Mad Mod

Mad Mod
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Teen Titans #7 (January–February 1967)
Created by Bob Haney
Nick Cardy
In-story information
Alter ego Neil Richards
Species Human
Place of origin Earth

Mad Mod is a fictional character in the DC Universe. The character is known as one of the first recurring villains of the Teen Titans.

Publication history

Mad Mod first appeared in Teen Titans #7 and was created by Bob Haney and Nick Cardy.

Fictional character biography

One of the first villains ever to menace the Teen Titans, Mad Mod (real name Neil Richards) was a Carnaby Street fashion designer with no actual superpowers of his own. His assumed name is derived from the popular Mod style in England at the time. He used his label as a front to smuggle goods inside his clothing. After being foiled, he later hatched a plot to steal the Queen of Britain's scepter, but was stopped as well by the Titans.

The character disappeared following the cancellation of the original Teen Titans and was absent from the 1980-1994 series written by Marv Wolfman. The character resurfaced in the Dan Jurgans written Teen Titans series of the mid-1990s, as an ally of the Mr. Jupiter backed version of the Titans. The character was shown having renounced crime and designed the Jurgans Titans team's costumes. The character's clothing lines would later be referenced on occasion in various Teen Titan books, with the implication that Mod is a popular clothing designer on par with other real world fashion designers in the DC Universe.

The New 52

In The New 52 (a reboot of the DC Comics universe), Mad Mod as a member of a group known as "Diablo", that seeks to prevent the original Teen Titans from regaining their memories of their original incarnation of the group. Mad Mod is portrayed as a hipster figure as opposed to a "mod" complete with a handlebar mustache, much younger than his pre-New 52 incarnation. Mad Mod interrogates the super-heroine Bumblebee after her husband is kidnapped by Mister Twister who Diablo seeks to stop. When Mad Mod realizes that the Titans have regained their memories of their past activities, Mad Mod orders the team killed in order to stop Mister Twister from using them in an occult ritual.[1]

Powers and abilities

During the Mad Mod's heyday as a villain, he would match his outrageous clothing with a way out approach in his intricate but deadly traps. He would employ a gang of thugs to do most of the handiwork that needed muscle.

Mad Mod term

The term "Mad Mod, Poet God" was used by Peter Milligan for the unrelated DC character Shade, the Changing Man. Another unrelated DC character is the Mad Mod Witch from The Unexpected, later revealed to be a resident of the Dreaming known as "the Fashion Thing".

Alternate Versions

In the Titans Tomorrow future the Titans battled Mad Mod's synthetics. They later mentioned they killed Mad Mod.

In other media


Mad Mod as depicted on Teen Titans.

Video games



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