Arame of Urartu

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King of Urartu
Reign 858–844 BC
Predecessor Kingdom established
Successor Lutipri
Urartu under Aramu

Arame or Aramu (Armenian: Արամե) (ruled 858–844 BC) was the first known king of Urartu.[1]

Living at the time of King Shalmaneser III of Assyria (ruled 859–824 BC), Arame united the Nairi tribe against the threat of the Assyrian Empire. His capital at Arzashkun was captured by Shalmaneser.[2]

Arame has been suggested as the prototype of both Aram (and, correspondingly the popular given name Aram)[3] and Ara the Beautiful, two of the legendary forefathers of the Armenian people.[4] Khorenatsi's History (1.5) puts them six and seven generations after Haik (Khaldi),[5] in the chronology of historian Mikayel Chamchian dated to the 19th to 18th century BC.

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