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Static Shock, TV Series


Gear, real name Richard "Richie" Osgood Foley, is an ally of lead character Static, and Virgil Hawkins best friend. The two go far back. He was voiced by Jason Marsden. He was not present for the Big Bang, but Static's clothes still carried some of the gas, and his powers were dormant until Season Three. His power is superhuman intelligence, having invented a number of weapons and devices for Static and himself to use. His superhuman intelligence allows for a very limited form of technopathy with his visor and Back-Pack, as seen in episode 52 when Richie was no longer able to interpret the data stream in his visor and his backpack was no longer able to sync with his brain, which was at genius level when Back-Pack was programmed.

According to series creators, Richie's character was based on Rick Stone, Virgil's best friend in the comics, who is gay. However, since his sexual orientation could not be explored within the context of a children's television series, it was not addressed.

Rubberband Man

Adam Evans/Rubber-Band Man (voiced by Kadeem Hardison) – Adam Evans is a meta-human whose body structure consists of living rubber, which he can shape into a wide variety of forms, even to the point of altering his physical appearance into that of another person. Since Rubber-Band Man and his brother Ebon can both stretch themselves; it is possible that the effects of the gas may have something to do with the person's genetic code. The name "Adam Evans" is derived from the names of former Milestone writers Adam Blaustein and Yves Fezzani, who created the character. The alias "Stringer" Rubber-Band Man uses in one episode is his real last name of his comic version, first used in Static #34.

Adam is also a talented musician who is on the verge of a professional career. His greatest personal weakness is a reading disorder which he has to struggle through. He is the younger brother of Static's archenemy, Ebon. Prior to the Big Bang, Adam was part of his brother's gang before he took a stock-clerk job at a music store called Stonegas Records. Rubber-Band Man first appears as a tragic villain when he goes after an opportunistic record producer who had stolen one of his songs. He would subsequently breaks out of prison but deciding not to pursue a criminal career, uses his powers to take up a new identity, "Stringer", and becomes a musical rising star. He also started dating Virgil's sister Sharon, and although he initially clashes with Static, he does not carry on his grudge against him after meeting Sharon and even reforms and becomes one of his allies in crime-fighting. While on patrol, Rubber-Band Man typically acts as an older brother figure to Static, keeping him from showing off and reminding him of consequences in their work, something that Adam's real brother Ebon never actually did when he looked after Adam prior to the Big Bang. It is unknown if Adam Evans was exposed to the cure for the Big Bang that neutralized many of the Bang Babies in Dakota at the end of the series.


She-Bang, although her real name is Shanice Vale, is a girl with superhuman strength, stamina, agility, reflexes, and endurance. Although she seems like a meta-human she actually was not exposed to the gas; she is really a science project made by her parents, Jonathon and Dolores, who made her chromosome by chromosome. They fell in love with her and went into hiding from a group of people who want to clone her, so she had to act like a shy, normal person till she moved to Dakota trying to blend in with the other Bang-Babies. When all the people who were after her were captured, she and her parents moved back to Dakota. She has not been seen since.


Nina Crocker/Time-Zone (Rachael MacFarlane) – A Bang Baby with the ability to warp time, allowing her to travel into the past; during her time with her abilities, she was one of the strongest and most powerful metahumans on the planet. While looking for Static and Gear, she bumped into Ebon. He wanted to use her powers to avoid the cops. After being saved from Ebon, Gear ran tests on her and found out that she had no control over her powers. Since she wanted to become a hero, Gear made a remote that was linked to a belt around her costume. The remote helped her control her powers. Now named as the superhero Time-Zone, Nina became the third member of the Shock Pack, but her time as a member was brief: Due to an encounter with Ebon, Nina decided that her powers were too dangerous to keep, and went back in time to stop her past self from being present at the night of the Big Bang (by stealing her own bike, according to Richie.) Nina is now a happy, ordinary girl, and has no memory of her life in the original timeline as Time-Zone. Time-Zone's powers were based on Flashback's from Blood Syndicate.

Anansi the Spider

Anansi the Spider (voiced by Carl Lumbly) – A superhero native to Ghana, and the greatest hero in West Africa. Named after the trickster spider of African folklore, Anansi has the power to create visible, realistic illusions. In his own words he explains it as: "people only see what I want them to see." He also has the ability to cling to surfaces, standing upside-down, and walking on vertical surfaces. In both his appearances, references to Marvel Comics' Spider-Man are subtly made, to which he good naturedly replies, "I get that a lot." And when Virgil told him to hit a villain with a "web blast," he replies, "I'm not that kind of spider." He also seems to inspire Virgil (Static) about what it truly means to be a superhero. In the episode "Out of Africa," Anansi travels to Dakota to stop Osebo, Mmboro, and Onini (three of his enemies, based on the animals that the legendary Anansi caught to attain his stories,) from obtaining an ancient, golden spider talisman, which is revealed to be the source of Anansi's powers. Static and Gear get drawn in when Sharon is kidnapped. In the end, Anansi reclaims the artifact, but not before Sharon used it to make all of the dirty dishes "disappear," and took it for a spin for a while, and got kidnapped. Static, Gear, and Anansi rescued her. The spider artifact was never seen again afterward, as Anansi made sure to hide it.

