as Ing. José Ramón Martínez #2 - Engineer, in love with Chachi
  • Eduardo Noriega as Mr. Noriega
  • Agustín Arana as Oropo - Dies to the ask save to Camilo
  • Alexandra Graña as Jimena
  • Carlos Amador as Sergio López
  • Roberto Vander as Ángel Villaverde - Engineer, in love with Isabel
  • Diana Molinari as Alma Madrigal
  • Roberto Ruy as Miztli
  • Sandra Montoya as Itzel - Killed by Chachi
  • Joustein Roustand as Gonzalito González
  • Ileana Montserrat as Teresita
  • José Luis Avendaño as Francisco
  • Xorge Noble as Comandante Aragón
  • Ricardo Vera as Comandante Romo
  • Sergio Jurado as Jorge Soto Moreno
  • Juan Ignacio Aranda as Dr. Jorge Lozano
  • Antonio Salaberry as Manuel Rivero
  • Gerardo Klein as Doctor
  • Jorge Pascual Rubio as Lawyer


Year Award Category Nominee Result
2004 22nd TVyNovelas Awards Best Telenovela of the Year Salvador Mejía Nominated
Best Actor Jorge Salinas
Best Antagonist Actress Angélica Rivera Won
Best Antagonist Actor César Évora
Best Leading Actress Patricia Reyes Spíndola Nominated
Best Leading Actor José Carlos Ruiz
Best Supporting Actress Adriana Fonseca

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