Icom Incorporated

Icom Inc.
Traded as TYO: 6820
Industry Communications
Genre Radio Communication Systems
Founded 1954
Founder Tokuzo Inoue
Headquarters Osaka, Japan
Area served
Australia, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Canada, United States
Key people
Tsutomu Fukui
Products Radio Communications
Website http://www.icom.co.jp/world/

Icom Inc. (アイコム株式会社 Aikomu Kabushiki-gaisha) (TYO: 6820) is an international manufacturer of radio transmitting and receiving equipment, founded in 1954 by Tokuzo Inoue with the company's original name being "Inoue". Its products now include equipment for radio amateurs, pilots, maritime applications, land mobile professional applications and radio scanner enthusiasts.

Its headquarters are in Osaka, Japan, with branch offices in the United States (in Kirkland, Washington), Canada (in Delta, British Columbia), Australia (Melbourne, Victoria), New Zealand (Auckland), the United Kingdom (Kent, England), France (Toulouse), Germany (Bad Soden), Spain (Barcelona) and the People's Republic of China (Beijing).



IDAS [1][2][3] is Icom's implementation of the NXDN protocol for two-way digital radio products intended for commercial Private Land Mobile Radio (PLMR) and low-end public safety communications systems. NXDN is a Common Air Interface (CAI) technical standard for mobile communications. It was developed jointly by Icom, Incorporated and Kenwood Corporation.


Main article: D-STAR

ICOM has developed the D-STAR open radio system based on digital radio protocols developed by the Japan Amateur Radio League. This system is designed to provide advanced voice and data communications over Amateur radio using open standards.


An amateur radio station comprising three Icom radios.

ICOM manufactures two way radios and receivers for use in marine applications, Airband, amateur radio applications, land mobile applications,[4] and FRS / GMRS applications. Some radios made by ICOM are compatible with Motorola and SmarTrunk trunking systems.


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