Anansi's enemies are based on an ancient legend; the story, as told by Anansi, was that a clever Spider wanted to be able to tell stories, and the "Sky Spirit" king of all the lands agreed to give the spider what he wanted if he captured three troublemakers: Onini the Python, Osebo the Leopard, and the Mmoboro Hornet. The Spider trapped Mmoboro in a gourd, tied Onini to a stick, and dug a pit and covered it with leaves, then lured Osebo into it. The Sky Spirit thanked the spider and granted its wish, giving it the ability to tell stories through the power of making illusions. Anansi has three enemies: Mmoboro, a giant talking wasp who can turn into a swarm of smaller wasps, Onini, a giant talking black python, and Osebo, a large man-shaped talking leopard with a metal fist. At first sight, everyone mistakes Osebo for a tiger as he has stripes instead of spots; everyone who has ever heard that his is a leopard wonders why he has stripes. Anansi himself told Static in "Out of Africa," "I too often wonder about the stripes." It is still unknown why Osebo has stripes.

Soul Power

Morris Grant/Soul Power (voiced by Brock Peters) – An elderly superhero with powers similar to Static's; he now lives in a retirement home, but back in the 1960s, he protected Dakota from criminals. He gained his powers in an accident at Hoover Dam. He had a Batcave-like headquarters hidden underground in/near Dakota's rapid transit system called the Power Pad, and drove a car called the Soulmobile. Back then, he also had a sidekick, Sparky. He, Sparky, and Static teamed up in order to defeat Soul Power's greatest foe, Professor Menace, who disappeared after a battle with Soul Power in 1963. Soul Power was similar to the DC Comics superhero Black Lightning.


Phillip Rollins/Sparky (voiced by Rodney Saulsberry) – He was Soul Power's sidekick back in the 1970s, but he is now a meteorologist. Rollins took on the guise of Sparky one more time in order to help Static and Soul Power fight Professor Menace. His powers were derived from a suit he originally invented and wore so he could be like his idol, Soul Power, and fight alongside him. He too is like Black Lightning and like Batman's sidekick, Robin.

Hoop Squad

The Hoop Squad heroes Pulverizer, Spindrive, Centerforce, and Pointman are superheroes who work for a secret government. They all have their powers in their super suits and they have secret identities. When they are not fighting crime, they are famous NBA players Steve Nash, Yao Ming, Karl Malone, and Tracy McGrady.

Other Bang Babies


Derek "Zee-Bee" Barnett/D-Struct (voiced by Bumper Robinson) – A track athlete whose powers generated and enveloped him in a shroud composed of compressed ionic energy, which could both protect him from harm or be directed at targets, but which also gave him the appearance of monstrous apparition. Derek was captured by Ebon and coerced into joining the Meta-Breed, (feeling he had no other choice), and was given the name "D-Struct." Static was able to persuade Derek to quit the gang and return home to his mother. Afterwards, Derek volunteered himself as a subject for Bang Baby research. He is based on a character who appeared in both the Static and Hardware comics.

Dwayne McCall

Dwayne McCall (voiced by Blayn Barbosa) – is a pre-teenaged boy who possesses reality-manipulating powers after exposure to Big Bang gas, allowing him to change things into anything else he can clearly imagine, (he has to know what they/it looks, smells, or sounds like, etc.). Dwayne is shy, misguided, and doesn't have very many friends, and likes to conjure characters from his favorite comic books, computer games,TV shows and commercials, bringing them to life with his powers. His stepbrother, Aaron Price, finds out about his powers and talks him into getting him free money and other goods from the banks and malls of Dakota. Static eventually discovers what’s going on and tells Dwayne to stop listening to his brother. While Dwayne did not believe what Static was saying (and tried to kill him in rage), Static plays a tape of himself (as Virgil) and Aaron talking. The tape was all that Dwayne needed to hear, as Aaron frequently expressed his dislike of Dwayne in the recording. Dwayne, hurt by Aaron's lies decides to stop using his powers. Virgil's father Robert has worked with Dwayne and found Aaron to be a very bad influence on him, But Virgil knew his father was a better role model for Dwayne. It has been suggested that the character is an homage to Dwayne McDuffie, who co-created the characters out of his imagination, and who (at the time) lived in a different state from the show's producers, and thus communicated with them only by phone.


