Esmeralda (telenovela)

Not to be confused with Esmeralda (Brazilian telenovela).
Genre Telenovela
Created by Delia Fiallo
Written by Delia Fiallo
Georgina Tinoco
Dolores Ortega
Luz Orlín
Directed by Beatriz Sheridan
Martha Luna
Starring Leticia Calderón
Fernando Colunga
Enrique Lizalde
Laura Zapata
Ana Patricia Rojo
Theme music composer José Antonio "Potro" Farías
Opening theme Esmeralda by Javier Rodriguez
Ending theme Esmeralda by Javier Rodriguez
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 137
Executive producer(s) Salvador Mejía
Location(s) Filming
Televisa San Ángel
Mexico City, Mexico
Mexico City, D.F., Mexico
Hacienda de Yextho, Hidalgo, Mexico
Cinematography Jesús Nájera
Editor(s) Juan Franco
Running time 41-44 minutes
Production company(s) Televisa
Distributor Televisa
Original network Canal de las Estrellas
Picture format 480i SDTV
Audio format Dolby Digital 5.1
Original release May 5 – November 28, 1997
Preceded by Mujer, casos de la vida real
Followed by Desencuentro
Related shows Esmeralda (1970)
Topacio (1984)
Esmeralda (2004)

Esmeralda is a Mexican telenovela produced by Salvador Mejía for Televisa in 1997.[1] It is a remake of a famous 1970 Venezuelan telenovela of that same name Esmeralda, original story by Delia Fallo.

On May 5, 1997, Canal de las Estrellas started broadcasting Esmeralda weekdays at 8:00pm, replacing Mujer, casos de la vida real. The last episode was broadcast on November 28, 1997 with Desencuentro replacing it the following day.

Leticia Calderón and Fernando Colunga starred as protagonists, while Laura Zapata, Ana Patricia Rojo and Salvador Pineda starred as antagonists. Nora Salinas, Alejandro Ruiz and the leading actor Enrique Lizalde starred as stellar performances.

In 1998 it was named "The Best Telenovela of the Year" by Premios TVyNovelas.


Rodolfo Peñareal is obsessed with having a male child. After many miscarriages, his wife Blanca is pregnant again. One night, a girl is born, but they believe that she was born dead.

In the same town, in another, more humble house, a boy is born, but his mother dies during labor. The midwife and the nanny of Blanca, with their best intention and with the aim to calm down Rodolfo, decide to exchange the children.

Blanca puts a pair of emerald earrings on her supposedly dead baby so that she is buried with them. Once the exchange is done, the midwife Dominga, discovers that the girl is not dead, but now it is too late to right the wrong.

In this way, the boy that was born in a miserable hut sees his first light in the opulence of a big house, while the sweet little girl who was entitled to a golden crib, gives her first steps among ramshackle walls and misery.

Esmeralda, the Peñareal's baby girl, was born blind, but the kindness of her heart provides her the light to be happy and the illusion to believe that someday she will meet love. Her eyes are the "eyes of love".

Time passes and the destiny of both of the children, Esmeralda and José Armando, comes across as they instantly fall in love. However, the obsession, the wish, the family interests, the false love of a woman and the Peñareal's pride to make their lineage prevail, destroy any noble feeling.

Esmeralda and José Armando are the victims in this sea of resentment that, little by little, submerges them into the darkness of indifference.


