Sarduri I

Sarduri I
King of Urartu
Reign c. 834-828 BC
Predecessor Lutipri
Successor Ishpuini
Issue Ishpuini
Father Lutipri

Sarduri I (Armenian: Սարդուրի Ա, ruled - 834 BC - 828 BC), also known as Sarduris, was a king of Urartu in Asia Minor. He was the son of Lutipri, the second monarch of Urartu.

Sarduri I is most known for moving the capital of the Urartu kingdom to Tushpa (Van). This proved to be significant as Tushpa became the focal point of politics in the Near East. He was succeeded by his son, Ishpuini of Urartu, who then expanded the kingdom.[1]

The title Sarduri used was 'King of the Four Quarters'.[2]

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