Miranda/Mirage (Gavin Turek) – A young girl with special photokinetic powers, which allowed her to generate visible, realistic illusions by manipulating light into anything she imagined or remembered. Her older brother was Byron (aka Boom), and they lived with their grandmother following their parents' death. Their powers came from stepping in a spill of the chemicals from the Big Bang. Mirage agreed to help Boom steal money to buy a new place for them to live (only because he is her older brother, a brother-sister relationship where he usually bosses her around), but after talking with Static, she sees how having powers has corrupted her elder brother and helps Static stop him. Mirage was then taken in by the Dakota City Department of Social Services, but not before she generated an illusion of Static flying into the distance, as a favor to Static (Static/Virgil needed to convince his sister that he was not Static).


Maureen Conner/Permafrost (Hynden Walch) – Following her mother's death, Maureen Conner became homeless, and developed psychiatric problems from the sheer rejection and loneliness. After the Big Bang, her hair turned white and her skin light blue, and she became an incredibly strong cryokinetic, able to create manipulate and control frost, sleet, flurries, snow and ice, and create massive blizzards, hailstorms, and snowstorms. Around Christmas, Maureen turned to trouble-making, attracting the attention of Static, who, after learning her tragic past, managed to reach out and calm her down. The girl was taken to a local church for help in their homeless program, which she gratefully accepted.


Allie Langford/Nails (Sibhan Fallen) - A teenage girl who experienced a delayed reaction to the Big Bang. Allie's exposure to the Big-Bang has transmuted her literally into a 'Girl of Steel', along with the ability to lengthen and retract the length of her fingernails, as well as shoot them as projectiles and regenerate new fingernails. Allie wore heavy make-up on her face and hands and took to wearing a full-length coat to hide her transformation from everyone, including her parents.
In her attempts to find a cure without drawing attention to her condition, Allie learned of a Bang-Baby Clinic online and ventured to Gotham City. To her dismay, Nails (as Allie took to calling herself) learned that the clinic was in fact a hoax to hire meta-human mercenaries for personal gain orchestrated by Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, who played on Allie's insecurities and her desire to be returned to normal to persuade her into helping them rob a ship full of gold, in exchange for a cure. Static and Batman foil the scheme, however, and later, after having been reunited with her parents in Dakota, Allie was sponsored for a treatment program at a new Bang-Baby clinic established by Batman's alter-ego Bruce Wayne, where she began to make progress in controlling and reversing her "metallic affliction".


Dule Jones (Marshall Jones) – A former gangbanger, he has metal tentacles which grow from his back (similar to Marvel Comics supervillain Doctor Octopus). Unlike fellow gang member Troy/Chainlink, Dule can retract his tentacles, and thus hide the fact that he is a Bang Baby. After the Big Bang, Dule gives up his gang lifestyle to play professional football, but Chainlink tries to blackmail him for money, threatening to reveal his secret. When they confront each other, everyone finds out that his powers are more advanced than Dule's (due to the fact that he breathed in more gas). Then Dule goes public, defusing the threat and defeating Chainlink in a confrontation with help from Static, Gear, and other football players.

The Night-Breed

A group of Bang Babies recruited by Ebon. Its members are Bang Babies who have a fatal sensitivity to light, so they live underground. They are also very distinguishable, due to their vividly yellow-colored predator-type eyes. After Static and Gear thwart Ebon's plan, the Night-Breed refuses the duo's offer to help and retreat back into the darkness, though not without promising to remain their friends. It is assumed that after the events of the series' finale, "Power Outage", they are returned to their normal, non-powered state.
Despite the sole episode in which they appear making reference to more of these Bang Babies (season 4's "Army of Darkness"), these four are the only known members:


Nightingale/Gail (Colleen O'Shaughnessey) – Generates and controls a special black smoke-like dust called dark matter that she uses to protect herself from intense light and as a cover screen for escapes. Nightingale lives underground along with other light-sensitive Bang Babies and is recruited by Ebon, who names them the Night-Breed, but she turns on Ebon during his attempt to blanket the entire city in pure "dark matter" (giving them free rein of it), absorbing it into herself.


Brickhouse (voiced by Dawnn Lewis) – Nightingale's best friend whom the Big Bang granted the ability to morph her body into a living brick-like humanoid state. She turns against Ebon when he traps Static, Gear, and Nightingale, and helps them escape. Brickhouse is based on one of the central characters of Blood Syndicate.


Tech (voiced by Freddy Rodriguez) – Like Gear, the Big Bang gave him superhuman intelligence. He uses it to build a machine to cover the city in dark matter, and sides with Ebon when Nightingale and Brickhouse rebel and help Static and Gear to thwart it. Afterward, Tech decides to work on a cure for the Night-Breed's light sensitivity.


Fade (Freddy Rodriguez) – Fade is physically intangible, i.e. he has the ability to pass through virtually anything. Fade sides with Ebon when Nightingale and Brickhouse rebel against him, and goes back into hiding after their attempted takeover of Dakota is thwarted. He is based on one of the central characters of Blood Syndicate.

Other characters in Other Media

Static Shock, TV Series


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