Ishpuini of Urartu

King of Urartu
Reign c. 828-810 BC
Predecessor Sarduri I
Successor Menua
Issue Menua
Father Sarduri I

Ishpuini (also Ishpuinis) (ruled 828-810 BC) was king of Urartu. He succeeded his father, Sarduri I, who moved the capital to Tushpa (Van). Ishpuini conquered the Mannaean city of Musasir, which was then made the religious center of the empire. The main temple for the war god Haldi was in Musasir. Ishpuinis and his nation were then attacked by the forces Assyrian King Shamshi-Adad V. Ishpuinis fought and defeated Shamshi-Adad. Ishpuini was so confident in his power that he began using names meaning everlasting glory, including, "King of the land of Nairi", "Glorious King", and "King of the Universe".

Ishpuini was succeeded by his son, Menua.

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