Turkish general election, 1965

Turkish general election, 1965
10 October 1965

Total of 450 seats of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey
226 seats were needed for a majority
Turnout 71.3%
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Süleyman Demirel İsmet İnönü Osman Bölükbaşı
Leader since 28 November 1964 10 November 1938 20 July 1948
Leader's seat Isparta Malatya Ankara
Last election 158 seats, 34.8% 173 seats, 36.7% New party
Seats won 240 134 31
Seat change Increase82 Decrease39 Increase31
Popular vote 4,921,235 2,675,785 582,704
Percentage 52.9% 28.7% 6.3%
Swing Increase18.1% Decrease8.0% Increase6.3%

Prime Minister before election

Suat Hayri Ürgüplü

Elected Prime Minister

Süleyman Demirel

General elections were held in Turkey on 10 October 1965. The result was a victory for the Justice Party, which won 240 of the 450 seats.[1] Voter turnout was 71.3%.

Electoral system

A two-tier system of party-list proportional representation was used for this election. Turkey was divided into 66 districts. In each district, parties were awarded one seat for each Hare quota. Remaining votes and seats were pooled on the national level, where the remaining seats were distributed amongst the parties using the remaining votes using the Hare quota and largest remainder method. [2] (see also National ramnant)


Party Votes % Seats +/–
Justice Party4,921,23552.9240+82
Republican People's Party2,675,78528.7134–39
Nation Party582,7046.331New
New Turkey Party346,5143.719–46
Workers Party276,1013.014New
Republican Villagers Nation Party208,6962.111–43
Invalid/blank votes441,115
Source: Nohlen et al.


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