Orontes II

Orontes II
King of Armenia
Reign 336 - 331 BC
Coronation 336 BC
Predecessor Darius III
Successor Mithrenes
Died 1 October 331 BC
Issue Mithrenes
Dynasty Orontid Dynasty
Father Orontes I
Mother Rodogoune

Orontes II (Armenian: Երուանդ Բ, Yervand II) was the son of Orontes I by his wife Rhodoghune, a daughter of the Persian king Artaxerxes II.[1] After Codomannus ascended the throne of Persia as Darius III of Persia in 336 BC, Orontes was given the Satrapy of Armenia to rule.

He fought at the Battle of Gaugamela in 331 BC, on the right flank for King Darius III of Persia, with 40,000 units of infantry and 7,000 of cavalry under his command [2] under his command, where he died. Ironically his son, Mithrenes, Satrap of Lydia, had joined king Alexander III The Great after being defeated at Sardis in 334 BC. He then fought at the Battle of Gaugamela on the side of Alexander. After the battle, he was made Satrap of Armenia by Alexander.


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