Dark Nemesis

Dark Nemesis
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Teen Titans Vol. 2 #7 (April, 1997)
Created by Dan Jurgens
In-story information
Member(s) Axis

Dark Nemesis is a DC Comics supervillain team.

Publication history

Dark Nemesis first appeared in Teen Titans Vol. 2 #7 and was created by Dan Jurgens.

Fictional team biography

Dark Nemesis is a high-powered group who will work for anyone that will pay them. They first came in conflict with the Teen Titans when they were contracted by the Veil as a way to test the Titans' abilities. After the battle, only Scorcher was the one who evaded capture.[1]

Scorcher later orchestrated a prison break. During the breakout, Risk detected a psychic connection with Scorcher alerting them that she was a H'San Natall offspring. She was abandoned by her teammates. Before she can rondezvous with them, she saves the lives of Atom and Risk. Axis also detects Scorcher's link with the H'San Natall race.[2]

When Dark Nemesis was under the employ of the Veil again, they killed Scorcher and framed Risk for her murder. Even though the Titans had been discredited, they were able to find evidence to prove Risk's innocence.[3]

A mysterious boss later hires the Dark Nemesis to acquire a diet substance named Apex. They gain a new Scorcher as the replacement for the former Scorcher that they killed. Before they could acquire the files on Apex, they were easily taken down by a refocused Titans.[4]

During the Infinite Crisis, Blizzard and Vault appeared as members of Alexander Luthor, Jr.'s Secret Society of Super Villains.



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