David Kim, artist J.J. Birch
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Xombi #0, (January 1994)
Created by John Rozum (writer)
Denys Cowan (artist)
In-story information
Alter ego David Kim
Abilities Immortality via nanotechnology

Xombi is a fictional character, a comic book superhero published by DC Comics. He first appeared in Xombi #0, (January 1994), and was created by John Rozum and Denys Cowan.

Fictional character biography

Xombi was a Korean-American scientist named David Kim from West Orange, New Jersey. He developed a nanotechnological virus capable of extensive tissue regeneration. Before David Kim could test his invention, a villain named Dr. Sugarman broke into his lab and tried to steal the virus. In the fight, Kim was critically injured, and his assistant Kelly injected him with the virus in an attempt to save his life. However, since the nanites used available matter to restore Kim, Kellywho had laid his body on her lapwas partially "devoured" by the nanites. Kim became a "xombi" - a potentially immortal, technologically enhanced human being. This embroiled him in the affairs of various races of supernatural beings that secretly lived among humanity for millennia, known collectively as the shadow worlds.

Post-Infinite Crisis

See also: Infinite Crisis

Due to the combined effect of the destruction and recreation of the multiverse and the timeline-altering powers of Anansi, a new divergent timeline was created in which David Kim, the most worthy man alive, became Green Lantern instead of Hal Jordan. Kim was one of a group of alternate Justice League members who helped restore the original timeline.

Xombi (along with fianceé Dalia Rose and friend Julian Parker) debuted in the DC Universe in issue 26 of The Brave and the Bold, teaming up with The Spectre to fight a ghost which was killing and sucking the lifeforce of other ghosts, vampires, and undead.

Xombi Vol. 2

A second Xombi series debuted in DC Comics in May, 2011, and ran for six issues, which were collected in a trade paperback.[1] It was written by John Rozum, with art by Frazer Irving.[2]

Powers and abilities

Virtually immortal and indestructible. The nanomachines in his body prevent aging or disease, and instantaneously heal any injuries he might receive. His body leaves no waste products as his nanomachines recycle every bit of it. Within certain parameters he is able to directly control them and so he is able to disassemble virtually any common material on the molecular level and reassemble it in the form of entirely different materials or other forms.

Supporting characters

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