Actor Character Description
Leticia Calderón Esmeralda Peñarreal de Velasco Born blind, when she was a baby it was thought that she was dead and was switched by Dominga & Crisanta with Jose Armando, her name comes from the emerald earrings Crisanta gave to Dominga, is in love with Jose Armando, Jose Armando’s wife, Jose Rodolfo’s mother, Rodolfo & Blanca's biological daughter, Alvaro's ex-fiancée, Dominga raised her since birth, Fatima’s niece, Graciela’s cousin, she befriends everyone
Fernando Colunga José Armando Peñarreal de Velasco Doctor of General Medicine, his real mother died during childbirth and Dominga gave him to Crisanta to take the place of Esmeralda which they thought was dead, in love with Esmeralda, Esmeralda’s husband, supposed real son of Rodolfo & Blanca, both his biological parents are deceased, Jose Rodolfo’s father, Fatima’s nephew, ex-fiance/cousin of Graciela, colleague/ex-friend of Alvaro, colleague/best friend of Sebastian, ex-fiance of Georgina
Laura Zapata Fátima Linares Vda. de Peñarreal Villain, later becomes good, Graciela’s mother, Rodolfo’s & Blanca’s sister-in-law, Jose Armando’s & Esmeralda’s aunt, she wants to marry Graciela with Jose Armando for his money because her husband died and barely left any inheritance, Dr. Malaver & Georgina's former accomplice in the scheme to distance Esmeralda from Jose Armando
Nora Salinas Graciela "Gracielita" Peñarreal Linares Vda. de Valverde Fatima’s daughter, Rodolfo’s & Blanca’s niece, Esmeralda’s cousin, Jose Armando’s cousin/ex-fiancée, Jose Rodolfo’s aunt, Emiliano’s widow, Gustavo & Rita's ex-daughter-in-law, crazy in love with Adrian, died from an overdose of pills because of her desperate love for Adrian
Alejandro Ruiz Adrián Lucero Dioniso's son, Floresita's brother, his first and great love was with Graciela, in love with Aurora, Aurora's husband, Socorro’s son-in-law, befriends everyone, a Casa Grande employee
Enrique Lizalde Don Rodolfo Peñarreal Esmeralda's biological father, Jose Armando's father, Blanca’s husband, Jose Rodolfo’s grandfather, Fatima’s brother-in-law, Graciela’s uncle, Casa Grande owner
Raquel Morell Doña Blanca de Velasco de Peñarreal Esmeralda's biological mother, Jose Armando’s mother, Rodolfo’s wife, Jose Rodolfo’s grandmother, Fatima’s sister-in-law, Graciela’s aunt
Alberto Ortiz José Rodolfo Peñarreal Peñarreal Esmeralda’s & Jose Armando’s son, Rodolfo’s & Blanca’s grandson, Dominga's adoptive grandson
Ana Patricia Rojo Georgina Pérez-Montalvo Forero Villain, Bernardo’s daughter, ex-fiancée of Jose Armando, hates Esmeralda, always tries to separate Jose Armando from Esmeralda, Dr. Malaver's & Fatima's former accomplice to distance Esmeralda from Jose Armando
Salvador Pineda Dr. Lucio Malaver Villain, the village doctor, half of his face is disfigured due to a fire, in love with Esmeralda, he demanded that Esmeralda become his, claimed that Jose Rodolfo is his son, died of a heart attack, before he died he confessed to Jose Armando that Jose Rodolfo is his son and not Dr. Malaver's as he claimed. Georgina's & Fatima' s former accomplice
Ignacio López Tarso Melesio "El Bobo Melesio" Native man who loves Esmeralda and Jose Rodolfo (or Esmeraldito as he calls him) with all his heart, befriends everyone
Juan Pablo Gamboa Dr. Álvaro Lazcano Ophthalmologist, ex-fiance of Esmeralda, colleague and ex-friend of Jose Armando, Hortensia’s son, broke off his engagement with Esmeralda after finding out that she still loves Jose Armando
Gustavo Rojo Dr. Bernardo Pérez-Montalvo Larrazábal Georgina’s father, Jose Armando’s professor and doctor, good friend with Dr. Malaver, died following a stroke episode
Raquel Olmedo Dominga Ortiz Herrera Raised Esmeralda, she kept the secret about Esmeralda and Jose Armando along with Crisanta for many years, Jose Rodolfo’s adoptive grandmother
Rosita Pelayo Hilda Ortega Olmedo Nurse, friend, and colleague of Esmeralda
Irán Eory Sister Piedad Sister nun from the orphanage, gave Esmeralda and Dominga a place to stay when they went to city
Natasha Dupeyrón EsmeraldaAs a child
Noé Murayama Fermín Esmeralda's mentor, gravedigger and administrator in the village cemetery, died after an illness (actor become sick during the filming of the telenovela and was hospitalized with serious liver problems and died after some time)
Elsa Cárdenas Hortensia Vda. de Lazcano Alvaro's mother, Esmeralda's ex-future mother-in-law, she taught her to read and write after Esmeralda regained her sight
Raúl Padilla "Choforo" TrolebúsBefriends everyone, left the city and lives in the village, replaced Fermin in the cemetery and took over
Dina de Marco Crisanta Blanca, Jose Armando, & Graciela's nanny, her and Dominga switched Esmeralda and Jose Armando at birth and kept it a secret for years, she loves Blanca, Esmeralda, Jose Armando and Graciela as though they were her own children
Raquel Pankowsky Juana Dr. Malaver’s maid, is in love with Dr. Malaver
Elsa Navarrete Aurora "Aurorita" Socorro’s daughter, in love with Adrian, Adrian’s wife, Florecita’s sister-in-law, Dionisio’s daughter-in-law, Esmeralda & Dominga’s roommate and friend, Jose Rodolfo's Godmother
Esther Rinaldi Flor de la Caridad "Florecita" Lucero Dionisio’s daughter, Adrian’s sister, Esmeralda’s best friend, Aurora’s friend/sister-in-law, befriends everyone
Juan Carlos Serrán/
Rafael Amador
Dionisio Lucero Adrian’s & Florecita’s father, Rodolfo’s foreman of Casa Grande, suffering from a serious pneumonia, Aurora’s father-in-law
María Luisa Alcalá Doña Socorro Aurora’s mother, Adrian mother-in-law, Esmeralda & Dominga’s roommate and friend
Rafael del Villar Dr. Sebastián Robles-Gil Colleague and best friend of Jose Armando
Sergio Jurado Lic. Joaquín Estrada Dr. Malaver’s lawyer
Roberto D'Amico Gustavo Valverde Emiliano's deceased father, Rita' s husband, Graciela’s ex-father-in-law
Dacia González Rita Valverde Emiliano’s deceased mother, Gustavo’s wife, Graciela’s ex-mother-in-law, hates Graciela because she considers her responsible for the death of Emiliano
Isadora González Tania Graciela’s friend, has a brief fling with Jose Armando
María Morena Doris Camacho Graciela’s friend
Úrsula Murayama Jacinta Employee/kitchen helper of Casa Grande
Dolores Salomón "Bodokito" Aunt Tula Cook of Casa Grande
Cuco Sánchez Don Cuco Socorro & Aurora’s neighbor, befriends everyone
Alberto Santini Ignacio "Nacho" Employee of Casa Grande
Irma Torres Altagracia Peñarreal’s family housekeeper in the city
Marco Uriel Emiliano Valverde Gustavo’s & Rita’s dead son, Graciela’s dead husband, died in the hospital after a car accident
Nicky Mondellini Dr. Rosario Muñoz
Claudio Rojo Dr. Valdivia


Year Award Category Nominee Result
1998 16th TVyNovelas Awards Best Telenovela of the Year Salvador Mejia Won
Best Actress Leticia Calderón
Best Actor Fernando Colunga Nominated
Best Antagonist Actor Salvador Pineda
Best Leading Actor Ignacio López Tarso Won
Enrique Lizalde Nominated
Best Supporting Actress Nora Salinas Won
Raquel Morell Nominated
Best Supporting ActorAlejandro RuizWon
Best Direction of the CamarasJesús Nájera Saro

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