Diastata fuscula
Diastatidae wing veins
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Diptera
Superfamily: Ephydroidea
Family: Diastatidae
  • Diastatinae
  • Campichoetinae
Diastata costata filmed in a forest near Marburg, Hesse; Germany.

Diastatidae are a family of flies, and are in the order Diptera. They occur primarily in the Holarctic Region, but several species are known from the Oriental, Neotropical, and Australasian regions. Members of the family number over 20 described species in three genera. There is an additional fossil genus.[1]


For terms see Morphology of Diptera

Minute flies with grey or brown-grey body and, usually, maculate wings. The postvertical bristles on head are cruciate and vibrissae are present on the head are present.The front orbital bristles are inset and upswept. The costa is interrupted near the end of Radial vein 1 and sometimes also near the humeral crossvein. The subcosta is incomplete fusing with Radial vein 1 before the apex. The posterior basal wing cell and discoidal wing cell are separate. The anal cell of wing and the anal vein of wing are both present.


Adults of living forms have been found along margins of bogs, marshes, and the edges of moist woodlands. Immature biologies are largely unknown. Hennig wrote about it thought to be Campichoeta punctum.








 Diastatidae sensu lato






McAlpine (1989)[2] Grimaldi (1990)[3]


Diastatidae were once considered by some to be Ephydridae.


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