Red Panzer

Red Panzer

Helmut Streicher as the Red Panzer debuts in Wonder Woman #228.
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance (Streicher)
Wonder Woman #228 (February 1977)
(unrevealed father)
Wonder Woman: Donna Troy #1
(unrevealed son)
The Titans #6
The Titans #1
In-story information
Alter ego - Helmut Streicher
- Unrevealed, father and son
- Justin (last name unknown)
Team affiliations (One of the unrevealed, Justin)
Abilities Armed with a cannon on his arm and his body armor is an indestructible shell.

Red Panzer is the name used by four different comic book supervillains who have appeared in books published by DC Comics, usually as adversaries of Wonder Woman as well as Donna Troy during her time as a member of the Titans.

Fictional character biography

Helmut Streicher

Nazi Helmut Streicher captured Batman, Flash and Green Lantern prior to the formation of the Justice Society. Later, he donned body armor and fought Wonder Woman during World War II. The armor survived the War and has been worn by three modern successors of Streicher.

Modern era

The next Red Panzer was a neo-Nazi bent on upholding his beliefs on white supremacy. When his son was born, his coloring betrayed his bloodline. It was then revealed that Red Panzer's wife had African American blood in her; her great-great grandmother was a slave. Horrified at learning this, Red Panzer murdered his wife. His son was raised in foster homes.

Inspired by the Golden Age Red Panzer, he was a simple-minded Neo-Nazi villain who was killed during a battle with Wonder Woman and Troia.


Because of his alleged "black blood" from his mother's side, the child who was to take up the name Red Panzer was put away for adoption by his neo-Nazi father. As a teen, he learned that his father, as the Red Panzer, was killed during a battle with Wonder Woman and Troia. Vowing revenge, the boy took the Panzer armor as his own and joined Vandal Savage's Tartarus team. He was killed by H.I.V.E. leader Damien Dahrk.


The teen named Justin was a self-styled anarchist who was recruited into the criminal H.I.V.E. by Damien Dahrk. During a clash with Vandal Savage's Tartarus team, the then-current Red Panzer was killed and Savage offered Justin the armor. Justin accepted, even though he didn't want to become a Nazi. This Red Panzer served with Tartarus for a brief time before the team disbanded due to cooperation difficulties. Justin since relocated to Zandia and was one of a number of criminals seen in battle against Young Justice and their allies. During the recent events chronicled in Infinite Crisis, Red Panzer was one of many superhuman criminals who joined the villainous Society organized by Alexander Luthor, Jr. Red Panzer is sent, along with other villains, on a murderous rampage throughout Gotham City, as seen in Gotham Central #37 (2005).

Powers and abilities

Most of Red Panzer's abilities are part of his costume. He is armed with a cannon on his arm and his body armor is an indestructible shell. The second and third Red Panzers also gathered personal armies of Neo-Nazis.

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