Constantine I, King of Armenia

Constantine I
King of Armenia
Reign 1298–1299
Predecessor Sempad
Successor Levon III
Born 1278
Died c. 1310
House Hethumids
Father Leo II of Armenia
Mother Kyranna de Lampron

Constantine I (Armenian: Կոստանդին Ա, Western Armenian transliteration: Gosdantin or Kostantine;) (also called Constantine III; 1278 c. 1310) was briefly king of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia from 1298 to 1299. He was the son of Leo II of Armenia and Kyranna de Lampron and was part of the Hetoumid-family.

He helped his brother Sempad to usurp the throne in 1296, but turned against him two years later in 1298 to restore his older brother Hethum II. He assumed the throne for a year while Hethum recovered from his imprisonment. Shortly after Hethum's resumption in 1299, Constantine plotted to restore Sempad again, and both were imprisoned for the rest of their lives.


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Constantine I, King of Armenia
Regnal titles
Preceded by
King of Armenia
Succeeded by
Levon III
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