Turkish local elections, 2009

Turkish local elections, 2009
March 29, 2009 (2009-03-29)

All 16 metropolitan and 2,903 district municipal mayors of Turkey
All 3,281 provincial and 32,393 municipal councillors of Turkey
  Majority party Minority party Third party
Leader Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Deniz Baykal Devlet Bahçeli
Party AK Party CHP MHP
Leader since 14 August 2001 30 September 2000 6 July 1997
Last election 1,762 mayors, 18,913 councillors, 41.67% 469 mayors, 6,023 councillors, 18.23% 247 mayors, 3,579 councillors, 10.45%
Mayors 1,452 506 484
Councillors 16,621 6,737 6,419
Popular vote^ 15,353,553 9,229,936 6,386,279
Percentage 38.39% 23.08% 15.97%
Swing Decrease3.28% Increase4.85% Increase5.52%

Results map showing the winners of the 81 provincial capitals of Turkey by party.

^ Four different elections in order to elect both types of councillor and mayor were held on the same day. The results shown here are the provincial councillor election results, which best reflect the overall voting intentions of the electorate. See the results section for the full results.

Turkey held local elections on 29 March 2009. The overall winner was the ruling party Justice and Development Party, although the party saw a decline in its vote relative to the 2007 general election. The leading opposition party, the social democratic Kemalist CHP, increased its vote share, as did a number of smaller parties including the SP, DTP and BBP, whose party leader Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu had died in a helicopter crash four days before the election. The third largest party, the Turkish nationalist MHP, enjoyed a more modest vote surge.[1] The election was not contested by Cem Uzan's GP.[2] The AKP failed to take certain provinces it had publicly targeted, such as Diyarbakır,[3] İzmir and Urfa,[4] and did not achieve its goal of exceeding 47% of the overall vote.[5] There was localized election-related fighting in southeastern Turkey, in which five people were reported to have been killed and about a hundred injured.[5]

Provincial elections

Flags of political parties before the Turkish municipal elections in Şile. The most visible ones are Nationalist Movement Party and Justice and Development Party) flags.
CHP (Republican People's Party) election bus before the Turkish municipal elections in Kadıköy, Istanbul.

The provisional results for provincial councils (Turkish: il genel meclisi) are given below:

Party Party leader Vote total[1] Vote percentage
AKPErdoğan 15,257,867 38.99
CHPBaykal 9,090,363 23.23
MHPBahçeli 6,311,181 16.13
DTPTürk 2,116,684 5.41
SPKurtulmuş2,028,134 5.18
DPSoylu 1,450,782 3.71
DSPSezer 1,073,553 2.74
BBP Yazıcıoğlu[2] 869,772 2.22
ANAPUzun 294,568 0.75
BTPH. Baş 143,009 0.37
Independents142,241 0.36
İPPerinçek 100,241 0.26
TKPE. Baş 68,882 0.18
ÖDPKozanoğlu 57,193 0.15
EMEPTüzel 43,977 0.11
MPEdibali 34,847 0.09
HAK-PARBozyel 25,222 0.06
LDPToker 10,904 0.03
BDPAyzit 6,868 0.02
HYPÖztürk 5,985 0.02
Total39,163,652 100
1 Figures are provisional and will be subject to official review and confirmation.
2 Great Union Party (BBP) leader Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu died in a helicopter crash four days before the local elections.

District elections

Elections were also held for district mayors (ilçe başkanı) as well as neighbourhood presidents (muhtar).

Results by province

Metropolitan provinces are in bold. AKP denotes provinces won by the Justice & Development Party, CHP denotes provinces won by the Republican People's Party, MHP denotes provinces won by the Nationalist Movement Party, DTP denotes provinces won by the Democratic Society Party, BBP denotes provinces won by the Great Union Party, DSP denotes provinces won by the Democratic Left Party and DP denotes provinces won by the Democratic Party.

Province Party
Adana MHP
Adıyaman AKP
Afyonkarahisar AKP
Ağrı AKP
Amasya AKP
Ankara AKP
Antalya CHP
Artvin CHP
Aydın CHP
Balıkesir MHP
Bilecik AKP
Bingöl AKP
Bitlis AKP
Bolu AKP
Burdur AKP
Bursa AKP
Çanakkale CHP
Province Party
Çankırı AKP
Çorum AKP
Denizli AKP
Diyarbakır DTP
Edirne CHP
Elazığ AKP
Erzincan AKP
Erzurum AKP
Eskişehir DSP
Gaziantep AKP
Giresun CHP
Gümüşhane MHP
Hakkâri DTP
Hatay AKP
Isparta MHP
Mersin CHP
İstanbul AKP
Province Party
İzmir CHP
Kars AKP
Kastamonu MHP
Kayseri AKP
Kırklareli CHP
Kırşehir AKP
Kocaeli AKP
Konya AKP
Kütahya AKP
Malatya AKP
Manisa MHP
Kahramanmaraş AKP
Mardin AKP
Muğla CHP
Nevşehir AKP
Niğde AKP
Province Party
Ordu DSP
Rize AKP
Sakarya AKP
Samsun AKP
Siirt DTP
Sinop CHP
Sivas BBP
Tekirdağ CHP
Tokat AKP
Trabzon AKP
Tunceli DTP
Şanlıurfa IND.
Uşak MHP
Yozgat AKP
Zonguldak CHP
Aksaray AKP
Province Party
Bayburt AKP
Karaman AKP
Kırıkkale AKP
Batman DTP
Şırnak DTP
Bartın MHP
Ardahan AKP
Iğdır DTP
Yalova DP
Karabük MHP
Kilis AKP
Osmaniye MHP
Düzce AKP


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